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Art of the day calendar, March 2021

Art of the Day March 2021

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Nude man in forest with hat, Arbol Panama by Tony Lee

March 1, 2021 -Arbol Panama by Tony Lee

Enjoy art. Art connects your inner self with the world.

Like a bud of a Panama tree, we rise slowly. We take root by our roots. We strengthen ourselves with the coming and going of our mistakes and successes. ”

— Tony Lee, photographer

SARASOTA / BRADENTON, FL, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — March '20 to '21 marks a year of Social Distancing. Last year, if you loved sports, you were getting ready for March Madness. It was almost time for the NCAA basketball championships. You looked forward to admiring the skill of the athletes. You thrilled to sports history in the making.

COVID19 shut us down — March Madness 2020, and all normal social events. Social Distancing became the new normal. It was a year of semi-solitude. We connected through social media or Zoom. Some felt lost, disconnected. Through it all, Barebrush persisted with a slightly different approach:

"People need people. When we can't connect with others, we struggle. When you enjoy art, you connect with your inner self. Your inner self connects you with the world in new and unexpected ways. Find your inner self, and you will find people, old and new.".

Today, Barebrush announces March Madness '21 for Art Lovers. Barebrush presents 31 artworks by contemporary artists. We offer Art of the Day in calendars and short videos. The March calendar launches with a fine art photo by Tony Lee of Panama, Arbol Panama (Panama Tree). It pictures a deep forest scene, nude man, and straw hat. Tony writes in translation,

"Like a bud of a Panama tree, we rise slowly. We take root by our roots. We strengthen ourselves with the coming and going of our mistakes and successes."

March 1st, 2021 is day number 9,318 in the Barebrush calendars. In a year, when the world has radically changed, Barebrush has changed with it. Beginning in September '20, after 6 months of main-stream media stress, Barebrush founder and CEO, Ilene Skeen launched a new video series, "Talking Art of the Day."

The "Art of the Day" Method
In each art video, Ilene follows a simple method to answer three questions: What do you see? Who's the artist? What's the point? To answer these questions, Ilene creates a narrative of specific details that you, the viewer can see. Ilene uses close-ups. She adds lines, arrows, and other art tools for emphasis. Then she shares what the artist says about the work. Finally, she tries to tease out a point. She welcomes comments and disagreement. It's all good. The 200+ videos are fast and fun, averaging under 3 minutes.

The Barebrush Art of the Day calendar
Each Barebrush calendar features contemporary artworks in photos, oils, watercolor, mixed media, and sculpture. You see the beauty of art created by artists working today, revealed day by day. You see the tantalizing art of the nude. You get the words of the artists. Unlike other art calendars that use one image per month or week, Barebrush showcases a unique artwork for each day of the month. The art of the day is yours to see, enjoy and treasure. On the Art-of-the-Day calendar page, you can see the current calendar art revealed over time.

Barebrush is the premiere ad-free, non-porn, fine art website. Online since 2006, proving it's OKAY+ to enjoy the art of the nude.

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