SGC Ventures Disrupts the Venture Ecosystem with its Newly Launched Venture Studio Model

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The venture studio model gives entrepreneurs additional support beyond finances to bolster their success

SGC Ventures' Venture Studio seeks to transform the venture ecosystem by giving founders the 360-degree support they need to bring their ideas to life from seed to scale.”

— Sheriff Olujide

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK, November 10, 2021 / — Given that an estimated 90% of start-ups fail, many entrepreneurs and business advisories are left wondering if traditional models of the venture ecosystem are obsolete. This conventional model of accelerators and incubators tends to reward aspiring entrepreneurs for their next big ideas with the capital they need to launch and scale. But given the failure rates of these enterprises, some advisories are now changing the way they work with clients to give founders additional support to succeed.

One such group that is disrupting the traditional venture ecosystem is SGC Ventures. The London-based firm works with underrepresented founders to match them to the resources they need to validate, build, scale, and launch worldwide. Instead of simply giving start-up founders funds to bring their ideas to life, SGC Ventures provides them with a full suite of services designed to help entrepreneurs through the entire start-up lifecycle from concept to launch and beyond through its Venture Studio.

The Venture Studio is a more comprehensive approach to working with entrepreneurs than accelerators and incubators provide. And by leveraging this approach, SGC Ventures hopes to create a tidal wave of successful underrepresented start-ups and drastically change the pre-seed funding and ideas validations stages of a business’ launch.

Through its Venture Studio, SGC Ventures supports founders end-to-end. They work alongside founders to develop winning start-up concepts, build the foundations of their businesses, launch, and scale. Throughout this process, SGC Ventures pairs founders with experts in whatever stage they are currently in. This includes experts in business strategy, financial compliance, business development, software development, marketing, and more. SGC Ventures also offers pre-seed funding in addition to securing venture capitalists who can fund the projects following the pre-seed stage.

Founders participating in the Venture Studio also gain access to developers and experts who can assist them with creating a wide variety of products that can help them launch and scale. Current tech projects the team is helping build include a student talent marketplace, a crypto OTC platform, online and offline payment platforms, an NFT marketplace, a multi-service marketplace, and more.

With its more hands-on approach to entrepreneurship, SGC Ventures' Venture Studio lowers the threshold for aspiring entrepreneurs by giving more start-up founders access to critical human, educational, and financial resources to bring their visions to life and launch and scale them successfully. For founders who have great ideas but need the added support to bring their ideas to fruition, the Venture Studio provides a collaborative approach to building a business the right way to improve chances of success.

"There are millions of exceptional founders out there struggling right now to get their business ideas off the ground, and we want to provide the people, resources, and capital to help them do this successfully,” said Sheriff Olujide, Managing Partner. "So often, people have a great idea, and an accelerator or incubator will fund it, and then these ventures fail due to lack of other types of much-needed support. SGC Ventures' Venture Studio seeks to transform the venture ecosystem by giving founders the 360-degree support they need to bring their ideas to life from seed to scale. With a more robust and intentional approach, we can drive higher levels of success for founders and ensure no good ideas go to waste because of a lack of support.”

In addition to its Venture Studio, SGC Ventures also offers Technical Partnership Services to startups. This ready-made technology team provides startups with the tech support needed to build, scale, support, and guide any project. The SCG team partners with over 25+ global technology partners to match startup founders with the best-in-class resources for their individualized needs. To help startups scale without exorbitant upfront costs, SGC Ventures offers a fee plus equity model that is customizable to their needs.

To learn more about SGC Ventures, visit or on Twitter at @SgcVentures.

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