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Anneliese by Dee Miller

Anneliese by Dee Miller

Angelina Escapes to Mackinac Island by Susan Locascio

Angelina Escapes to Mackinac Island by Susan Locascio

Nugae Venales Or "Jokes For Sale" in English: Humor, Brief Essays, and Short Poems by E.C. Walsh

Nugae Venales Or “Jokes For Sale” in English: Humor, Brief Essays, and Short Poems by E.C. Walsh

Summer's here! Time to curl up amd cool off with glass of lemonade and a new book. Check out Explore Authors Magazine's recommended hot new book releases

Summer's here, curl up with a hot new book!”

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — The following books are available in paperback and eBook formats at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers everywhere. Check out our list of fiction, non-fiction, and children's books.

Dee Miller's debut novel, Anneliese, tells the story of a young woman striving to move forward after a deadly outbreak of Spanish Flu kills her fiancé during World War I. This story is a fresh and engaging take on a young woman striving to overcome love, loss, and life in the roaring 1920s. On sale now, Prairie Sage Books, ISBN: 978-1737295501

The General's Daughter (2021) by T.M Rice is the follow up to Rice's fast-paced 2020 action thriller, The Chemist: The Adventures of The Gray Rider. This one is as action packed and thrilling as the first. We see a movie in the future for this series. We highly recommend this enthralling new book! Stories from Terry's Garage: ISBN, 978-1734704914

The Redcap: A Sam McKay Novel is on sale now. This taut edge-of-your-seat crime thriller by K.M. Hardy will keep your eyes glued to every page. A brilliant follow-up up to the first book in the Sam McKay series, SCOTS HONOR. We're captivated! On sale now – Picaty Press, ISBN: 978-1736734605

Was Shakespeare an anti-Semite? This age-old question has haunted the author for centuries. Author Stephen Byk offers this critical analysis of the world's most famous playwright's work in Vindicating Shakespeare: A Theater Director’s Study of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. On sale now. LS&G Publishing ISBN: 978-0578871363

Lutka wants to become an opera singer. But what does a person do when his country is invaded by another country, the government is overthrown and plagued by famine and in turmoil surrounding the Russian Revolution? Action and suspense fuels this captivating novel, The Opera Singer by Paul Larson, coming soon to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers everywhere May 1st, 2021. ISBN: 978-1736895108

You will have a number of books to choose from by this amazing author, J.B. Millhollin, including his most recent crime thriller, the fourth in his saga, To Hide from a Northern Wind: River of Tears, bringing his breathtaking and methodical storytelling about the 140 year family feud between the Masters and the Jenkins families to a close, amid a murder trial that brings the families together for a united cause. Read the entire series, and other novels by J.B. Millhollin via the links below. Fans of legal crime dramas will love this author. Grey Place Books, ISBN: 978-1-7358745-5-5

Veer this way for a break from fiction. Nugae Venales Or "Jokes For Sale" in English: Humor, Brief Essays, and Short Poems by E.C. Walsh are the author's witty musings and clever insights on society, politics, and life in this smart, intellectual take on the past year. We love this book! On sale now, Dignam Press, ISBN: 978-0578926483

Dan Valenti's heart-pounding novel and romantic thriller , A Kiss Worth Waiting for… is on sale now! We highly recommend this decades-spanning romantic journey in the author's debut novel, and sure to be classic. BUY TODAY via fine retailers everywhere. Collar City Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-7370674-0-5

Suzanne Locascio's much awaited debut novel, Angelina Escapes to Mackinac Island is an absolute must-read. Locascio's action-packed thriller is set during the French Revolution amid royal intrigue, danger, and a daring escape to Mackinac Island from Angelina Savoy's beloved France! On sale now via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers everywhere B. Nelson Press, ISBN: 978-1-7370015-0-8

A Lot Going on Upstairs is J.S. Black's piercing insight into the thoughts of his teenaged character, which drives this story about divorce and mental health in this gut-wrenching story. A sharp read! Available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and fine retailers everywhere. Jamilian Books, ISBN: 978-0578876450

There is beauty in simplicity, and genius in subtlety. Rivers, trees, sunsets, and love. A subtle blend where nature meets life. Haimnauth Ramkirath’s fourth work, Unsung Verses is deeply personal and a pleasure to read. Poetry is not only alive, but lush and warm. A solid recommend. New Sunrise Press ISBN: 978-1736373309

Out of the Mists: A Compendium of Bizarre Short Stories Vol. 1 and Vol2 by John Knight is on sale now! Readers will enjoy Knight's intriguing and often chilling stories. Curl up with this book and enjoy! Available now via Amazon, B&N and fine retailers everywhere! IndyPub: 979-8591007393 VOL. 2, COMING SOON, JULY 2021.

Jim Morgan’s Me and Eli, coming of age story about a mysterious boy is suspenseful, and enthralling coming to a close with a shocking twist. We highly recommend this intriguing young adult novel! 978-0578866246

The Infinite Circle of the Soul: A Non-religious Look at Spirituality by Mike Hain focuses on the 'human soul and all of its attributes including love, creativity, empathy, and its journey throughout many earthly lives.' Hain's insight brings something tangible to the ethereal, a subject we've all wondered about. His approach to the incorporeal provides answers that steers his readers to their authentic selves in this motivational book. ECSM Publishing 978-1736559109

Peter Spicer's gripping book, Breaking Baptist, details why he left the evangelical fundamentalist religion. Am eye-opening and riveting perspective. We highly recommend. Spicewrite, ISBN: 978-0578801834


The Face of XYZ by art student Alexa Pouza, shares the fictional journey of self-discovery and self-love in this heartwarming children's book about a man with no face. A book that teaches children about self-love and confidence is definitely worth a read. COMING SOON, JULY 2021 Purple Brick Road Press, ISBN: 978-0-578-91933-1

The Lighthouse by Becky Enright tells a charming and educational story about what lighthouses do and why they are important. Children will enjoy the whimsical illustrations and storytelling. C&B Books, ISBN: 978-1736908709

Me and Toby by Jo Robinson is a heartwarming children’s book about hope and finding a new home when a chair at a furniture store is taken in by a new family. Adorable anthropomorphic tale! Buy today via fine retailers everywhere… Library of Twink Publishing, ISBN: 978-0578862347

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