Northeast Florida Shopability Saturday Event Inspires Public to Support Businesses that Hire Individuals with IDDs

Shopability Saturday

Businesses that hire individuals with intellectual and development differences (IDDs) are the focus of an innovative new initiative launching next month in Northeast Florida. The inaugural Shopability Saturday event encourages Jacksonville residents to pa

March 6 Community Celebration Will Be First of Its Kind

The Shopability map gives our community a tangible tool to identify and patronize those businesses while showing our neighbors with IDDs how much their inclusion is valued.”

— Sarah Troup, director of Connectable.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, February 26, 2021 / — Businesses that hire individuals with intellectual and development differences (IDDs) are the focus of an innovative new initiative launching next month in Northeast Florida. The inaugural Shopability Saturday event encourages Jacksonville residents to patronize – either in person or online – one of the area’s IDD-inclusive employers throughout the day on March 6.

More than 130 such companies are featured on a searchable map, which was created by organizers of the Connectable movement – an initiative developed to highlight the region’s unique system of support for those with Autism, Down syndrome and other IDDs as well as the value these people offer. The employers featured on the Shopability Saturday map include uniquely abled individuals on their teams, whether through employment, internships, or serving as a job site in partnership with a nonprofit, said Sarah Troup, director of Connectable.

“The Shopability map gives our community a tangible tool to identify and patronize those businesses while showing our neighbors with IDDs how much their inclusion is valued,” Troup said. “We hope this event encourages communities across the country to build on these efforts so that we can create a more inclusive workplace for all Americans with IDDs.”

Organizers say the event is the first of its kind in the country specifically centered around businesses that hire individuals with IDDs. Participating employers include the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Firehouse Subs, VyStar Credit Union, and more.

Research from the Institute for Corporate Productivity shows that people with IDDs bring hard work, diversity, and value to the workplace – with 84 percent of employers reporting these employees as highly dependable and 70 percent citing that individuals with IDDs support workplace culture. Yet, National Core Indicators reports that 84 percent of individuals with IDDs did not have paid community employment in 2018. In Florida, this rate is even higher – coming in at 90 percent.

This event is made possible through the generosity of Delores Barr Weaver, community philanthropist and former co-owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Those interested in learning more about Shopability Saturday can visit

Founded by community philanthropist Delores Barr Weaver, Connectable unites individuals and organizations to shine a spotlight on the positive contributions that people with intellectual and developmental differences (IDDs) make in our lives and community. For more information, visit

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Shopability Saturday

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Zero Cost Reparations Plan Proposed by Black Libertarian, Larry Sharpe has Mass Appeal

Black Community

Black Community

Killer Mike, an American rapper, songwriter, actor, and activist.

Killer Mike, an American rapper, songwriter, actor, and activist.

War on Drugs By Saul Loeb Source: AFP/Getty Images

War on Drugs By Saul Loeb Source: AFP/Getty Images

Larry Sharpe, host of The Sharpe Way show and 2018 Libertarian candidate for Governor of New York

Larry Sharpe, host of The Sharpe Way show and 2018 Libertarian candidate for Governor of New York

The Sharpe Way logo

The Sharpe Way Show

Cash reparations can be harmful. This 4-point plan for Black ownership can amend past injustices according to 2018 candidate for NY Governor, Larry Sharpe.

The biggest issue in the Black Community is lack of generational wealth and Ownership. To right this wrong we need an answer that encourages ownership in the Black community.”

— Larry Sharpe

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Reparations for slavery were promised at the end of the Civil War. Had they been granted, the Black community would be much stronger today. Instead of reparations, they were targeted by government sponsored racism and terrorism.

“There was a broken promise at the end of the Civil War. A great opportunity for reparations that would have changed the trajectory of our nation's culture. 40 Acres and a mule fell apart and so did reparations for over 100 years,” says Larry Sharpe

A reparations program should last a generation, about 23 years, and then end according to Larry Sharpe, the 2018 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of New York and host of The Sharpe Way. During that time, the following actions would help right a wrong, support more ownership culture in the Black community and encourage integration:

1) All property owned 51% or more by African Descendants of Slaves (ADOS) incur 1/2 property tax regardless of local laws: Residential or commercial, primary or investment. This encourages long-term investments as well as ownership and partnerships with the ADOS community.

