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Wedaapeople is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping educate black youth. The mission of the organization is to give educational and community outreach services to less fortunate, disenfranchised and otherwise neglected communities across the country in America while providing safety within the comforts of people’s homes.

A sister organisation to Wedaapeople is the little league. Their main mission is to teach black and brown youth special skills that will empower their communities and it is open to youth between the ages of 11-18. The organization is an excellent way for youths to get the ‘Real Black History’. Their curriculum includes; African American history, activism, advocacy, physical health, politics, mental health, feminism, leadership and so forth.

Elayjiah, the founder and president of Wedaapeople said, “My journey started off as a 12-year-old Girl Scout who learned how to organize events and loved giving back to her community. I grew up with a big family, and the kind of urban neighborhood presence you only see in movies.” She also said “Culture and identity have always been an interest of mine. Within my journey I've been able to discover who I am in all aspects of life; with the guidance of the people, I love. I started this nonprofit because of the deep love I have for not only my roots but the community that raised me. I want children to enjoy the fruitfulness of life the same way I did.”

Wedaapeople is very active in educating youths on real black history and revolution, capitalism, and other topics that are not taught in the American education system. Everyone who stands in solidarity with them to create social change is welcome. Their recent hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are #Wedapeople, #Freedablock, and #FixTheHood. The #FixTheHood educate kids on black history, how to be successful and survive police encounters and the #Wedapeople has 5.6millon views on TikTok and it featured a duet with American singer, Lizzo. Mark Ruffalo from the marvel movies also retweeted and posted about them on his Instagram story. Their activities also involve a tour to visit poor black neighborhoods in the United States of America to fix the communities and educate kids on black history.

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