The Virtual Underground Railroad is a One Stop Shop for all things Crypto and will be the safest, largest Crypto Educational Platform in history



The Virtual Underground Railroad is a One Stop Shop for all things Crypto and will be the safest, largest Crypto Educational Platform in history

Najah Roberts, founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Crypto Blockchain Plug (CBP) ( the first African-American, woman-owned cryptocurrency (and one of the only brick-and mortar) lounge in the U.S. has launched the largest crypto education platform in history, the “The Virtual Underground Railroad.” This new platform aims to educate Black and Brown communities across the U.S. by sharing a wealth of information beginning with the foundation behind Bitcoin to how money is evolving. Najah will utilize her cryptocurrency expertise to educate and close the wealth gap that exists in our country.

The Virtual Underground Railroad platform will include education of NFT's, Mining cryptocurrencies, Altcoins, Exchanges, Wallets, Kids in Crypto, Crypto Taxes, Trading, Tokenization, Crypto Scam Awareness, The Metaverse, Jobs in the Crypto & Blockchain Space, Real Estate, Life Insurance, Traditional retirement accounts, Stocks & Bonds, Business Opportunities, The Buy Black Movement, Health & Wellness, and last, but not least, a community where everyone is learning and gaining financial freedom.

Najah founded CBP located at 614 E. Manchester Avenue, Inglewood, CA in 2018 and has been steadfastly teaching communities about cryptocurrency for many years. A staunch advocate for improving the financial welfare of black and brown communities, she is referred to as the "Harriet Tubman of Financial Services" because of her vow to lead her people out of Financial Slavery. Najah’s mission mirrors Harriet Tubman’s mission, but with a twist — "I have freed hundreds of financial slaves and I could have freed thousands more if only they knew they were financial slaves." -Najah Roberts

The Virtual Underground Railroad Community platform was created after Najah and her staff’s realization that the cryptocurrency education she was disseminating to the community was being pushed down in the algorithm and silenced on both her Instagram, Facebook accounts. She and her team determined to develop a method to control the education and own their own content by creating a “one stop shop” platform for communities.

Najah has dedicated her life to the Crypto Space and CPB. She is also Founder and Executive Director of Crypto Kids Camp, Co-Founder of The Black Wall Street Wallet alongside Actor Hill Harper, Co-Founder of C.E.N.T. TV (Crypto Entertainment News Television), Co-Founder of My Name Image & Likeness (NFT Project), Founder of Tha Bag™ (NFT Marketplace) and just inked a deal with Exposure TV for her own channel The Blk DeFi Network.

Without charging a single cent, Najah educates individuals and communities daily on “The Crypto Virgin Hour” with the Black Bitcoin Billionaires, the largest Bitcoin group on ClubHouse with over 125K listeners. Additionally, she engages communities through her podcast “Building SiliconHoods™” and facilitates monthly events: “Wine, Women & Crypto,” “Bitcoin Business Basics,” “Coin-O-Nomics,” “On the Block” and “Freedom Friday” on

The Virtual Underground Railroad is a ONE STOP SHOP for all things Crypto and promises to be the safest and largest crypto educational platform in history.


CBP is the first African American, woman-owned Cryptocurrency over-the-counter brick-and-mortar lounge in the country, and one of the only brick-and-mortar Cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. CBP has positioned itself to effect change and foster mass adoption in every area of the Crypto Space. They offer a 3,000 square ft Crypto/Blockchain shared workspace where courses are taught and events are hosted such as Wine, Women & Crypto, Crypto Trivia Night Game Show, Coin-O-Nomics, Bitcoin Business Basics, On the Block, Freedom Fridays, and a physical store called Bitcoin BuysRUS. Q1 or 2022 CBP is poised to open 33 new brick and mortar stores in Inner City locations across the United States.