2) All businesses owned 51% or more by ADOS incur 1/2 property tax regardless of local laws. This encourages shorter-term investments and profit schemes, as well as partnerships with the ADOS community.

3) All transfers of wealth to family members within the ADOS community is free regardless of taxes and/or fees. This encourages transfers of generation wealth down the family line, as well as up to older family members that may not want to engage in commercial activity.

4) End the War on Drugs and expunge all drug possession and selling convictions. Giving millions of ADOS a real second chance at life.

"Reparations can be a divisive issue and we need to find a solution that supports reconciliation and reconnection." – Larry Sharpe

According to Sharpe, many Republicans and Democrats have expressed support for the plan when they heard it in full. This solution would not cost taxpayers directly. The encouragement to invest, start businesses, and partner with the community would create large boosts to the economy and in particular the Black community. This is exactly what the Black community, and all American communities need, according to Sharpe.

This means encouraging ownership, and this can be sped up through property and business advantages granted to ADOS and an end to the War on Drugs.

Cash payouts can actually create long-term harm, as seen with lottery winners and structured settlement recipients. In the long-term, Sharpe believes that we must deal with a huge problem in the Black community, the lack of generational wealth and ownership. Rapper and activist, Killer Mike says that trying to live off of Black businesses is "damn near impossible." If we help create both, it will benefit Black families and Black communities.

The distance of slavery from today makes the American people feel less and less connected to it. Many would like to forget the past, but we are still living with the consequences of broken promises.

"It is difficult to repair a wrong from so long ago. It feels like ancient history to most Americans and many feel disconnected from it," says Larry Sharpe.

Slavery, racism, and Jim Crow have taught too many Black Americans that they cannot get ahead. African Americans who did get ahead often found themselves the targets of violence. Consequently, so many learned to keep their heads down and not get too attached to anything, according to Sharpe.

The end of Jim Crow did not end systemic racism. Many laws passed under Jim Crow are still on the books. New forms of discrimination emerged like the racially motivated war on drugs. These programs ensured the Black community continued to be suppressed.

"The biggest issue in the Black Community is lack of generational wealth and Ownership. To right this wrong we need an answer that encourages ownership in the Black community. " Larry Sharpe

Congress seems to be taking reparations seriously, but Sharpe fears they will drop the ball as they’ve done often in the past. As we continue to debate this high-profile topic, it is important to keep our eyes on the goal: A strong and inclusive America, built on trust.

“Recently Ice Cube has been frustrated with the response to his Contract with Black America. Neither party has shown any real interest in acting!” – Larry Sharpe

Wealthy members of the Black community do not need reparations. The people who do need help do not need a handout, either. They need a pathway to a better life. We can turn more members of the Black community into owners. Making people strong is the best way to achieve social justice, and will be a huge step towards inclusion and equity, according to Sharpe.

About The Sharpe Way: The Sharpe Way show was founded by Larry Sharpe, the 2018 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of New York to help heal the nation’s political divide between liberals and conservatives.

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LIVE Special Juneteenth Sharpe Way: “Government has Ensured That We Struggle with Race Issues.”

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Palm Beach Residents Unite To X-Out Human Trafficking

Salvation Army of Palm Beach fights against human trafficking by boldly displaying the RED X on END IT DAY 2021

The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County renews valued partnership with #ENDITMOVEMENT.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, February 26, 2021 / — Palm Beach Residents Unite To X-Out Human Trafficking

The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County renews valued partnership with #ENDITMOVEMENT.

On Thursday, February 25th, The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County joined 16 coalition partners, local residents, and individuals across the world, to participate in END IT DAY 2021. END IT DAY is an annual invitation of the #ENDITMOVEMENT coalition to take a stand against human trafficking. By utilizing a simple RED X drawn on the hand, END IT DAY calls others to join in the fight for freedom and to shine a light on human trafficking.

Majors Chip and Leisa Hall, Area Commanders of The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County, along with Area Command department heads, blazed the path in the fight against human trafficking by boldly displaying the RED X on END IT DAY 2021 (Photo Attached). In addition, END IT DAY was observed at the Territorial Headquarters chapel service by inviting participants to pray for those experiencing human trafficking and to join in the END IT DAY movement.

