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Applying to college can go more smoothly with the help of a college admissions consultant or counselor. helps students with the right questions to ask any admissions counselor…

GEORGETOWN, KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2021 / — The start of the holidays signals more than turkey dinners and gift-giving—it’s college application season too. And more students and their families are turning to college admissions consulting agencies and counselors for help navigating the application process and optimizing applications for maximum appeal to admissions officers.

College admissions consulting expert Neil Chyten, founder and CEO of NC Global Education, has partnered with to help students and their families ask the right questions of college admissions consultants and counselors:

5 Questions You Should Ask College Admissions Counselors

Answers cover such needs as personal attention, specialized services, counselor skills and experience, cost, and the admissions track record of past clients.

Because more students are turning to college admissions experts for help in the college admissions and application process, the number of agencies and individual counselors has skyrocketed. To assist students and their families in finding a good match, created an online directory of college admissions consulting agencies and counselors.

“Like a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates, college admission counselors come in a wide variety of flavors—not every counselor is right for every family,” says Chyten. He offers additional clarity on what to consider when choosing an admissions consultant: “Some counselors are focused on access, which roughly translates into getting into any college that will take them and that a family can afford. Other counselors focus exclusively on the essay, either editing or writing original essays for students. Some counselors charge for a set number of hours, and others charge by the number of colleges or services they provide. Some counselors specialize in regional colleges, and others have a more national or international focus. There are counselors whose expertise is in locating scholarships, and others who focus on gap years.”

In addition to informative articles like this one, students will find free tools and resources at that can make the college preparation, selection, and admissions process easier:

• Custom College Rankings—create custom school rankings through multiple selectable filter criteria personalized to a student’s needs
• College Admissions Consultants Directory—find state-based listings of admissions consulting agencies and counselors who can help students get into a choice school
• Desirability Index—show the degree to which students choose one school over another
• College Strategist—find a student’s optimum target, safety, and reach schools
• Interviews—hear insights from top education journalists covering admissions and get admissions tips from experts

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