CEO Najah Roberts is passionate about mass adoption and understands that it can only be done through education. She is an ambassador for the community, providing her guidance and expertise in person and virtually.
For additional information, visit For interviews with Najah Roberts, contact Queen Publicity at (310) 849-3820 or email

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Najah Roberts
Crypto Blockchain Plug
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INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY: a bilingual (French/English) program of excellence presented in an international environment

Open Mind Accelerated International Academy  logo

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2021 / — For more than two years, OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY has distinguished itself in the online school environment. Present on several continents — Europe, America (USA and CANADA), Asia, and Africa — the academy’s accelerated program has demonstrated true excellence.

Created by highly qualified teachers, OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY offers children from CP to Terminale the opportunity to follow the French national education program as well as the American or English program and more recently the international program (IP), in the form of modules. This structure allows each child to complete his or her education as desired and to prepare for important exams such as the brevet des collèges, the French baccalaureate, the OIB, and the IB. The teachers who deliver the course content are certified and agrégés, and they have proven experience in their programs, having taught in France and abroad.

Because its mission is to help each child reach his or her full potential, OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY has created small class sizes in which individualized instruction is possible. Its mission is also to train enlightened citizens capable of thinking, creating, and innovating in a globalized environment; therefore, OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY has developed unique and innovative modules with active and transdisciplinary pedagogies based on projects such as digital music, creative writing, code, or entrepreneurship. Our students have written several books, programmed video games, and created various companies which have won prizes in international competitions.

OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY members also have the opportunity to access webinars and workshops with leading professors (ENS, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc.), experts, Google engineers, theater directors, renowned artists, and digital and technological resources and tools that will prepare them to face the future with confidence.

If you're looking for an outstanding education for your children that will enable them to become the visionary leaders of tomorrow, OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY is the place to be.

To find out about the latest courses at OPEN MIND INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY, please visit its official website:

Jean Arnaud
Open Mind Accelerated International Academy
+44 7523022551

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Chula’s Newest School Becomes Thailand's First Educational Institute to Achieve ISO 56002 Certification

From left: Ms. Punnee Angsusingha, Professor Bundhit Eua-arporn, Professor Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, and Assoc Prof. Dr. Natcha Thawesaengskulthai

BANGKOK, THAILAND, October 31, 2021 / — Chulalongkorn School of Integrated Innovation (ScII) has achieved the prestigious ISO 56002 Certification, the first institution to do so in Thailand and perhaps the whole region. ISO’s elusive certification effectively recognizes our Innovation Management system along with the practices introduced by ScII, of which the Bachelor’s Degree of Arts and Science in Integrated Innovation (BAScii) has been the talk of the town since its inception three years ago as an academy for the future.

ScII was officially conferred this status on October 23, 2021, when Ms. Punnee Angsusingha, President of the Management System Certification Institute (MASCI), handed over the ISO 56002–2019 certificate to Professor Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, Executive Director of ScII at a ceremony witnessed by Professor Bundhit Eua-arporn, President of Chulalongkorn University.

“The ISO aligns flawlessly with our recently established School of Integrated Innovation as it sees a gap in the current education system and aims to be disruptive towards the traditional categories of disciplines by availing itself of its professors’ expertise and creativity and constantly seeking the attainment of collaborative partnerships with the growing community of ScII industry Partners,” Prof. Bundhit noted. “The ISO certificate recognizes the School’s accomplishment in fulfilling the requisite measures and acknowledges that we have progressed in the right direction, with the right approach and the right people,” he added.

Tracing ScII’s Journey to Achieving ISO 56002 Certification, Professor Worsak said: “ScII deployed five strategies to achieve this goal: creating market-ready innovations, focusing on digital technology and entrepreneurship as the core areas of its curriculum, equipping students with 21st-century skills, emphasizing internationality, and creating an open-platform ecosystem for collaborations.

An evaluation of our Information Management began more than a year ago, with the first evaluation being conducted in June 2020. Following this was the development of a Document Management System, culminating in its implementation in November 2021. The audit process began in December 2020 and concluded with verification by MASCI and finally the official award of the ISO 56002– 2019 certificate on 6th October 2021.

Dr. Natcha Thawesaengskulthai, Vice President for Strategic Planning, Innovation and Global Engagement at Chulalongkorn University, and Associate Professor Damron Thawesaengkulthai, who advised ScII during the entire ISO process attended the ceremony along with ScII staff and representatives of MASCI.

