Human Rights Center Takes a Stand Against Bullying in the Clearwater and Tampa Bay Area

Before the pandemic, the United for Human Rights (UHR) Florida chapter regularly delivered human rights education and instructor training seminars at its center in downtown Clearwater using its own educational materials. To continue educating the communit

United for Human Rights' Florida chapter is educating hundreds of youth and adults on human rights in order to stop bullying and other human rights violations.

Regardless of what makes someone different from others, they have the right to exist and not be bullied.”

— Christopher King, president, United for Human Rights Florida

CLEARWATER, FL, USA, November 9, 2021 / — During National Bullying Awareness Month in October, United for Human Rights (UHR) Florida and participating volunteers and teachers educated over 350 youth and adults through seminars using its free educational materials. Christopher King, the president of UHR Florida, said that one month is never enough. “The future is based on what kids learn now. Not something they learn ten or fifteen years from now or once a month. Bullying in schools is a very well-known issue, but it has been a problem since I was in school. It will only be improved upon by educating everyone about their human rights in schools and at home.”

The Centers for Disease Control's most recent report on bullying reveals that 17.8 percent of Floridian female students and 12 percent of male students, from grades 9 to 12, were bullied at school.

King, who has personally educated tens of thousands of youth and adults on their 30 human rights laid out in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, said his primary question for students is if they were ever bullied before. Dozens of hands are raised each time. “Bullying prevention starts at home and it starts with parents being involved in kids’ choices.” To get everyone talking about school bullying and their 30 inalienable rights at home, UHR Florida will be holding a virtual human rights educator training on Sunday, November 21 at 3 p.m., where individuals can learn how to talk about human rights in a public setting, how to teach human rights using UHR’s free educational booklets and materials and tips on general public speaking.

UHR Florida, whose headquarters is in Clearwater, Florida, announced the seminar is open to anyone wanting to make a difference in their community. “Regardless of what makes someone different from others, they have the right to exist and not be bullied,” said King. “We change our youth. They change our future.”

About United for Human Rights:

United for Human Rights is an international non-profit, non-religious educational program based off of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Its purpose is to teach youth their human rights to create valuable advocates for tolerance and peace. United for Human Rights is one of eight humanitarian programs the Church of Scientology supports. It was Scientology Founder, L. Ron Hubbard who said, “Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.” This is why the Church sponsors UHR, although UHR remains non-religious in nature and content.

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