The Salvation Army, among the largest global nonprofit providers of social services to people living in impoverished communities around the world, is deeply committed to the modern-day fight against human trafficking (for sexual and labor purposes) and forms of commercial sexual exploitation innately linked to sexual trafficking. This commitment emerges from both The Salvation Army’s mission – to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in His name without discrimination – and is rooted in the organization’s early history.

On the local level, The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County has partnered with Catholic Charities to provide a safe house for victims of Human Trafficking in Southeast Florida. Catholic Charities is providing supportive services (case management, transportation, community resources). Apart from providing safe 24/7 shelter, security, and meals, The Salvation Army Anti-Trafficking initiatives work alongside local law enforcement, FBI, ICE, and numerous other community partners to identify, rescue, and restore victims of forced labor and sexual exploitation. We help both foreign and domestic victims of all ages and ethnicities through our nationwide case management network.

The Salvation Army was founded in London, England, in 1865 by Catherine and William Booth. The Booths went against Victorian conventions and took their ministry to the dirty and dangerous streets of London’s east side where they reached out to the destitute and desperate. Their efforts eventually evolved into a battle to protect women and children from the horrors of sex trafficking. In the 1900s, the organization pioneered an undercover sex trafficking investigation, which directly shaped the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885.

If you would like more information about The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County, and/or to inquire how you can help the #ENDITMOVEMENT, please contact Frank Marangos, Director of Development and Communications at 561.686.3530 and/or visit Facebook information can be found @salarmypbco.

About The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County – The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County, an evangelical part of the universal Christian church established in 1922, has been supporting those in need in His name without discrimination for 98 years.

Frank Marangos
The Salvation Army of Palm Beach County
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Crypto Asset World Offers a platform "Inspirations" for Newbies in Crypto World

Trusted Community Content Platform

Register as an External Analyst and Earn More

Thought Leaders of Crypto Industry

The Crypto Business world delighted to start a new section 'Inspirations' to educate Newbies publishing Success Stories and biographies of market leaders

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Crypto Business World, a high-quality Fintech Media Platform, took the initiative to provide complete information transparency. This platform aims to provide awareness among the people and inspire them by producing facts and figures.

The Crypto Business world is scaling up persistently and inspiring people to educate them for Crypto Market. CBW has launched a new section on their web page known as 'Inspirations.' The significance of this section is contributing to the crypto market's growth through publishing Success Stories and biographies of market leaders and their strategies. It will encourage and assist readers of the CBW platform in attaining their horizon.

Crypto Business World website aesthetics and appearance provide users the best possible user-friendly platform experience. Furthermore, we plan to perform detailed technical analysis of the market movements and forecasting with graphs, charts, and diagrams.

Our goal is to become the hub for expert speakers, crypto enthusiasts, and Specialists who would like to join us as External Analysts. We are focused on making this platform the most informative crypto portal. CBW invites worldwide Crypto Experts to contribute to the platform. Content writers can publish guest articles, daily news, and breaking news on CBW. Journalists can post content on the CBW platform with their exclusive login.

We have lined up new upcoming features like Podcasts, Interviews, and Case Studies, which are a great way to reach out to the audience. The interview section will have a discussion with expert personalities in the crypto market and Blockchain worldwide. Along with this, Case Studies will be used to take our audience to a greater depth of cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, and blockchain innovations.

About Crypto Asset Rating Inc

Crypto Asset Rating Inc. (the "CAR Inc") is a FinTech company driven to plug the gaps in the crypto market and bridge the governance institutions with the existing and new thought leaders of the crypto industry.

Crypto Asset Rating Inc believes in solving key challenges of the FinTech Industry. Our Crypto Asset Rating Platform (CARP), an Independent Structured Rating Agency, comprehensively rates crypto assets for Institutional and Retail Clients. The Company developed a custom rating algorithm to conduct an exhaustive multi-layered evaluation covering four distinct risk buckets—business, financial, legal, and technology.

Our Tokenization Asset Platform (TAP) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tokenization platform that offers the process of creating, issuing, managing, and converting an asset to digital securities programmatically Blockchain in a more restrictive and compliant way by embedding the logic in Smart Contracts.

Keeping the FinTech world's prospects in the upcoming years, Crypto Asset Rating Inc has isolated planning to develop other fintech products and services like Crypto Index, Exchange rating, Sovereign rating, ETF rating: that procures revenue potential.

