StoreSMART’s COVID-19 Medical and Vaccine Card Holders: Better Option than Lamination

Clear plastic vaccine card, behing held by a hand, next to a purse.

Clear Plastic Pocket for Medical and Vaccine Cards

Two clear plastic pockets with a vaccination card inside

Clear Plastic Pockets to Protect Your Vaccine Card

A hand holding a vaccine card inside a pocket, with a purse in the backgroud

Easily tucks away and keeps your card safe

What’s the best way to keep these important vaccination cards safe?

Some cards could be damaged by lamination. Information might need to be added to the card. StoreSMART’s plastic pockets avoid either problem. Cards remain safely protected and easily accessible.”

— Reenie Feingold, CEO and founder of StoreSMART

ROCHESTER, NY, USA, April 9, 2021 / — Millions of vaccinated Americans have been handed small paper cards issued by the Centers for Disease Control that document their immunization records. The little cards hold data that may be key to resuming work, travel, school, and leisure activities. So, what’s the best way to keep these important little cards safe?

StoreSMART has come up with a simple and inexpensive method—the Medical and Vaccine Card Holder—a clear plastic pocket that keeps proof of vaccination cards protected, easily visible, and free from destructive accidents and spills. Just slip the card into the plastic pocket and conveniently remove it when necessary.

“There has been some discussion around the desirability of laminating a proof of vaccination card,” says Reenie Feingold, CEO and founder of StoreSMART. “It’s been pointed out that some cards, printed on thermal paper or having thermal labels, could become damaged and made illegible by lamination. It’s also been suggested that, at some point, additional information about a booster shot might need to be added to the card. StoreSMART’s durable plastic pockets avoid either problem. Once slipped inside the clear, lightweight pocket, cards remain safely protected while they are easily accessible and can slip in and out quickly, whether in a purse, backpack, or pocket.”

Vaccinated individuals might want to take a few additional steps to safeguard their records. Feingold echoes recommendations by the CDC and other health professionals that vaccinated individuals take a picture of their card and e-mail it to themselves, plus store a photocopy of the card safely in home files.

StoreSMART’s Medical and Vaccine Card Holders have additional practical uses, too. They can help organize insurance information, social security cards, medical information, or appointment cards; or safely hold credit cards, driver’s licenses, tickets, cash, and other small items.
The 3 3/8” x 4 3/8” pockets have a 3” x 4” interior capacity. They are made of 8-gauge crystal clear vinyl for ultimate visibility and open on the short side with a ¼” lip.

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Safeguard Your Vaccination Cards!

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