TEDxWaterStreet Announces Speaker Line-up for RESET 2021

This Inaugural Event will be hosted by Emmy Nominated Actress Monique Coleman

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — TEDxWaterStreet RESET event will take place on Thursday, May 6, 2021 at Bryant Park Ballroom, 54 West 40th St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10018; from 4:00pm – 9:00pm. The independently organized event, licensed by TED, will feature local voices under the theme of RESET.

Launched in 2009, TEDx is a program of locally organized events that bring the community together to share a TED-like experience. Some of the best talks from TEDx events have been featured on TED.com and garnered millions of views from audiences across the globe.

TEDxWaterStreet RESET 2021 is the first in-person TEDx event in New York City since the COVID- 19 pandemic. RESET 2021 promises inspiring topics, and a lineup of 13 remarkable individuals who will speak the language of possibility and foster a rediscovery of what the future holds for our shared humanity.

SPEAKER LINE-UP: TEDxWaterStreet RESET 2021 speakers are as follow: Pras Michel – Grammy Award Winner of the Fugees & Entrepreneur, Quddus (Q) – TV Host, Media Coach; Roxana Rafatjah – Founder of Conscious Enterprises, Daniela Pierre Bravo – Booking Producer, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Janice Kovach – Mayor of Clinton, NJ Lili Gil Valletta – CEO and Co-Founder CIEN+ and CULTURINTEL, Tameka Green – Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner, Aree Bly – Alignment Coach, Irina Soriano – Businesswoman and Author, Drew G. Davis – One Man Show, Jeff Tatarchuk – Chief Marketing Officer, VM Accel; Danny-J Johnson – Co-Host, The Best Life Podcast, and Chris Valletta – Co-Founder and President, MISSION.

HOST: The event will be generously hosted by renowned actress, producer, and activist Monique Coleman. In 2019, she garnered a Daytime Emmy “Outstanding Host” nomination for her work on the original non-scripted series “Gimme Mo” which she also created and produced. Last year, Monique joined Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, and several thought leaders to deliver the closing keynote at the Girl Up Virtual Global Leadership summit. Monique is thrilled to be returning to the Tedx stage.

PERFORMERS: Special music performances by Singer, Songwriter Norman Alexander and Annabel Oreste of Star Acadamie.

SPECIAL GUEST: Actor Mehcad Brooks, star of Mortal Kombat Movie will also be in attendance.

TEDxWaterStreet sponsors include: Unspoken Smiles, Spurheal, Sisley-Paris, and Mlife Music Group.

“TEDx Water Street represents a RESET with how it’s people have demonstrated the ability to embark on new adventures, tackle challenges and foster ideas in unfamiliar territory in order to pursue their hopes of growth and prosperity.” – Jean Paul Laurent, Lead Organizer and Licensee of TEDxWaterStreet commented.

For more information about TEDxWaterStreet, please visit https://tedxwaterstreet.com/ and follow us on Instagram @TedxWaterStreet #tedxwaterstreet #reset2021 #tedx.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event https://tedxwaterstreet.com/
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TED Talks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized. (Subject to certain rules and regulations.)

About TED

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Started as a four-day conference in California almost 30 years ago, TED has grown to support its mission with multiple initiatives. The two annual TED Conferences invite the world’s leading thinkers and doers to speak for 18 minutes on a diverse mix of topics. Many of these talks are then made available, free, at TED.com. TED speakers have included Bill Gates, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Nandan Nilekani, Philippe Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Isabel Allende and former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The TED2014 Conference takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia, along with the TEDActive simulcast in neighboring Whistler. TEDGlobal 2014 will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

TED’s media initiatives include TED.com, where new TED Talks are posted daily; the Open Translation Project, which provides subtitles and interactive transcripts as well as translations from volunteers worldwide; the educational initiative TED-Ed; and TEDBooks, short e-books on powerful ideas. TED has established the annual TED Prize, where exceptional individuals with a wish to change the world get help translating their wishes into action; TEDx, which supports individuals or groups in hosting local, self-organized TED-style events around the world; and the TED Fellows program, helping world-changing innovators from around the globe to amplify the impact of their remarkable projects and activities.