Despite this success, ScII's certification does not mean that its activities have been limited to the Innovation Management System since it also encompasses quality management, risk management, auditing management, and a collaboration with the Chulalongkorn University Intellectual Property Institute.

“Its success in achieving this landmark can be attributed in part to the fact that ScII focuses on providing its students with entrepreneurial mindsets and innovation development skills as well as digital and technological knowledge,” said Dr. Ronnakorn Vaiyavuth and Dr. Pakjira Leelertphan, who together managed the process on behalf of ScII.

“By establishing an innovation management system in accordance with ISO 56002–2019, ScII has demonstrated to its stakeholders that it has implemented a strategy for its sustainable long-term growth through innovation,” Prof. Worsak said. “By implementing this innovative management system, the School aims to achieve its goals in line with the University’s slogan Innovations for Society,” he added.

Bajinder Pal Singh
Chulalongkorn School of Integrated Innovation
+66 2218 3137

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Great New Cyber Bullying Book For Kids TO Teach about Bullying in a Fun Way

Great New Fun Book on Bullying With Fun Superhero Dog great for all kids 4-10 a must-read. Gail Morin who is the author is looking to partner with companies.

LOCUST GROVE, VA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2021 / — A new cyberbullying book super alert dog
adventures. A new author is coming out with new books to teach morals and about online cyberbullying.
Gail Morin is scheduling interviews on radio, tv, magazines as well as giving away free autograph copies.
This new book will be top-rated, and it is a fun picture book as well as very easy reading for the children.

Will change the whole cyber world helping kids understand the safety of online as well as cyberbullying.
With the increase in children at home due to covid and more on the computer, this book will help many
children and parents as well.

Gail Morin is looking to partner with different companies that can help bring awareness to cyberbullying and bullying.

Gail Morin
super alert dog
+1 540-732-0139
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Aventis Singapore unveils new logo and mission towards Empowering a Smarter Workforce

Award Winning Corporate Training Provider, Aventis Learning Group strives to empower A Smarter Workforce with launch of new services and rebranding.

SINGAPORE, October 30, 2021 / — Aventis Learning Group, a multi-award-winning corporate training solutions provider has rebranded its visual identity and mission to reflect a deep dedication to achieving customer success with advanced AI data-driven decisions. As the rate of digitalisation and business transformation continues to accelerate in today’s post-pandemic world, it provides a unique opportunity for Aventis’ branding to be synonymous with the catalyst to Empowering a Smarter Workforce. The bold and forward-looking brand identity aims to reflect on their position as a modern and future-focused corporate training solutions provider, responding to the rapid changes and the growing demand for cutting edge corporate training solutions.

Empowering a Smarter Workforce

Aventis’ rebranded corporate identity supports the vision to be the World’s Most Customer-Centric Workplace Solutions Provider that helps companies to Empower a Smarter Workforce. As an esteemed corporate training solutions provider that promotes lifelong learning and digital transformation, their revised branding epitomises this.

Aventis’ new logo evokes a feeling of inspiration and forward-lookingness. The upward-pointing lines signify movement, positivity, speed, and velocity. The two pillars at the sides converge as the ‘A’ symbolises the two core pillars of Aventis which are the corporate training and higher education arms respectively. The two pillars can also be interpreted as the road leading to new horizons. The inverted triangle represents the focus to leverage on AI technology to enhance their training delivery and customer experience. Ultimately, Aventis will be focused on data-driven decisions to achieve customer success.

“Moving forward, we aim to offer exciting in-demand courses and workplace solutions to help our corporate clients to transform their business to a greater height. Our brand relaunch represents the natural evolution of the transformation process.” shared Aventis Learning Group’s PR Manager, Ms Lim Chye Fen.

“Our new identity is designed to be innovative, modern, and professional which are aligned to the corporate solutions we provide companies and clients who are seeking holistic workplace solutions and corporate training requirements. While our brand name remains the same, our logo has transformed significantly to better represent us as a holistic Workplace Solution provider. We will be extending our greatest support to our clients to aid them in their organisation’s training and development, and that’s our promise to our clients.” added Ms Lim.

