Master's Ranch Christian Academy Reorganizes

Master's Ranch Christian Academy is a young men's residential care facility

Master’s Ranch Christian Academy is a young men’s residential care facility

Master's Ranch Christian Academy Reorganized

MYRTLE, MISSOURI, USA, October 26, 2021 / — Master's Ranch Christian Academic Forms 501-c 3 Non-Profit — And Selects New Board of Directors

Master's Ranch Christian Academy (MRCA) is a young men's residential care facility in Couch, MO. Recently, the organization's founder, Pastor David Bosley, retired. MRCA has since reorganized and changed its organizational structure. As of September 30, 2021, Master's Ranch Christian Academy has closed its former affiliations and associations with its past ministry and is now a newly registered Missouri non-profit organization. 

MRCA's New Tax-Exempt Status: More Funding for the Mission
Master's Ranch Christian Academy's tax-exempt status means that every dollar provided through tuition and donations contributes to the well-being of students, rather than being set aside for taxes. At MRCA, young men don't just get to experience a stellar academic curriculum — they also receive ongoing guidance and mentoring, helping them to correct issues they've had in the past. MRCA teaches young men to put faith in God while working to develop authentic, honest lives while reaping the rewards of hard work. 

Support To Help At-Risk Kids Grow and Thrive
For many young MRCA residents, the family-style ranch setting of the Academy offers a welcome respite from the stressors and pressures of day-to-day life. Many of the residents at MRCA have spent years working to overcome behavioral, academic, and social issues without success. Most at-risk kids at Master's Ranch Christian Academy have been diagnosed with psychological and behavioral issues that may have made it hard for them to succeed in a traditional school environment. At MRCA, young men get the attention and help that they need to thrive, no matter what their past. 

New Board of Directors at Master's Ranch Christian Academy
MRCA's reorganization and restructuring mean that the Academy has now adopted a new governing structure. MRCA will now operate by and through the informed consent of the Board of Directors. 

Members of the new Board of Directors at Master's Ranch Christian Academy include:

Adam Walters, President
William Dunleavy
Jerod Vernon, Secretary and Treasurer
Betty Bosley, Member at Large
Billy Edwards, Member at Large
Mission-Focused Work

While the structure and organization of MRCA are changing, its purpose remains the same: to provide at-risk kids with the counseling, support, faith, and structure that they need to overcome obstacles and fulfill their potential. More than 50% of at-risk kids at Master's Ranch Christian Academy were adopted, and are working through issues rooted deeply in their childhood. Master's Ranch Christian Academy understands the challenges its residents are up against — and MRCA staff members are ready and willing to put in the time and effort necessary to help residents overcome roadblocks and develop successful, productive, fulfilling lives. 

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Master’s Ranch Christian Academy
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