Follow TED on Twitter at http://twitter.com/TEDTalks, or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TED. For information about TEDx’s upcoming conferences, visit http://www.ted.com/ registration.

About TEDxWaterStreet
TEDxWaterStreet brings together like-minded individuals who are intentional about resetting as thinkers, leaders, friends, and community members to bring about a new perspective on how we can reset and press forward. IT will challenge human discomfort with obstacles and instead celebrate the strength that accompanies curiosity and the ability to dream. TEDxWaterStreet will speak the language of possibility and foster a rediscovery of what the future holds for our shared humanity.

For more information about TEDxWaterStreet, please visit https://tedxwaterstreet.com/ and follow on Instagram @TedxWaterStreet #tedxwaterstreet #reset2021 #tedx.


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May Art: Talking Art of the Day May 2021

May 2021 Art of the Day Calendar from Barebrush.com

May 2021 Art of the Day Calendar from Barebrush

Art logo for Barebrush website in Red, Yellow and Blue

Barebrush.com Logo

May Art presents 31 artworks by contemporary artists in visual media and short videos from Talking Art of the Day 2021

I love the "silkiness" of Lulu's skin, as well as the actual material.”

— Peter Le Grand, fine art photographer

BRADENTON, FL, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Barebrush announces May Art: Talking Art of the Day May 2021. Barebrush presents 31 artworks by contemporary artists in visual media and short videos. Improved audience-centric features are now standard: headline and intro, YouTube easy-find "chapters" and creator-provided subtitles. As always, comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome.

The May calendar and videos launch with a fine art photo, Lulu – After Bill Brandt, by Peter Le Grand of Chicago. Peter writes, "I love the "silkiness" of Lulu's skin, as well as the actual material."

May 1st, 2021 is day number 9,379 in the Barebrush calendars. In a year, when the world changed, Barebrush changed with it. Beginning in September '20, Barebrush launched a new video series, "Talking Art of the Day."

The "Art of the Day" Method
In each art video, Ilene follows a simple method to answer three questions: What do you see? Who's the artist? What's the point? To answer, Ilene creates a narrative of specific details that you, the viewer can see. Ilene uses close-ups. She adds lines, arrows, and other art tools for emphasis. Then she shares what the artist says about the work. Finally, she tries to tease out a point. She welcomes comments and disagreement. It's all good. The 240+ videos are fast and fun, averaging under 3 minutes.

The Barebrush Art of the Day calendar
Each Barebrush calendar features contemporary artworks in various media. These include photos, oils, watercolor, mixed media, and sculpture. You see the beauty of art created by artists working today, revealed day by day. You see the tantalizing art of the nude. You get the words of the artists. Other art calendars use one image per month or week. Barebrush showcases unique artwork for each day of the month. The art of the day is yours to see, enjoy and treasure. On the Art-of-the-Day calendar page, you can see the current calendar art revealed over time.

Barebrush.com is the premiere ad-free, non-porn, fine art website. Online since 2006, proving it's OKAY+ to enjoy the art of the nude.

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World Migratory Bird Day 2021 celebrates the beauty, song, flight, and intrigue of migratory birds

The 2021 World Migratory Bird Day was created by Alaskan artist, Sara Wolman.

The 2021 World Migratory Bird Day spreads the word about our theme, “Sing, Fly, Soar – Like a Bird.”

World Migratory Bird Day connects people to birds, their conservation, and their amazing migrations.

Global event connects people to migratory birds and their conservation.

Ultimately, the goal of celebrating World Migratory Bird Day is to raise awareness of the phenomenon of bird migrations and to motivate people to take action to protect our shared birds,”

— Dr. Susan Bonfield

BOULDER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Sing, Fly, Soar Like a Bird” is the theme of this year’s World Migratory Bird Day, the only international education program that celebrates the migration of hundreds of bird species between their summer nesting habitats in North America and wintering grounds in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

From sandpipers and cranes to vultures and hummingbirds, this year’s World Migratory Bird Day explores what makes birds unique. With approximately 10,400 bird species globally and approximately 900 bird species in the United States, birds are ambassadors of the natural world. They help unite us with nature and understand the interconnections among all things. They sing. They fly. They are architects and acrobats. They live in every habitat from urban to rural. Birds can be watched in a city or in the wild, and birds can be watched from the windows of cars, boats, homes, and in our own back yards.

