Dike Ajiri Promotes Racial Equality: A Necessity For All American University Students

Dike Ajiri

Dike Ajiri

Dike Ajiri Speaks About His Scholarship for Racial Equality During A Meeting With Staff In His Office

URBANDALE, IOWA, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Everyone deserves equal treatment. Also, everyone deserves equal economic power while in school. But at times, racism can deny one an opportunity of experiencing equal opportunity being a student in a University. Dike Ajiri is aware of this challenge and decided to do something. He has announced support for college students and high school students planning to enter a university. The successful business owner and entrepreneur announced his commitment to ensuring racial equality among American Students through a scholarship award.

"We are doing our best to ensure racial equality in America. Inequality among people affects the students more, so we have decided to fill the gap through the ongoing scholarship. To apply to Dike's annual scholarship, you must either be a student at a university in the United States or a high school student aspiring to enter University. There are certain criteria for eligibility. The scholarship fund is for a student that provides the best and most persuasive original essay on our chosen topic. The creative essay must be a minimum of 1000 words, and participants can check the official site for updated information," said Dike Ajiri.

"Racial equality is the right of every American Citizen. That is what we are here to assure through an annual scholarship fund to university students. The stated amount for the award may not be big but can take care of major academic expenses of undergraduate students. In addition, the deadline for the application is on February 15, 2022. So, the winner of the essay writing competition will get the award by March 15, 2022. The application is simple. Applicants are to provide their bio alongside their creative essay writing. These pieces of information are to be sent to dike@dikeajirischolarship.com," added the CEO.

The meeting has in attendance many people from all walks of life. One of Dike Ajiri’s employees said, "We are committed to ensuring fair and healthy competition among the students. Those ready to be part of this creative writing contest to enter for a chance at the scholarship award should submit their writing without wasting time."

Members of the meeting were happy after hearing from Dike and his team. A happy participant said, "I am glad about the scholarship award. The announcement came at the right time, and anyone interested in taking advantage of this scholarship award can go ahead and apply now.”

Dike Ajiri is a prolific and successful business owner in the United States. He has been able to create many successful businesses over the years. After experiencing racial disparity in universities firsthand, Dike has decided to help students facing the same time with the annual scholarship award. To learn more about the scholarship, check the Dike Ajiri Scholarship official page.


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Dike Ajiri
Dike Ajiri
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