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Technology shouldn't just be a gimmick to motivate learning. It should open a whole new world of possibilities for learning.

SINGAPORE, October 27, 2021 / — "Technology shouldn't just be a gimmick to motivate learning. It should open a whole new world of possibilities for learning."

COVID-19 challenged several industries to go virtual, and most of them did make the transition. For a few industries, it was a hassle migrating from the traditional style of work to the digital way of work. Board-room meetings now being Zoom and Team meets, product demos being done the online way instead of direct meets and so on. Depending on the type of industry, the work style varies. If there's one industry that has seen a massive change in its style of functioning, it should be the Education industry. And now, children who have been embracing a digital lifestyle for a long time now, have quickly adapted to the online modes of learning.

In Singapore, since the outbreak of COVID-19, online education has taken a centre stage and has opened up new possibilities for teaching and learning.

Even though there are countless benefits associated with online learning, some people aren't fully satisfied with online learning. So, it's important that we discuss some common myths associated with online learning.

Exposing the common myths of online learning

Online learning is less effective than traditional education
This is the most common myth associated with online learning. But, a lot has changed in recent years. Advanced online learning platforms along with intuitive tools, experienced trainers and effective means of assessments have been able to deliver a great learning experience for students. "Convenience" is one of the main reasons why the majority of people prefer the online mode of learning and work. When children can learn at their own convenience, it will positively influence the way of learning for children.

Classroom learning helps in the instant clearing of doubts

There was a time when online learning wasn't considered a less effective way of learning just because students weren't able to interact with the teachers and clear their doubts then and there. But, things have changed ever since. Students are able to interact with their staff through WhatsApp and dedicated chat options that are part of the online learning platform.

Teachers won't be able to monitor their students effectively

Individualised attention is a term used by some to credit classroom learning as one of the better learning options when compared to online learning. However, online learning platforms have become so advanced that personalised attention to students is easily possible. Providing individual login to each student, monitoring their progress, checking the assessment performance and a lot of other features have made online learning a great source of understanding students better and offering them personalised assistance. Parents can also log in to the portal to check their child's performance and contact the teacher if required.

Advantages of online tuition

Online learning provides opportunities for students of all ages to learn anywhere-anytime.
Online learning is less expensive than in-person learning as there is no need to travel.
Students acquire computer-mediated communication skills through online learning.
Parents also benefit from online education. With most jobs going WFH, parents can spend a lot of time with children, and monitor their learning.

Online education allows parents to manage health concerns for kids with medical needs or disabilities without disrupting learning.

The 88tuition way

Founded in 2018, 88tuition has been a leader in the transformation of the educational landscape in Singapore. It was set up with the social objective of providing top-quality video-based education to all students in Singapore. The student base has seen exponential growth ever since its existence and has been offering online tuition at very affordable rates.

What makes 88tuition different and special? 88tuition provides students with a highly interactive and user-friendly online learning platform. Students can learn all their subjects, clear doubts, take up assessments and monitor their performance – all from the convenience of their homes. Parents can monitor the performance of their children by checking the student portal. 88tuition has over 7,500 videos, 4,500 assessments, and 35,000 questions, and has the nation's best teachers who tailor the program to the student’s needs.

Now, a platform that offers so much should also be high on the cost front, right?

Well, no!

Starting at just $9 per month per subject, 88tuition provides students with a comprehensive learning solution.

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