Ben Miraglia & Lauren Gueits, Co-founders of Airway Health Solutions Team up to Launch Clear Aligner University

Clear Aligner University

Clear Aligner Education for Doctor & Team

Clear Aligner University, education for clear aligner integration. The first live event will be held at the Dental Festival in Hollywood, FL, October 16, 2021.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2021 / — Miraglia and Gueits are excited to launch Clear Aligner University, a clear aligner education company that works with all clear aligner systems. Miraglia contributes his 18 years of expertise in GP Orthodontics and Clear Aligner Therapy (CAT) as both a clinician and a sought-after global educator. He provides dental professionals a clear educational pathway to integrate CAT with confidence and competence. He teaches his easily replicable expansive techniques to remove barriers such as IPR and excessive attachments. Gueits contributes skills learned in corporate education/management gained at Align Technology, her role as CEO of Airway Health Solutions, 20+ years of clear aligner clinical experience working with clear aligners and being an industry key opinion leader. The result is a hybrid platform of live and digital education solely focused on clear aligner integration for improved patient and practice health. Both Miraglia and Gueits are thrilled to now offer an educational pathway to simplify clear aligner integration so dental professionals can treat their patients both comprehensively and efficiently.

Gueits states. “We see an incredible rise in consumer demand for clear aligners. We also see an alarming disconnect in how dental professionals can integrate clear aligner therapy (CAT) efficiently to compete with DIY competition. Patients want less attachments, less appointments, and wider, fuller beautiful smiles. The good news is we teach all that plus the many hidden health benefits CAT provides! Most importantly, we empower doctor and team to integrate this into daily comprehensive care dentistry.”

Miraglia is also a leading educator in the airway/sleep dentistry arena. He shares, “I believe clear aligner therapy has many benefits beyond “straightening teeth.” Having treated 1000 + cases, I have seen improvements not only in patient’s smiles but also in their musculature, occlusion, TMD, airway health and overall well-being.” The techniques Miraglia teaches support proper occlusion, periodontal and airway health. Miraglia continues, “The ‘Zoom smile’ patients are demanding, quickly becomes the side benefit! Little did they know their TMD, sleeping patterns, and quality of life would also greatly improve.” Miraglia also teaches how to use clear aligners after maxillary expansion is completed.

Clear Aligner University will be debuting live at the highly anticipated Dental Festival by Smiles at Sea, October 12-17, 2021 at the Diplomat Hotel, Hollywood, FL. CAU on-demand learning will be available Q4 2021. On demand modules will be available Q4.

Elijah Desmond, CEO, Smiles at Sea, shared, “Clear aligner education for both doctor and team is a hot topic with limited education offered. CAU will not only fill this void, but from knowing the educators involved, will over deliver, and provide comprehensive and interactive education for all attendees, doctors, and team! We look forward to hosting the inaugural CAU event at our Dental Festival.”

Gueits concludes, “The timing, opportunity, and demand for clear aligner education is optimal. Both Dr. Miraglia and I feel fortunate to be part of the solution by providing versatile, engaging, and fun learning modalities to provide dental professionals the tools they need to jump on the clear aligner train. What are you waiting for? Dentists bring your team for the professional experience of a lifetime!”

Clear Aligner University powered by Smiles at Sea ( Limited Spots Available for Doctor and Team)

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