Leading Corporate Training Provider in Singapore

The new corporate brand strategy elevates the Aventis’ corporate identity and supports its rapid growth as a leading training solutions provider in Asia. It’s imperative for Aventis to reflect and promote their company for the tremendous values they offer. They have grown their business significantly over the last few years with greater demand for upskilling and customised training solutions. This, coupled with the launch of several new initiatives including their highly popular webinars, podcasts, and a microlearning platform that has helped to reach a significant milestone of 60,000 learners across Asia.

The rebrand solidifies Aventis position as an industry leader, offering innovative training solutions and unparalleled client service and customer success. In conjunction with their new brand identity, Aventis Learning Group also refreshed their slogan to reflect on their new focus ahead, to Empower a Smarter Workforce. The launch of the new logo and slogan builds upon Aventis’ existing branding with an improved identity that reflects Aventis focus as a modern training solutions provider for the future.

AI Powered Course Recommendation and Training Solution

Aventis is also proud to announce the launch of its latest services, IBM Watson Powered AI Course Recommendation and Training Management System (TMS) which will greatly improve the productivity of their clients. Leveraging on IBM latest Deep Learning and NLP Technology, the system will provide highly accurate course recommendations for learners. The TMS automated workflow will enable HR and Training Administrators to easily register and retrieve any training records by streamlining and automating the entire training administration process.

About Aventis Learning Group

Aventis Learning Group is a multi-award-winning corporate training provider in Asia. Aventis Learning Group is part of Aventis School of Management, a leading graduate school that offers graduate diploma and masters degree programme in partnership with renowned Universities partners from UK and USA. Established since 2008, Aventis has a successful track record of over 60,000 learners across Asia.

For more information, please visit:
Aventis Learning Group
Aventis School of Management

Ms Lim Chye Fen, PR & Marketing Manager
Aventis Learning Group
+65 6720 3333

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NOVA, an Avatar-Based Educational Platform, Brings Education Up-to-Date in a Digital World

The learning platform was created to help further engage students and educators in a more personalized and immersive virtual world.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2021 / — NOVA, an avatar-based educational platform, is pleased to announce it has designed a platform to reignite the passion for education and bring it up-to-date with the digital world.

NOVA, the metaverse edTech solution, offers a new era of education and more personalized learning with 3D, game-like, immersive classes, complimentary AI avatars, and support for live teachers. NOVA’s mission is to get students excited and motivated about education once again and build the world’s first metaschool.

“The virtual classes that take place nowadays in a boring Zoom environment will be replaced by a new world of immersive learning and entertainment,” says founder Jean Arnaud. “One of the problems with mass education today is a lack of personalization. For a student, entering into a NOVA classroom will be like stepping into Narnia from the comfort of their own space. The AI avatars will support students during their studies and real teachers will have expanded possibilities with digital tools that make each class a unique experience. Students will move through the 3D environments as avatars and interact with each other and their teachers, despite being miles away in real life. NOVA is full of endless possibilities with students being able to create a new world with the power of thought and their own creativity.”

NOVA’s founding team is Jean Arnaud, Michaela Jamelska, and Patricia Jamelska—serial entrepreneurs and industry professionals who are building the educational platform of the future. According to NOVA’s founders, many EdTech startups’ pitfalls lay in their lack of both real-life understanding of the educational industry and teaching expertise. While they may have top-notch engineers, industry expertise is what makes a difference. The NOVA team is developing a product that targets the real problems in education.

“Our implementation strategy relies not only on the innovative capabilities of the software platform but equally on our valuable front-row experiences and the lessons we’ve learned in the industry,” states Michaela. “The world is facing what the World Bank has called the “worst education crisis in a century,” in that younger generations are progressively losing interest in education. What’s more, the education industry is lagging behind other sectors in many aspects of innovation, although education is undoubtedly a key driver for future innovation.”

