Anishka Verma's Book is Honored at the San Francisco Book Festival

How to Become a Better Writer Kindle Version

How to Become a Better Writer Kindle Version

"How to Become a Better Writer", a best-selling book by the high-schooler, is crowned runners-up at the San Francisco Book Festival

Anishka Verma has written a compelling, well-articulated, and thorough manual for English students everywhere. As a high schooler herself, Verma's voice is both authentic and relevant.”

— Susanna Emerson Ryan, High School English Teacher

SARATOGA, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 31, 2021 / — "How to Become a Better Writer: A Friendly Guide to Ace Middle and High School English", a book by Anishka Verma, recently won the runners-up award at San Francisco Book Festival. The book won the prestigious award in the "Young Adult" category beating dozens of other nominations.

San Francisco Book Festival announced the winners on its website recently.

The book was published earlier this year by Verma who was then a sophomore at Saratoga High School, CA. The book has also won honorable mentions at New York, Southern California, and Hollywood Book Festivals.

The book made the best-seller list on in its category earlier this year within a few weeks of being published.

Whether you are trying to improve your school English grades, make a lasting impression through your writing, or write application essays that the college admission offices will sit up and take notice of – this book is for you. The book starts with key fundamentals that are pivotal – 3 key principles of writing, followed by 13 easy-to-implement tips that will help make your writing stand out. The book then moves on to developing your writing style, helping it become more distinct. The final part of the book teaches you how to write stories and essays, two fundamentals that you will need to master as you embark on your academic journey. Finally, to wrap it all up, the book enters the home stretch with editing. Even the best writing can look average if not edited for content, flow, punctuation, and grammar. Multiple examples are included in each chapter.

Anishka Verma, who struggled with English in general and writing in particular during elementary and early middle school years, wrote the book to help others who are struggling with similar challenges. In her own words – "Whether you are struggling and are getting Cs and Ds or are already an A- student and looking for that extra bit of guidance to jump over to an A, this book is for you."

The book is currently available for sale on both in paperback and Kindle versions.

About Anishka Verma:

Anishka Verma is a Junior at Saratoga High School, CA. She is the author of the book "How to Become a Better Writer" and Founder of "WritingBud", a company aiming to help students get better at writing and improving their English grades.

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