Media Team
Crypto Asset Rating Inc
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Know More about Us

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Shelley Shayner Releases The Dreylyng Prophecy, the First Book of the Ogalon Series

Shelley Shayner, Writer and Award Winning Illustrator

Shelley Shayner, Writer and Award Winning Illustrator

Author, and Award-Winning Illustrator, Shelley Shayner, Wins Over Readers with Her First Children’s Fantasy Novel

If you like to escape reality and immerse yourself in another world, you will love this book. I can’t wait for the next one!”

— Regina, Customer Review

BLACKWOOD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Every now and then a book or series of books are released that will eventually define an entire generation, influencing the very framework of literary culture for young readers. Shelley Shayner, author, and award-winning illustrator, has recently released The Dreylyng Prophecy, a children’s fantasy novel, and the first book of the Ogalon Series.

Each turn of the page takes the reader on an immersive experience into far-off adventures and daring quests to triumph over fear and darkness. Haley had always known that she was no ordinary girl, but her suspicions are confirmed when an armored dragonfly visits her with a curious warning of events to come. Sorceress Nergalla had taken her family, and it is up to Haley to travel to Ogalon and fulfill an ancient prophecy to free her loved ones from the dreaded curse of Nergalla.

Readers run through a roller coaster of emotions and anticipation as Haley seeks to free her family from the curse of Nergalla, triumphing over her fears and anxieties along the way. The 325 page novel designed for middle school-aged children is jam-packed with magic, adventure, excitement, life lessons, and vivid imagery of fantasy lands. Shelley Shayner’s style of writing truly paints a masterful picture to leave each and every reader feeling swept away into the world of Ogalon.

The first book of the upcoming Ogalon series, The Dreylyng Prophecy sets the tone for a children’s series that will stand the test of time, and captivate readers for generations to come. Through proof of concept, dedication to her craft, and unwavering commitment to inspiring creativity and imagination; Shelley Shayner’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the release of The Dreylyng Prophecy and the entire Ogalon series.

To learn more about The Dreylyng Prophecy and Shelley Shayner, please visit:

About Shelley Shayner

Shelley Shayner is an author and illustrator based in Southern New Jersey. Upon earning her B.A. in Illustration from Rowan University, Shelley won various awards for her artwork. She uses her talent for visual imagery to create a unique and innovative approach to storytelling. The Dreylyng Prophecy is her first published novel. She also has a short story published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions, and another in, Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey. She is an active member of the South Jersey Writer’s Group and resides with her rescue cat, Jasper.


Instagram: @ShelleyShayner

Shelley Shayner
Shelley Shayner
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Rare Disease Awareness Day Critical As Patients Struggle During COVID Times

Rare Disease Awareness Day

Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation

Major obstacles have included a delay in diagnoses, limited access to treatments, and the lack of clinical trials.

In addition to missed or postponed monitoring with healthcare providers and research lab closures, the delays in clinical trial launches has limited advancement in treatment options.”

— John Hopper, President of FCF

GREENWICH, CT, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — National Rare Disease Awareness Day (RDAD) takes place during the last week of February. This year, the awareness message is even more critical. The pandemic has caused numerous difficulties for rare disease patients, families, and the healthcare community.

Major obstacles have included a delay in diagnoses, limited access to treatments, and the lack of clinical trials.

Helping to spread the word on awareness is Greenwich, CT- based, Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation (FCF), a non-profit organization formed to fund research, build awareness and provide patient support for an aggressive liver cancer that strikes teens and young adults who are typically not diagnosed until the disease is in an advanced stage. FCF was founded in 2009 by 27-year-old Tucker Davis, who lost his life to Fibrolamellar on Rare Disease Day in 2010, after an 18-month fight.

Fibrolamellar is a prime example of an overlooked, urgent rare disease with no known effective systemic therapies.

John Hopper, President of FCF, has become a national leader in championing the rare disease concerns, said, “This year has been challenging for everyone, but the impact on patients of rare diseases has been especially problematic. In addition to missed or postponed monitoring with healthcare providers, research lab closures, and delays in clinical trial launches has limited advancement in treatment options. It’s vital that the funding for research improves.”

