FanRally Goes 'Live' with Ticketless Subscription Platform

Milwaukee Brewers, University of South Carolina, and Stanford University are first to use ticketless seat reservation privileges rather than tickets for events

FanRally’s subscription capabilities allow us to build membership programs that resonate with modern consumers.”

— Milwaukee Brewers VP of Business Analytics & Strategy, Sam Mahjub.

SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2021 / — San Francisco, September 20, 2021 – FanRally, a ground-breaking ticketless subscription software platform, went live last weekend, allowing fans to use its unique ticketless membership app to reserve their seats. Roughly 4,000 fans used the FanRally app to attend games over the weekend.

The FanRally platform enables teams to sell ticketless subscriptions that work a lot like a streaming service. Teams configure privilege tiers & members pay a monthly subscription fee based on the reservable seat quality, advance booking window, and the number of simultaneous reservations that can be held. Members then reserve specific seats via the FanRally app at events for no additional cost.

“With FanRally, we are developing a membership experience designed for the modern fan,” said University of South Carolina Chief Marketing Officer, Eric Nichols.

“Consumption is changing drastically and subscription usership models are winning across content categories,” said FanRally Founder and CEO and former Oakland A’s COO, Chris Giles. “Live events are the next subscription frontier and we’re providing teams with a turnkey solution”

“FanRally’s subscription capabilities allow us to build membership programs that resonate with modern consumers,” said Milwaukee Brewers VP of Business Analytics & Strategy, Sam Mahjub.

FanRally is a SAAS company and licenses its configurable membership platform to teams. With FanRally, teams and universities keep 100% of their subscription membership revenue.

“I’ve yet to talk to a team executive that is having any real success selling ticket bundles to modern consumers” continued Giles. “Based on current consumption trends, we expect ticketless subscription revenue to surpass season ticket revenue within the next 5 years and completely replace it within 10 years.”

The FanRally software platform offers:

• Fully customizable seat reservation privileges
• Ability to tier privileges based on access to games & seats, and advanced booking windows
• Fully automated subscription billing, dunning, and seat fulfillment
• Member seat selection with each reservation
• Member identity with every admission
• Robust team admin & reporting portal

About FanRally

FanRally is a ticketless subscription platform that utilizes member-exclusive seat reservation privileges rather than ticket bundles. In partnership with professional sports teams and university athletic departments, FanRally's software technology builds and launches subscription programs that resonate with modern consumers without alienating traditional season-ticket buyers. FanRally’s technology platform designed and operated exclusively by its engineers allow teams to retain full control of inventory, data, and revenues while optimizing their fans’ experience. For more information please go to:

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