ServiceMaster By Glenn’s Hires Juan Salas into Apprentice Program

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Apprentice at ServiceMaster By Glenn’s

After announcing in February 2018 a new apprenticeship program, ServiceMaster By Glenn's hired & trained local high school senior Juan Salas.

The addition of Juan to our team has been a much-needed one. His enthusiasm to learn new things and love for all things construction is a great addition to our team.”

— Keith Grella, owner of ServiceMaster By Glenn’s

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / — ServiceMaster By Glenn’s, a water damage restoration company, has named Juan Salas as its first apprentice.

In February of this year, ServiceMaster By Glenn’s announced they were looking for a local high school student or college student to train alongside their certified professionals, learning life skills of carpentry, restoration and demolition as a paid apprentice. Juan Salas has been named to the position. Juan says his favorite things about his new position are “demolition and experiencing new things”. He states that he is looking forward to learning how to treat mold in homes and businesses. He was motivated to get into restoration and construction work by his uncle Danny, who has been in the industry for several years. Since joining ServiceMaster By Glenn’s, Juan has worked on or assisted our team with over 80 jobs since he started in late March.

But Juan isn’t the only one learning new things! Working alongside the certified technicians, he has been teaching them about more tech-savvy ways to communicate and document jobs. Juan is also learning how to utilize the ServiceMaster Respond365 app to track and manage jobs as well as how to collect referrals from satisfied customers.

Before joining ServiceMaster By Glenn’s, Juan has previously worked at a local McDonalds. Outside of working, Juan enjoys surfing, riding his dirt bike & cutting hair. Juan will be entering his senior at Vero Beach High School this fall and his future goals include going to college to become an architect and becoming a contractor to build homes. He loves fulfilling the needs of others and enjoys having the opportunity to help the community rebuild in case of disasters.

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Paul Ingram From Mesa Reveals the Secrets that Construction Companies Won’t Tell Clients

Construction companies can unearth some surprising secrets. Acclaimed construction adviser divulges what these companies don’t want clients to know.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / — Construction companies fall into two categories. Construction companies are either legitimate, or they’re not. It’s important to note that there are plenty of legitimate construction companies out there. However, unfortunately, there are also a lot of fly-by-night construction workers.

Paul Ingram from Mesa has worked with an assortment of both kinds, finding out more than he bargained for. Although, through his experience, he’s learned a lot of important specifics about the construction industry. Here is a list of truths that construction companies won’t tell their clients.

This Job is Not My Only Job

Construction companies will sometimes do and say whatever they feel they need to land the job. However, once the contract is signed, it might be a while before they get to the job. There could be a backlog of jobs, or there could be another job they deem more important. Even if that isn’t the case and they start the job right away, the construction company isn’t going to be at the job site every day. Instead, the construction company is likely going to juggle a few different contracted jobs, simply to keep clients happy.

A Client's Job May Affect the Bid

Unfortunately, the bid that’s given might be affected by the occupation the client has. While it’s hard to prove and admittedly frustrating, some construction companies base bid prices off certain jobs. Although, Paul Ingram states that the money someone makes isn’t exactly the reason for the hike in bid price.

Rather, fear and possible unnecessary aggravation could be the reason. The two best examples are lawyers and doctors. Lawyers might be quoted with more money up front. This is based on the fear that lawyers might find a way to get out of paying. Therefore, the company is trying to cover themselves. Doctors tend to be more analytical. So, they might question the bid and the price of materials, or the contract itself. Thus, the contractor might ask for more money, more because they anticipate a lot of questions and challenges.

Construction is Messy

Construction is never a neat ordeal. While some construction companies might try to wow potential clients with visions of grandeur, others are more realistic. Some construction companies try to mitigate the inconvenience and mess of the situation by scheduling a good time to work. After all, it’s a pain for everyone involved if people are home when construction workers show up. Everyone is tripping over one another and the whole house is in disarray. However, some construction companies simply sell the glitz and glam of the final project. Then, once the contract is signed, they get to it when they get to it.

In summation, it’s easy for a construction company to get a bad rap. After all, with social media and reviews running rampant, one bad experience could ruin a company. However, there are some companies who give the rest of the industry a bad name. These truths about construction companies don’t help the industry’s cause all that much. Yet, Paul Ingram believes if people know the truth, they can better understand what to expect.