“Having large numbers of students in their classes and few digital tools to utilize makes it difficult for teachers to ensure that all students can reach their potential” Patricia says. “COVID-19 uncovered the current educational system’s several weaknesses, and our unpreparedness, as well as our educational faculty and staff’s lack of skills in working with digital tools. This resulted in failure to track homework and effectively adjust to the new normal. This time, a virus disrupted school life, but we need to rethink our preparedness in light of climate change threats and the fast deployment of technologies as well. Next time, we must be ready.”

For more information about NOVA, please visit

About NOVA

NOVA is an avatar educational platform designed specifically for virtual classes. The platform delivers personalized and immersive education to students from around the world and was founded by Jean Arnaud, Michaela Jamelska, and Patricia Jamelska, three individuals who are devoutly passionate about global education systems.

Contact Information

Michaela Jamelska

Jean Arnaud
+1 617-997-8971

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New Storybook Provides Cautionary Tale to Families Distracted by Tech Devices

Best-Selling Author Peter H. Reynolds Holds His New OUR TABLE Storybook.

Best-Selling Author Peter H. Reynolds Holds His New Storybook OUR TABLE.

Cover of Peter H. Reynolds' new book Our Table, A Fable About Putting Devices Down and Reconnecting Person-to-Person

OUR TABLE by Peter H. Reynolds Has Already Several Starred Reviews by Industry Reviewers

Peter Reynolds' book entitled OUR TABLE sits next to mini yellow table, featured in book

Reynolds’ book OUR TABLE features a family’s dinner table that shrinks the more they’re on their devices.

Best-Selling Author/Illustrator Peter H. Reynolds Launches New Picture Book, OUR TABLE, Fable That Reminds Us to Put Down Our Devices and Celebrate Togetherness

You can read this picture book as a parable for our times, when electronic devices that supposedly connect people actually isolate them. A reminder of what really matters.”

— Booklist Review

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2021 / — New York Times best-selling author/illustrator Peter H. Reynolds is celebrating the release of a brand new picture book for all ages called OUR TABLE, a modern fable about a creative little girl who brings her family back to the table to celebrate togetherness – despite the distractions of technology all around them.

OUR TABLE encourages readers to rediscover and reevaluate what matters most, sharing time together in person – without technology devices. The main character Violet longs for the time when her family was connected: before life, distractions, and technology pulled them all away from each other. They used to gather at the table, with food and love, to make memories, share their lives, and revel in time spent together. But now her family has been drifting apart, and with nobody to gather around it, the table grows smaller and smaller. And so, Violet comes up with a very creative solution to bring her family back to the table to celebrate the best kind of connectivity – the human kind.

Reynolds explains, “I wrote OUR TABLE as a fable for all ages as a reminder to give our devices a rest and see that connecting to the Internet is not nearly as powerful as connecting with the humans around us.”

OUR TABLE has already been acclaimed by the publishing industry’s top reviewers. Kirkus Reviews, one of the industry’s leading critics, awarded the book a prestigious starred review, noting, "In Reynolds’ established tradition, this story is simple and full of heart, celebrating the wonder and possibility of being human and being in relationship… Sweet and timely for today’s families."

OUR TABLE scored another sought-after starred review from the American Library Association’s Booklist Magazine, one of the country’s most authoritative book reviewers. Booklist shared, “You can read this picture book as a parable for our times, when electronic devices that supposedly connect people actually isolate them. Reynolds tells the story simply and illustrates it expressively . . . A reminder of what really matters.”

Reynolds is the author/illustrator of many bestselling and award-winning picture books, including THE WORD COLLECTOR, HAPPY DREAMER, BE YOU, THE DOT, GOING PLACES, and THE NORTH STAR, as well as illustrator of the JUDY MOODY & STINK series. He lives in Dedham, Massachusetts, where he has owned and operated the award-winning Blue Bunny bookshop & espresso bar for the past eighteen years.