It is no wonder that during the pandemic, bird watching has risen even more in popularity. With coronavirus restrictions, interest in bird watching has soared. Birds have been symbols of freedom and during the pandemic, they provide a glimmer of light. We might not be able to travel to exotic places such as the rainforest right now, but migratory birds bring a bit of the rainforest to us.

“Ultimately, the goal of celebrating World Migratory Bird Day is to raise awareness of the phenomenon of bird migrations and to motivate people to take action to protect our shared birds,” says Dr. Susan Bonfield, Executive Director of Environment for the Americas. Their spirited migrations and spectacular flights are a symbol of freedom, even during a time when people feel confined.

In addition to connecting people to birds and raising awareness about bird conservation, World Migratory Bird Day is a celebration of the astonishing journeys of these animals, like the roughly 8,000 mile round-trip migration of the tiny Rufous Hummingbird. The celebration of World Migratory Bird Day is an opportunity to inspire people around the world to learn about, to love, and to take action to protect these long-distance travelers.

During this year's events, World Migratory Bird Day inspires the joy of bird song, flight, and migration. Traditionally celebrated in Canada and the U.S. on the second Saturday in May, in reality every day is World Migratory Bird Day. Programs, festivals, and other events occur throughout the year, whenever it is best for birds (and the organizers). In deference to the pandemic, creative events are being offered across the Western Hemisphere. BirdDayLIVE.com features 3 days of programming, including a special day just for youth, families, and schools.

Now in its 27th year, World Migratory Bird Day has grown from a one-day event into a year-round framework engaging audiences of all ages in hundreds of bird conservation projects and programs. In the Western Hemisphere World Migratory Bird Day is coordinated by Environment for the Americas, a nonprofit organization that provides bilingual educational materials and information about birds and bird conservation to raise awareness of migratory birds and to promote actions that protect our feathered friends.

On May 8th and throughout the month, other activities are taking place at wildlife refuges, such as the William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge in Corvallis, Oregon. A day there will take you to the Turkey Vulture cafe and a migration game. In Colorado, community members will gather at Waneka Lake to share their habitat conservation work and offer bird walks. Leaders at Gibson Woods County Park in Illinois are excited to share the newly arrived migratory birds with youth and adults.

You can learn about World Migratory Bird Day in the Americas, as well as Environment for the Americas, at www.migratorybirdday.org, which has information about this year's theme, downloadable educational and promotional materials in English and Spanish, and instructions for registering your World Migratory Bird event on our global map. For more information, write to info@environmentamericas.org


For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Susan Bonfield, Executive Director, Environment for the Americas, Boulder, CO, USA. Email: sbonfield@environmentamericas.org; Tel: 970-393-1183
Miguel Matta, Latin America Program Coordinator, Environment for the Americas, Boulder, CO, USA. Email: mmatta@environmentamericas.org


1. Dr. Susan Bonfield is the Executive Director for Environment for the Americas. After studying Black-legged Kittiwakes in Alaska, she returned to the Lower 48 where she has since gained over 17 years of experience in bird research and education. She has created education programs in the U.S. and Mexico, assisted with workshops on bird monitoring and conservation in both countries, taught b”sic identification courses, and led a course for the USFWS National Conservation Training Center. Susan has a B.S. in Biology from Randolph-Macon Woman's College, an M.S. in Ecology, Fisheries, and Wildlife from University of Michigan, and a Ph.D. in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources from Colorado State University.
2. Miguel Matta is the Latin America coordinator for World Migratory Bird Day. He has a degree from the University of Venezuela in Caracas and has worked for theWilliam H. Phelps Ornithological Collection.

Susan Bonfield
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