WhiteHat Jr Announces ‘AI Accelerator’ Event, Latest In the CreatorSpace Virtual Series

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The seventh monthly installment in the CreatorSpace series, ‘AI Accelerator’ will allow children to engage with world-renowned experts in the field

MUMBAI, INDIA, November 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Leading edtech platform WhiteHat Jr. will soon host CreatorSpace: AI Accelerator, a free CreatorSpace event discussing the growing importance of artificial intelligence technology in today’s tech-driven world.

The seventh event in the CreatorSpace series, ‘AI Accelerator’ will feature top experts in the AI field, including Alex Atatansov, Physicist and Ph.D. student of theoretical physics at Harvard University; and Gokul V. Subramaniam, Vice President, Client Computing Group and General Manager of Client Platform and Systems at Intel Corporation.

WhiteHat Jr.’s virtual CreatorSpace: AI Accelerator event will take place on Saturday, November 13th at 5 PM IST, and is available to children aged 6-to-18 and their parents. AI Accelerator is the latest segment of the WhiteHat Jr. flagship learning series, which highlights a new subject every month and features subject matter experts from across academia and industry.

Throughout each interactive, action-packed CreatorSpace session, children connect and learn from experts about the real-world applications, benefits and importance of transformative topics. Each session also provides children the opportunity to participate in live Q&As and quizzes with experts in that given field.

“In just over six months, CreatorSpace has established itself as our most popular monthly educational event, bringing together thousands of kids and their parents from around the world. Such traction motivates us to identify and curate immersive sessions on a relevant topic along with the renowned speakers to enlighten the young generation,” said WhiteHat Jr. CEO Trupti Mukker. "With AI Accelerator, the attempt is to further feed the curiosity of students by introducing them to fascinating ways in which technology is changing our lives today and how it can potentially shape our tomorrow.”

‘AI Accelerator’ will be hosted and moderated by actor, model, and pre-match Indian Premier League host Samir Kochhar. This event is entirely free of charge for all young learners and their parents. Families may register at https://creatorspace.in/.

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Gokul V. Subramaniam serves as Vice President at the Client Computing Group (CCG) and General Manager of Client Platform and Systems at Intel Corporation. As leader of the global organization, Subramaniam is responsible for delivering system technologies, reference designs and validation platforms for the client roadmap. Subramaniam has written seven publications on the topics of mobile phones, semiconductor system design and software engineering. He currently holds six patents and has filed for an additional five in the areas of power management, wireless, compute, industrial design, camera/audio/speech/touch, and system and software. Subramaniam is also a former Technical Steering Council member of the collaborative open-source software and engineering organization Linaro.

Alex Atanasov is a Physicist and Ph.D. student in theoretical physics at Harvard University. Atanasov is motivated by the idea of applying physics tools in the study of a diverse set of complex systems in the real world. Currently, Atanasov is studying how artificial neural networks process and learn from information. At 17, Atanasov published a book on complex analysis. Since then, he has published papers in a number of fields, including anything from neuroscience and quantum field theory to string theory and more. He has previously worked as a neuroscience researcher at Yale, a visiting researcher at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, and a software intern at Google. Atanasov graduated magna cum laude from Yale with a BS in Physics and MS in Mathematics. Alex is also a classical guitarist with a passion for Bach.

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