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Todd Stockton Explains Why Finding the Right Lawyer is Essential to a Case

Finding the right lawyer to argue a legal case is essential to success in court.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / — Todd Stockton is a lawyer from Colorado that has a passion for educating clients on the best practices when dealing with courts. Stockton understands that most civilians don’t know how to navigate the legal process. So, he tries to help point people in the right direction. Now, Stockton discusses the best way to find the right lawyer to argue a case.

Find the Right Type of Lawyer

There are many types of lawyers in this world. There are family practice lawyers, criminal lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, and defense lawyers. Many lawyers have experience in different disciplines. Yet, the first step in finding the right lawyer is figuring out which lawyers have experience in the client’s case.

Todd Stockton says that the best way to figure this out is to call the local Bar Association. The Bar Association should have a list of practicing lawyers in the area and their specialties. This one phone call will save the client a lot of research.

Find a Trustworthy Lawyer

Finding a trustworthy lawyer is one of the biggest difficulties that plague clients. Todd Stockton explains that this isn’t because lawyers are untrustworthy. It’s more that people have a hard time finding a lawyer they feel comfortable with. There must be a trust built almost immediately, or the lawyer isn’t right for that client.

Since the client is sharing what’s possibly some of their darkest secrets, it’s imperative that the lawyer is trustworthy. If the client feels uncomfortable in any way with the lawyer, they might hold back. Leaving out any detail of the case, regardless of how invasive it might be, could decide the verdict.

Maintaining Ethics

Springboarding off finding a trustworthy lawyer, it’s also important to find a lawyer who maintains ethical practices. While this isn’t usually an issue, it is something to watch out for when deciding on the right lawyer. If the client doesn’t agree with the moral of their lawyer, they might be dissatisfied, even if they win. Todd Stockton explains that having a clear conscience is paramount. If the lawyer does something the client doesn’t approve of, it’s the client that’s got to burden that guilt.


Fees are a necessary evil when it comes to dealing with lawyers. However, the negotiation of fees is essential to finding the right lawyer. After all, a legal battle might drag on far longer than anticipated. If that happens, the last thing a client wants is to hit a snag in the finances before the trial is concluded.

Todd Stockton assures potential clients that lawyers are usually willing to work with people. However, it’s important to not allow the lawyer to do any work until a contract is signed. Also, ensure that a fee is agreed upon and written in the contract. This protects both parties from future issues.

To learn more about Todd Stockton, you can read more about the Zero Tolerance policy on immigration.

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Rosemary Barclay Discusses the Initial Steps a Driver Takes After a Collision

Collision repair specialist explains the steps that should be taken immediately following an accident.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / — A collision can happen at any moment. Regardless of the situation, the collision is usually not something that people know is coming. Whether they are the ones being hit or the person in the wrong, an accident is still a horrific event. There is no way someone can truly prepare for an accident and it’s difficult to anticipate how anyone will react.

Fortunately, Rosemary Barclay has laid out the initial steps a driver should take immediately following a collision. By taking these steps, drivers can help calm the situation and get the help that’s necessary.

Stay Calm

While this might seem impossible in the heat of the moment, staying calm helps a person take in the situation. Taking a few deep breaths and allowing the mind to process what is going on helps a lot. This can help clear the mind and slow the adrenaline. After all, it’s likely that a fight or flight reaction is brewing. If the person gives into that, they could hurt themselves further by freaking out.

Check Yourself and Your Passengers

After finding a semblance of calm, check yourself for injuries. Take it slow, to make sure nothing is broken or going to be worsened by movement. Everything might seem like it’s happening a million miles a minute but taking the time to check yourself is essential.

Afterward, check the passengers. Safety should be paramount in this situation. Get visual and verbal confirmation that passengers are unharmed before proceeding.

Get to Safety

There are many reasons why, after a collision, the car is an unsafe environment. If it’s possible, get out of the car and get to safety. If others need help, it’s okay to help them, but don’t endanger yourself by staying in the car. Hopefully, everyone can make it out of the car of their own volition. When that happens, get to a safe area, away from traffic.

Call 9-1-1

If no one appears to be hurt, call the police to report the accident. If there’s a belief that someone was hurt in the accident, call an ambulance before anything else. The most important thing is to get anyone who needs medical attention the treatment they need. Everything else can wait.

