Brittany Golden: Student and Dog Groomer

Brittany Golden Ballwin on Dog Grooming

BALLWIN, MISSOURI , UNITED STATES , May 10, 2021 / — Brittany Golden Ballwin has experience as a dog groomer and can deliver pet grooming that is at the very highest standards that people would want. She is considered to be very adept when it comes to grooming techniques and is certified in pet CPR. Brittany Golden Ballwin is also a full-time student at Lindenwood University.

Residing in O'Fallon, Missouri, which is near St. Louis, Brittany Golden Ballwin has spoken on how important it is to have a dog or cat groomed regularly. She stated that grooming when done properly can keep dogs and cats healthy and safe. She states that once pet grooming becomes a routine procedure, skin irritation in dogs and cats will become less common. She also states that grooming on a regular basis will remove debris and dirt and eliminate flea problems.

All of these advantages will make pets much happier and more satisfied in their lives. She also said that regular grooming habits for pets are not only relevant at the dog groomer's location but also at home. There are many techniques that pet owners can do at home, such as nail trimming, hair brushing on a regular basis, teeth brushing, and regular bathing of the animal in order to keep him or her happy and healthy. She also added that the regularity of these procedures should depend on the age of the cat or dog, as well as how much time they spend inside and outside. Pet owners should have a regular grooming schedule in place. This can be monthly, weekly, or at some other frequency. As long as it is done on a regular basis, they can use it to help identify health issues when they are still in the earlier stages before they become more significant problems.

Brittany Golden Ballwin has advised pet owners to start with a very simple routine that they can do at home. Basically, they should brush their pets, and then follow up with a bath. The bath should include cleaning of the eyes and ears, as well as brushing the teeth and trimming the nails. She states that this approach will help a cat or dog feel his or her best and look good as well without necessarily needing professional assistance, although pet owners should take their animals to professionals as well.

Brittany Golden Ballwin holds a Master Cat Grooming Certificate from the National Cat Grooming Association and a Pet Empowerment Program certificate from The Academy of Pet Careers, in addition to certifications from other certification programs. She believes that it is very important to make sure you are taking your cat or dog to the right pet groomer. The groomer should be certified and have experience with a breed that is similar to your animal. Overall, she believes that grooming is not just cosmetic but important for the health and well-being of your dog or cat.

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