Fibrolamellar patient advocate, Mark A. Carles, 26, of Staten Island, NY, spoke about his fight with the disease and his challenges over the past year. “I’ve had delays with some appointments and treatments because some of my doctors are also needed in COVID wards and the hospitals are only allowed a limited number of beds.”

Carles, a once healthy triathlete and graduate student, was diagnosed in October 2018. He had looked forward to a new clinical trial treatment last year. “COVID pushed back a clinical trial, but COVID wasn’t slowing the growth of my cancer,” he explained.

In August, Carles had another surgery and is currently being treated with chemotherapy and radiation. The check-ups on his current treatment are different as well. “I’ve had to become an expert at Zoom because it’s the only way for my family to be with me during my appointments with the doctors. It’s not the same, but technology has been very helpful.” Carles noted that the FCF and various fibrolamellar patient led Facebook groups, where patients can share resources, experiences, and provide support to one another, has been particularly helpful during COVID.

“We are hoping that Mark’s message spreads nationwide, and worldwide. The pandemic is causing a disruption in the timeliness of care and help for patients. The awareness for people suffering from rare diseases is more important than ever,” Hopper said. “Getting more of the population aware of these struggles can mean more active research and funding that will make a significant difference for treatments and possible cures.”

Fibrolamellar, like many rare diseases, may sound unfamiliar, but when rare diseases combine as a category, the numbers are staggering. One in 10 people are diagnosed with a rare disease and less than 5% of the 7,000+ rare diseases have an FDA approved treatment. However, if funded, rare disease research often leads to breakthrough discoveries, cures and broad-based common healthcare treatments.

Fibrolamellar joins the voice of the 30 million Americans who are fighting rare diseases on National Rare Disease Day to amplify the cause. According to The National Organization of Rare Diseases (NORD) the struggles during the pandemic have included:
• The inability to conduct or participate in clinical trials
• 79% of patients experiencing canceled medical appointments
• 32% of patients having difficulty accessing medical care and treatment
• 14% of patients with issues accessing medication
• 37% of families impacted by a loss of income and 12% of whom can no longer afford medication

This week, Fibrolamellar is featured for Rare Disease Awareness Day at the Connecticut State Capital, with Hopper co-emceeing the state’s RDAD celebration.

About the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD):
The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) is the leading independent advocacy organization representing all patients and families affected by rare diseases. NORD is committed to the identification, treatment and cure of the more than 7,000 rare diseases, of which approximately 90% are still without an FDA-approved treatment or therapy. Visit

About Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation:
FCF, a public 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Greenwich, CT, was founded in 2009 by 27-year-old Tucker Davis, who lost his life to Fibrolamellar on Rare Disease Day in 2010, after an 18-month fight. FCF has funded over $8 million in research across more than 24 major institutions in the U.S. and internationally. 100% of all donations go towards research. All FCF’s overhead and administrative costs are paid by the Charles A. and Marna Davis Foundation and Stone Point Capital. For more information, visit and also interact with us on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Greg Walsh
Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation
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Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Introduces Immigration Ethics Program

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics logo

Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Introduces Immigration Ethics Program

Picture of Jonathan Kwan of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Center

Jonathan Kwan to lead the new Immigration Ethics program.

Jonathan Kwan, Inclusive Excellence Postdoctoral Fellow in Immigration Ethics, to Lead New Focus Area

As the new administration is set to redefine our country's immigration policies, thinking carefully about the ethical dimensions of immigration will be critical.”

— Jonathan Kwan, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

SANTA CLARA, CA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Santa Clara University’s Markkula Center for Applied Ethics announced the creation of a new focus area on immigration ethics led by Jonathan Kwan, Inclusive Excellence Postdoctoral Fellow in Immigration Ethics. The new program will offer resources and ethical analysis on the moral issues that arise from the movement of individuals across borders.

Although much of the debate on immigration over the last few decades has been framed in binary terms—one is either for or against immigration—it includes many issues beyond the question of whether states should limit immigrant admissions. For instance, once immigrants have entered a state, what rights and privileges should they have? Should unauthorized immigrants have access to a path to citizenship?

