Amy Burrows of Recovery One On One Inc. to be Featured on Close Up Radio

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2021 / — When it comes to long-term recovery from addiction, it has been proven over and over again that peer support yields higher rates of success. The broader the network of support, the more sustainable the recovery.

Ideally, an individual interested in recovery would have a Peer Recovery Support Specialist and if needed other support such as mental health or mutual aid groups.

A Peer Recovery Support Specialist is a nonclinical peer mentor trained and certified as a supportive level of care to help remove the obstacles to long-term recovery.

Amy Burrows is a Peer Recovery Support Specialist and the founder of Recovery One On One, where she offers a more holistic approach to recovery. Tailor made for each client specifically.

“It’s not about only physical recovery,” says Burrows. “I’m interested in getting people’s lives on track.”

Peer recovery specialists are typically people in recovery themselves. Burrows has been in physical recovery for over 15 years.19 years of trauma recovery.

“I was using alcohol and other poor coping skills throughout my life for about 30 years,” recalls Burrows. “I’m a completely different person today. I stay in recovery by balancing my own life, which I demonstrate to my clients. My own recovery comes first.”

As many studies support, recovery is not established until 3-5 years of sustained recovery. At that point, the chances of relapse drop below 15 percent. Unfortunately half of all people who complete treatment will relapse in the first year.

“It’s always easier to stay in recovery than to recover,” says Burrows. “Every relapse reduces your chances for recovery. Every relapse risks your job, your family. Every relapse can affect complete strangers. Everyone is affected by addiction, whether they know it or not.”

Burrows says peer recovery is growing because each person gets their own recovery plan with control over how they spend their time in recovery. Peer Recovery Support Specialists serve as a link to recovery resources and the recovery community, as well as a guide to help their clients achieve life skills to find their own way.

“I don't tell people how to recover. I show them that they have the resources to recover within themselves,” says Burrows. “I support them in how they want their life to move forward. With the right support and energy, they can live a life they’ve never lived before.”

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