New Support Tool For Parents: Using The Neuro Way For Keeping Your Child Safe – Anywhere, In Today's Perilous World


Michael Walker

At-Home, Fun & Engaging NeuroCognitive Exercises & Activities Teach Your Child To Quickly Recognize & Respond To Unwanted Or Dangerous Situations

TEMPE, AZ, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — The New, At-Home Strategy For Parents—Using Cognitive NeuroScience Infused Exercises And Activities, Is Teaching Kids To Become Wiser And More Alert To Recognize & Respond To Potentially Negative And Dangerous Situations.

The Alarming escalation of gun violence and predatory/aggressive behavior has not only engulfed society as a whole but unacceptably the children—everywhere they go; everything they do. Danger and harm are their new daily nemesis that stalks them to school and stores and outside play and online and youth sports & programs and sadly—in too many cases, their closest relationships and households.

Legislators and Laws have yet to ebb the tide of violence and death perpetrated against America's and Family's most precious and defenseless asset…the children. What more can parents or guardians do? Arming children is a no-go. Schools have become garrisoned fortresses with “Active Shooter” drills being a daily reminder.

Climb Up Gear And Media (CUPGM) foresaw this tragic reality taking root and affecting society & families over 20+ years ago. Their development of programs and materials infused with Cognitive Neuro Science Principles and Benefits is a viable and effectively safe strategy that Adults, Children & Society need to incorporate with present-day strategies already in use.

“We've got to give the kids a fighting chance. As young and naive as they are, there is something effective that can be done; we've got to arm them with Maturity Level Astuteness,” says CUPGM CEO Michael Walker. “Once they learn how to use the 12 Cornerstone Neuro Traits, that mindset is always with them in every situation imaginable and builds great character traits at the same time.”

The delivery mechanism CUPGM employs is the Revealing The Excellence Within (RTEW) At-Home Life-Skills Training Companion Bookset. RTEW uses the 12 Cornerstone Character Traits infused with NeuroCognitive Principles to develop and hone children ages 4-18 years old's ability to recognize and tactfully respond to dangerous and negative situations & confrontations. The real-in-life scenarios and exercises are presented in fun cool ways that kids and teens love—how can they not? RTEW allows them to engage in the Music and TV shows and Movies and Video Games and Internet & Social Media Platforms that they already love and engage on an average of 6-8 hours per day.

RTEW rewards, incentivizes and practically assures any child's completion of the fun & funny 8 day, 4-step “at-home” program by awarding a stylish Certificate Of Completion Diploma to showcase their accomplishment!

About School Shootings & Violence Against Youth In America

Source material on the alarming numbers of incidences: AHA, Kaiser Foundation, Law Enforcement Agencies, NCMEC, US DOJ, et al

About Climb Up Gear And Media (CUPGM)

CUPGM is committed to the Education, Empowerment And Safety Of Children & Teens Everywhere! CUPGM Materials, Merchandise & Programs are Cognitive Neuro Science Infused. CUPGM has been awarded, lauded and recognized for its innovative forward-thinking programs and materials for over 15 years from parents, students, schools, government officials and US Congress. CUPGM works with Schools, Parents, Safety Officers, Police Departments & Youth Groups.

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