“Immigration continues to be a crucial issue, and we wanted to concentrate on this area and bring an ethics lens to an issue which is often politically charged. Jonathan Kwan is the perfect person to help us get a better grip on the ethical issues that surround immigration,” said Don Heider, executive director, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

"As the new administration is set to redefine our country's immigration policies, thinking carefully about the ethical dimensions of immigration will be critical,” said Jonathan Kwan, Inclusive Excellence Postdoctoral Fellow in Immigration Ethics. “Immigration, insofar as it raises questions about who should be a member of our country, has always been a matter of not only what values we hold as a democracy but also how we conceive of the identity of our country itself."

Kwan has a Ph.D. in philosophy from the Graduate Center, City University of New York. His main areas of scholarly interest include social and political philosophy, philosophy of race, feminist philosophy, Indigenous philosophy, environmental philosophy, Chinese philosophy, and Buddhist philosophy. Kwan is available to speak with members of the media on issues associated with immigration ethics. Follow the Immigration Ethics program on Twitter at

About the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Founded in 1986 with a seed grant and initial endowment from Linda and A.C. “Mike” Markkula Jr., the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University brings the traditions of ethical thinking to bear on real world problems. Beyond a full range of programs for the SCU community, the Center also serves professionals in fields from business to health care, from government to the social sector, providing innovative approaches to problems from fake news to privacy protection. Through its website and international collaborations, the Center brings ethical decision-making resources to a global audience. For more information, please visit:

Joel Dibble
Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara Univ.
+1 408-554-5116
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Author Patrick Anthony Cardin Announces Release of Children’s Book Urging COVID-19 Hygiene Awareness

Pup In A Cup Keeps Healthy And Clean

Pup In A Cup Keeps Healthy And Clean

Important Book for Children is a Valuable Guide to Good, Lifelong Cleanliness

REDBANK, N.J., USA, February 26, 2021 / — Today, author Patrick Anthony Cardin has released his children’s book, “Pup In A Cup Keeps Healthy And Clean,” published by Newman Springs Publishing. Cardin was inspired to take action by the abrupt arrival of the coronavirus. The subsequent, ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was his impetus to teach children about valuable personal practices for excellent hygiene. The author saw the perfect opportunity to raise awareness about how germs are spread, what hygiene is and how to be the best at keeping clean.

“If children can learn hygiene, and parents can be reminded of its vital importance, our communities will be safe and happy,” said Cardin. “We all have to work together by doing our part to stay healthy and safe for each other and every one of our friends. I hope that Teacup Pup will be a great example to children and grown-ups. Teacup Pup is a fantastic and fun way to inform children about the COVID-19 pandemic in a direct-yet-appropriate manner, through a friendly and relatable character because right now, dealing with the pandemic can be a lot of work, physically and emotionally.”

As Cardin sees it, personal hygiene is a learned skill. It is apparent that many adults themselves are unaware of how their less-than-ideal personal habits and lack of cleanliness are infecting those around them. The book discusses bathroom hygiene, sneezing, being clean in public, not sharing personal items and not touching anything with dirty hands that might affect others.

The book helps parents and children deal with an uncertain world, where there are many unknown facts about the coronavirus and its multiple mutations. Cardin added, “Adults can absolutely not let our guard down. We should be mindful and help protect our children and all people from COVID-19. ‘Teacup Pup in a Cup Keeps Healthy and Clean’ is informative and its message is easy to understand. The book will help you and you loved ones take prevention seriously. Knowledge is power. Power to keep our kids safe.”

The friendly tone of the book is perfect for teaching children about hand washing, wearing masks, how to sneeze into the crook of the elbow and more. Cardin includes tips on how to be clean and how being mindful of knowing when to wash and why it is important. The book helps children understand how their personal behavior affects those around them. The character, Teacup Pup, teaches kids how to be aware of how others’ behavior, such as what they touch and how they wash or don’t wash their hands. It gives readers a reason to wash one’s own hands, one more time, just in case. No matter what, the best option is always making sure that one’s hands are clean.