The book is now available at all major online and bricks-and-mortar retailers. First edition, signed copies of OUR TABLE can be ordered through Reynolds' online shop:

Paul Reynolds
FableVision, Inc.
+1 617-610-5801
Visit us on social media:

Trailer Preview of Our Table Storybook by Peter H. Reynolds

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‘Slide into Wellness’ with Microbe Formulas and Boise Hawks Baseball

Microbe Formulas: Meridian, Idaho

Meridian Health Company Wraps Up Sponsorship with the Boise Hawks Baseball Team

As an athlete or a person looking for a little bit of a boost, I think these products are effective for energy and recovery.”

— Zach Penrod – Boise Hawks Catcher

MERIDIAN, ID, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2021 / — May 2021 kicked off the successful partnership between Microbe Formulas and the Boise Hawks baseball team. The partnership began with a private presentation from Microbe Formulas co-founder, Dr. Todd Watts, directly to the 25 members of the baseball team.

Along with the education, Dr. Todd gave each player a complementary kit of three Microbe health products: BioActive Carbon Minerals, BioMolecular Oxygen, and MitoRestore. Players, coaches, and managers were encouraged to take these three products throughout the season and report back how they felt.

While talking with the players, Dr. Watts shares, “Cell health plays an important role in everything the body does, especially energy production. Because of this, the cellular level support that these products offer can help a wide spectrum of people — from the average baseball fan wanting to fight common fatigue to the players on the field wanting to naturally promote their body’s performance.”

Boise Hawks catcher, Miles Harris, says, “This season we got to try out Microbe Formulas products. Having energy day in and day out is one of the most important things to performing well and having a winning season. Recovering is the name of the game. The better you can recover, the better you can play the next day. MitoRestore is something that any athlete can benefit from.”

Zach Penrod, Boise Hawks pitcher, shares, “As a starting pitcher, you throw once a week and spend the rest of the week recovering so you can feel as good as you can. Using Microbe Formulas products really helped me out. As an athlete or a person looking for a little bit of a boost, I think these products are effective for energy and recovery.”

In the Treasure Valley, Microbe Formulas is known for their quirky, yet educational “Yay! I Pooped Today” billboard campaign to promote gut health. Microbe continued that message at the Hawks’ Memorial Stadium with bathroom doors that read, “Slide into wellness with a big league poo!” Microbe Formulas and the Boise Hawks partnered together throughout the season to promote wellness to the local community.

To learn more about the Boise Hawks baseball players’ experiences with Microbe Formulas products, watch their end of season interviews here.

About Microbe Formulas: Microbe Formulas is a wellness company that believes a “healthy microbiome is a healthy you.” This starts with opening drainage pathways, supporting energy at the mitochondrial level, and detoxing unwanted substances. Their core values are front and center in the company mission: “Creating solutions that work is what we do. Restoring hope and health is who we are.”

For additional information, please contact Caylie Shelton, Public Relations Manager for Microbe Formulas, at

Caylie Shelton
Microbe Formulas
email us here

Boise Hawks Season Highlight

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Cómo contar historias sensibles o polémicas en cine

La cineasta Terri Thrush dio recomendaciones para escribir un guión sobre temas sobe violencia, acoso y violaciones a los derechos humanos.

“Se debe pensar a quién afectará lo que haces y si será positivo o negativo”, indicó la directora, productora y guionista independiente”

— Terri Thrush

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, ESTADOS UNIDOS, October 29, 2021 / — Hablar en cine o televisión de casos verdaderos de violencia de género, de abuso, de violaciones a los derechos humanos, de crímenes que aún no se han juzgado, puede generar impacto en quienes se encuentran involucrados e incluso en quienes miran la producción. Es por ello que se deben tener en cuenta ciertas recomendaciones para evitar inconvenientes y construir un contenido exitoso, que lleve el mensaje que se quiere transmitir.

Uno de los pasos a realizar durante todo el proceso de desarrollo de un guión es la consulta con abogados. Obtener asesoramiento será clave para conocer las posibles consecuencias que existan una vez se publique el material. También debe analizarse la situación judicial, si existiera una investigación abierta, ya que muchas veces los casos están en la Corte y la información es confidencial.

