Molly Rosen and Jeff Rosenthal of ProjectNext Leadership to be Featured on Close Up Radio

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2021 / — The crisis of 2020-21 presented fresh demands on organizational leaders to reconfigure staffing, technology, and delivery of goods and services, requiring an unprecedented level of corporate resilience and agility. In fact, the stakes have never been higher, with multiple studies indicating that 35-50% of leaders moving into executive roles will fail in their first 18 months.

Molly and Jeff are Co-CEOs and founders of ProjectNext Leadership, a top leadership consulting firm specializing in supporting and developing leaders as they move into more senior roles. ProjectNext provides executive coaching, customized leadership and executive team development, and succession planning consulting.

“Today’s leaders face more challenges than ever before: a tight labor market, blocked supply chains, and louder demands from a wide range of stakeholders on a number of issues, including climate change and diversity. We focus on senior leaders because we know these leaders in high impact roles have the biggest ripple effect on their organization,” says Molly. “Since their roles are considerably different than mid-level manager roles, our work is directly focused on helping these senior leaders develop the skills and relationships needed to mobilize the 21st century workforce.”

According to Molly and Jeff, the savvier companies recognize that their success depends on leaders who are open to different perspectives to increase innovation and engagement and who can lead with humility, honesty, empathy, and passion. Today’s leaders need to balance two key capabilities in order to motivate their teams: communicate a clear and compelling vision about where they need to go, and engage others in working out how they need to get there. Today’s workforce, especially with the rise of the Millennials and the entry of GenZ, expect to have their views heard and their diverse perspectives respected. And look no further than “the great resignation” to note the consequences if leaders don’t do this well.

So why have we fallen short?

”Companies often don’t create a proper strategy to grow, prepare, and develop their people transitioning into leadership roles,” explains Jeff. “The right support structures are often missing, leaving a leader’s success too much to chance. We must ensure our leaders have well-honed leadership skills and the right tools and techniques to drive success within their organization and create results that are impactful and sustainable.”

Jeff says that topics like setting direction, building connection, and leading with intention are key capabilities for senior leaders.

ProjectNext Leadership recognizes that leadership is a skill that is learned and developed through job experience, training, and mentoring. By offering a range of services targeted at senior leaders, Molly and Jeff, along with a team of highly regarded and experienced coaches, facilitators and consultants, help their clients develop a more robust and diverse portfolio of senior leaders capable of leading through the complexity of today’s global business environment.

Molly is also passionate about women’s leadership.

“Research shows that when you have a more diverse leadership team, whether it’s women or people of color, the business reaps higher profits,” says Molly. “Inclusive cultures result in better decision-making and greater innovation as well as a host of other benefits to the business. It’s not just the right thing to do, it's the right thing for the business.”

Moreover, according to Jeff, the best leaders have a strong sense of purpose with a hunger to learn more. “We have found that, paradoxically, it’s typically the highest-performing leaders who seek out opportunities to improve. It’s this insatiable curiosity and drive to learn that makes these individuals able to flex to the needs of today’s stakeholders. Leaders who rest on their past successes or who lack the self-awareness of their strengths and weaknesses are falling behind.”

“Businesses are continually seeking how to advance and realize it’s much more than sales and marketing,” says Jeff. “By making the effort to develop senior leaders you can absolutely expect to improve bottom line results, with better financial performance that will take your company to the next level. We focus on making the ‘leadership engines’ of our clients higher performing – it’s a lever that more companies are starting to pull to gain competitive advantage.”

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