Cardin believes that adults need to inform children about the realities of the pandemic in a way that children can understand. With the help of Teacup Pup, parents, family members, friends and teachers can help children adopt a healthy routine to achieve excellent hygiene at school, at home and in public. If children can learn hygiene and parents can be reminded of its vital importance, our communities will be safe and happy.
For more information go to or buy the book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble


Hugh Taylor
HB Publications, LLC
email us here

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Governments and Corporations are Responsible for the Death of Small Business

No More Excuses: Small Business Needs Support, Not Lockdowns and Unfair Restrictions

When we complain about a problem and do nothing, we are worst than the problem itself. Canada has always been a country that defined itself on social responsibility. That is what Canadians do!”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 26, 2021 / — How many small businesses throughout Canada have struggled and closed while many large corporations have flourished and taken bonuses for themselves? Bonuses they have been able to afford because they are subsidizing employee wages and expenses with government contribution.

How many small businesses have been shut down due to health concerns without any data that suggests these same businesses are a greater risk than the large box stores? Why is small business on lockdown while other large essential corporations have been able to operate with almost no restrictions?

When will all business have equal rights?

When will a small business that can operate safely have the same privileged rights of the large corporations and be permitted to stay open?

The bottom line on this entire argument is that classifications of essential and non-essential are discriminatory to small businesses. Most small businesses have made greater efforts to protect their customers than many of the “essential” companies that have been allowed to operate freely with minimal restrictions. Big box stores that often violate capacity and social distancing limits and have only recently been investigated for violations.

The government has made health determinations with little logic, data, or explanation on why retail businesses outside of box stores are unfairly restricted to less capacity.

After two lockdowns and still no plan, there has been no discussion regarding fair treatment for small business. Everyone knows that small businesses are working from an unfair position. Many small business owners have had to take government loans to survive. Current data released by CFIB states that small business owes more than $135 billion. This amount requires repayment to the very government that is locking them down after adjustments they have made to their businesses to become compliant to guidelines that are ambiguous. The data from various departments are conflicting and inaccurate.

It is time for the government to balance the scale. Large corporations should be in partnership with small business, not sending business out of Canada. Businesses that have been unfairly treated deserve greater tax breaks and loan forgiveness based on the financial struggles that have been exacerbated by the continued mismanagement of poorly thought-out restrictions.

SmAll Business is Essential is an initiative created by Edward Henry Company and Social Distance Management. Our goal and function is to advocate on behalf of suffering small business due to the lack of support and unfair treatment from various government restrictions. The interest expressed by many small businesses throughout Canada, and even the United States for SmAll Business is Essential to help struggling small businesses has evolved to becoming more than a cause. It is now become an organization that will be on the front lines to fight for the rights of small businesses.

It is time for Canadians to be socially responsible and ensure that fairness is included in the metrics that we are using when governing through these difficult times. It is time to give small business support, and allow them the same rights that have been allotted to large corporations for over a year.

The restrictions put on businesses should reflect the health and safety threat, the business’ ability to manage their space and people, and the quantified rate/metric of spread in a specific region.

We are currently raising finances for businesses that are complying with health and safety recommendations and guidelines to stay open. We are advocating to keep business in Canada and to support small business. Edward Henry Company will be donating 50% of the proceeds from it’s recent new book release Cut The Bullsh*T to SmAll Business is Essential of Canada. Small businesses across Canada are done paying the price. Small businesses are going to unite and stand up to government and big business, because SmAll Business is Essential.

Edward Henry
Edward Henry Company
+1 647-725-7575
email us here
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Caregiving: Helping Elderly Parents Make Decisions

helping elderly parents make decisions

Helping Elderly Parents Make Decisions

making elder care decisions

Making Eldercare Decisions

Caregiving Expert, Advocate, & Speaker

Pamela D. Wilson – Caregiving Expert

Helping elderly parents make decisions can be challenging for adult children when doubts exist about making the right decisions and confidence is lacking.

In a perfect world, the moment parents ask for help from adult children, conversations about aging and care needs happen. Unfortunately, discussions are rare until an emergency happens.”

— Pamela D Wilson

GOLDEN, COLORADO, USA, February 26, 2021 / — Decision-making for parents is a tricky situation when elderly parents appear to be independent but may not be managing well. If children live at a distance, signs that parents need help may not be noticed until a visit occurs or parents initiate a phone call for help. Being unaware of what may happen next is a challenge of caring for elderly parents.

Caregiver Worry is Common

Worry about care for elderly parents is a common experience for caregivers. The unexpected aspects and not knowing what to pay attention to results in sleepless nights. Naïve caregivers lack knowledge of what parts of care for parents are more critical than others.

