Kids’ Creative Project, Winners 2021 Announced

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, September 20, 2021 / — SpecGraphixEDU, an innovative education start-up, has announced the winners of the first “Kids’ Creative Project Competition!” This annual event is a celebration of kids’ creativity. The first place winner receives $1,000, second place $600, and third place $400! Through this event, students’ are challenged to raise the creative bar for their work, find motivation in their inherent talent, and work hard toward mastering their field of interest.

SpecGraphixEDU has the Kids' Project Competition annually and you can enter too. Visit to learn more.

SGEDU Founder and CEO, Eric Cody Hansen, announced and congratulated the winners:
First Prize: 6th grader Jonathan Yeh for his Minecraft Architecture Project! Second Prize: 5th grader Sasha Levinson for her Graphic Design Project! Third Prize: Nathaniel Wholey for his Coding Project! There were a total of 106 entries covering architecture, business, coding, engineering, graphic design, photography, and video production. The judging of the projects was extremely competitive, and done by BU faculty members, independent of SGEDU.

Hansen, explained, “We were awarded #1 in the U.S. for Innovation 2020 and 2021 by Kidazzler. The Competition is a celebration of the creative potential of kids everywhere. All SGEDU students, ages 5-13, are invited to participate. We hope to raise awareness of the importance of creativity and creative thinking in the classroom and across the curriculum, and help raise the value of creativity in public schools.

The Competition judges were faculty members from the BU Wheelock School of Education, BU Questrom School of Business, BU College of Communication, BU College of Engineering, and BU College of Fine Arts. According to Peter Marton, Questrom School of Business, “The SGEDU students’ grasp of business concepts and the poise they demonstrated in their presentations were impressive, especially considering their ages.” Paul Schneider, Film & TV Department Chair, BU School of Communication says, “SGEDU students demonstrate a comprehensive level of industry knowledge that is unexpected from kids their age.”

SpecGraphixEDU is a Boston area education start-up by Founder and CEO, Eric Cody Hansen. Live after-school classes and live online classes are offered for kids ages 5-13. The SGEDU team has developed over two dozen classroom innovations in the form of software and pedagogy. Innovations include realistic CGI effects, an AI assistant tutor, and virtual reality. These affordable, creativity-based classes are changing the lives of thousands of students – with a staggering 86% return rate. Scholarships for low-income families are available. No wonder Startup BOSTON described SpecGraphixEDU as “Enabling creativity in the next generation of innovators.”
SpecGraphixEDU has the Kids' Project Competition annually and you can enter too. Visit to learn more.

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2021 $2,000 Kids’ Project Competition – SGEDU

Source: EIN Presswire