“No puedes tomar pasos previos sin tener consideración de las consecuencias, todo lo que haces como cineasta las tiene. Se debe pensar a quién afectará lo que haces y si será positivo o negativo”, indicó la directora, productora y guionista independiente, Terri Thrush.

La especialista remarcó que los encargados de desarrollar una producción en torno a estas temáticas tienen que asumir toda la responsabilidad, tomar decisiones y acatar si hay consecuencias. Igualmente, manifestó cuál es la principal recomendación en estas situaciones: “Contar la verdadera historia”.

Para Thrush, es fundamental no tener ningún tipo de reserva a la hora de contar historias con problemáticas sensibles como pueden ser casos de violencia o violación a los derechos humanos. Investigar y dar los detalles tal cual ocurrieron los hechos, aconsejó la cineasta.

“Una historia puede ser impactante o no, pero lo importante es cuando viene de un lugar auténtico y genuino”, resumió al asegurar que cuando se trata de una situación que pasa en la realidad, tiene que darse a conocer.

Georgina Damian
+507 6104-1631
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Abyssinian Development Corporation & Goddard Riverside Chosen As NYJL’s 2021–2022 Community Improvement Project Sites


Abyssinian Development Corporation And Goddard Riverside Chosen As New York Junior League’s 2021–2022 Community Improvement Project Sites

We faced the COVID-19 pandemic head on, and swiftly adapted our programming and continued providing volunteer power to address the evolving needs of our community partners.”

— NYJL President, Dayna Barlow Cassidy

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 29, 2021 / — The New York Junior League’s (NYJL) Community Improvement Project has selected the Abyssinian Development Corporation and Goddard Riverside as its 2021–2022 community partners. The Community Improvement Project (CIP) creates a one-year partnership with a selected organization to increase the organization’s community impact. This year’s CIP partners will receive $60,000 in supplies and in-kind services for capital improvements and a trained team of volunteers to complete the project.

“We faced the COVID-19 pandemic head on, and swiftly adapted our programming and continued providing volunteer power to address the evolving needs of our community partners,” said NYJL President Dayna Barlow Cassidy. “We saw great need in the applications received through our Community Improvement Project (CIP) and discovered an opportunity to address the needs of more than one partner and impact the lives of more individuals during this time, when so many are facing great challenges. We are proud to partner with Abyssinian Development Corporation and Goddard Riverside for our 2021–2022 Community Improvement Project.”

Abyssinian Towers, located in Central Harlem, is a 99-unit residential community of the Abyssinian Development Corporation (ADC) that offers affordable, low-income housing to more than 100 seniors and people with disabilities. The NYJL will renovate the first-floor Community Room, which brings residents together to help relieve feelings of isolation and loneliness exacerbated by the pandemic. Reinvigorating the space will support additional community events, training workshops, and seminars for residents.

Located at West 140th Street in Central Harlem, Goddard Riverside’s 48-unit housing development provides safe, affordable housing to individuals who previously experienced homelessness. The housing development’s Resource Center provides legal assistance, financial counseling, and mental health services to the community. NYJL volunteers will renovate this large community space and outdoor patio used by residents for recreation, tenant meetings, and wellness.

About Abyssinian Development Corporation:
Founded in 1989, the Abyssinian Development Corporation (ADC) is a nationally recognized nonprofit community development corporation dedicated to building the Harlem community. Through its initiatives, the ADC has developed and preserved over 1,000+ affordable housing units, and served more than 1,000 public school students in Harlem from kindergarten through 12th grade. Services provided include affordable housing, human services, and educational opportunities for youth.

About Goddard Riverside:
Founded in 1959 after the merging of the historic Riverside Community House and Goddard Neighborhood Center, Goddard Riverside is a multi-service, community-based organization serving more than 22,000 people annually across their 22 locations in NYC. Their programs are dedicated to developing people to their fullest potential by offering early childhood education, tutoring, housing, legal assistance, and social support services to low-income individuals or individuals with mental illness. They strive to create a fair and just society where all people have the opportunity to make choices leading to better lives for themselves and their families.

About the New York Junior League:
The New York Junior League (NYJL) is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Alanna Savage
New York Junior League
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