When caregivers know the little signs that indicate advancing health needs and how to manage day-to-day needs, caring for elderly parents can feel more manageable. Regardless of how advanced adult children may be in their lives and careers, the unexpected parts of caregiving throw life a curve.

Regardless of cultural beliefs, religious background, family upbringing, education, and life experiences, the emotional aspects, and unknowns of caregiving result in angst for adult children. When parents pass away, and children continue on with their lives, many adult children report looking back and clearly seeing what could have been done differently.

Most caregivers admit they were too stressed going through the daily motions of care for aging parents to pay attention to aspects of managing health that could have improved the quality of life for a parent. The cognitive overload and stress of caregiving impair decision-making. Caregivers suffer from as many if not more physical and emotional health concerns as the individuals for whom they care. COVID has greatly complicated care situations for all families worldwide.

Caregiver Support Offers Emotional Support and Confidence

Caregiver support through online caregiving groups, local groups, and educational courses can significantly reduce the stress and doubt involved in caring for aging parents. Finding reliable and trustworthy information can be challenging.

Caregiving expert Pamela D Wilson has provided 1:1 support for aging adults and caregiving families for more than twenty years. Specializing in providing care in the homes of the elderly and managing care as a court-appointed guardian and power of attorney, she has rare experience allowing her to personally relate to caregivers across time zones and locations and their day-to-day experiences.

While healthcare systems may be different worldwide, the experiences of caregivers are similar. Wilson's online course, Taking Care of Elderly Parents, offers in-depth information that all caregivers and aging adults can use to reduce worry, gain confidence about making the right decisions for elderly parents and gain advocacy skills.

Caregiving—the Everlasting Journey

Adult children caring for elderly parents may place thoughts of caregiving on the shelf when parents pass away. Dreams of returning to life before caregiving may take over thoughts of practicality or using the experiences gained taking care of parents.

What adults don’t realize is that there will be another caregiving event—whether for a spouse or a need for support from children or other family members. Instead of being surprised or unprepared, the opportunity exists for all adults to change the future of caregiving within families.

Wilson’s expertise in managing and planning for care from a family, medical, financial, and legal perspective offers rare insights for caregivers, corporations, and groups who take advantage of the programs she develops. Corporations have the opportunity to support working caregivers by bringing conversations about caregiving into the workplace.

Business, service, and social groups can support their members by providing education that shares a view about the future of aging. Wilson joins corporations and groups worldwide on-site and through virtual meetings and presentations.

Helping Elderly Parents Make Decisions

Helping elderly parents make decisions is part of ongoing interactions when an adult child is a primary caregiver. Decisions about living arrangements, healthcare, money, and legal matters are involved, in addition to navigating and managing family relationships that can be thorny when family members disagree about care.

While one adult child usually takes primary responsibility for the care of a parent, siblings may offer unsolicited advice or criticize the actions of the primary caregiver. As one might imagine, family relationships between brothers or sisters can become fractured and difficult to repair after parents pass away.

Adult children who invest the time to become educated about aspects of caregiving that affect decision-making can be confident. Rather than feeling pushed, pulled, and tossed upside down by interactions with healthcare systems and providers, the knowledge gained from in-depth support and education ensures caregivers become advocates for parents.

In addition to speaking engagements, caregiver support, and online education programs offered by Wilson, her weekly podcast The Caring Generation® is available worldwide through all of the major podcast apps: Apple, Google, I-Heart Radio, JioSaavn, Spreaker, Amazon Music, Pandora, Podchaser, Stitcher, Spotify, and Vurbl. She credits caregivers with the weekly topics that are by request.

Unique Education For Groups and Corporations

Wilson’s mission to reach one million caregivers worldwide is supported by her passion for working with groups and corporations to provide keynote speaking sessions live or online and unique online education programs. Wilson participates in live events and creates dedicated webinars, courses, and programs that meet information requests by groups and corporations.

Because of COVID, international corporations aware of working caregiver struggles are investigating programs to offer through internal learning management systems. Wilson creates education for family caregivers, caregivers working in healthcare fields, and companies interested in supporting family and working caregivers.

Contact Wilson for more information about caregiver support, resources, and education through her website, by emailing or by calling 303-810-1816 in the United States.

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