Call Insurance and then a Legal Representative

Once the shock of the collision is over and everyone is alright, it’s time to exchange information. After ensuring everyone’s safety, the next step is to get the insurance companies involved. After reporting the accident and filing the claim, it’s a good idea to call legal representation. Now that people have had a few minutes to think, the police will be filing a report. It’s best to speak to a lawyer and possibly have representation present while answering questions.

In summation, Rosemary Barclay understands the chaos of a collision. Even though these steps might seem obvious now, stress tends to make the obvious seem impossible. So, Barclay has put these steps together, in the hopes that they will help someone in a time of crisis.

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Tatjana Petreski Divulges the Top 5 Secrets Landscapers Don’t Want People to Know

Expert estate advisor reveals the top five secrets of the landscaping business that professionals would rather keep a secret.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / — Landscapers are known for making homes look great. These companies mow the lawn, trim the hedges, plant, and are otherwise expected to keep a house looking welcoming. However, there can be a lot of deceit growing in those roots.

Tatjana Petreski is an expert estate advisor and through her experience, she has learned a lot about landscaping. Tatjana Petreski wants to stress that she’s not saying all landscapers are bad. Yet, there are secrets that clients should be aware of. So, she has devised this list of the top five secrets that landscapers don’t want people to know.

1. Red Mulch is Bad for Yards

Red mulch is a popular choice for many who want their yard to stand out. Yet, there are a few hidden dangers lurking in that brightly colored ground dressing. Red mulch is known to contain arsenic and other chemicals. This makes the mulch dangerous for children, pets, other yard animals, and the soil it’s sitting on.

2. Plants are Not the Landscaper’s Problem

Unfortunately, most of the landscaping relies on the plants and flowers that are planted in the yard to make it appealing. While, if a landscaper knows what they’re doing, this is much less of a risk, but plants are still alive. That means they can die. This is unfortunate for the homeowner because if the plants do die, they’re out of luck. Considering that the time and effort was already put into creating landscaping, homeowners aren’t likely to receive a refund. Dead plants are largely considered to be the responsibility of the homeowner. (Even if the plants were just put into the homeowner’s ground.)

3. Unlicensed Landscapers Get Jobs Daily

It’s difficult to figure out whether a landscaper is qualified for the job that’s required. Whether it’s dealing with an irrigation system, or dealing with certain plants, the certifications might be hard to pinpoint. Therefore, it’s often up to the homeowner to trust their instinct and reviews of a company to ensure they’re legitimate.

4. People Can Hire a Landscaper to Draw a Design

Landscapers work off a design, like an architect. Yet, the difference is that people can buy the landscaper’s plans and install the work themselves. This can be done in stages and for the price of the flowers. There wouldn’t be any other cost associated with it, because the homeowner is doing the work. Many people don’t realize this, and landscapers aren’t likely to tell their clients that. Yet, it’s a great way to save a lot of money.

5. Overwatering is Spoiling Plants

Watering is essential to be a successful plant owner. Yet, many people overwater their plants, causing those plants to become fragile. A plant with less water is forced to grow deeper roots and find groundwater. This makes for a stronger, more durable plant. However, most landscapers air on the side of caution, telling people to water more frequently. That way, the landscaper won’t get blamed if the homeowner underwaters their plants.

To close, Tatjana Petreski wants people to know what they’re getting into when they hire a landscaper. While there are plenty of good landscapers, there are general unwritten rules that even the strictest professionals follow. Whether it’s out of loyalty to their craft, or giving the customer what they want, people should know the truth.

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Jordan Gendelman demonstrates how to add flair to a rented property

Adding flair or a personal touch to rented houses or apartments can often be tricky due to limitations imposed by landlords.

PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / — "Without the freedom to paint walls, rip up carpets, or replace things like cabinetry or countertops, putting your own stamp on a rented property is generally deemed something of an impossibility," explains Jordan Gendelman, a professional interior designer from Colorado.

Rental agreements often stipulate that interior finishes such as carpets and wall coverings cannot be changed, leaving renters to live in what remains a largely blank canvas. Jordan Gendelman, however, says that this needn't be the case and that all is not lost.

"You may not be allowed to paint the walls, but there are dozens of other ways to add color and impact to a room," points out the interior designer. "Choose a colorful couch and one or two other large pieces of furniture in either complementary or contrasting colors, such as a bookshelf or dining table."

Jordan Gendelman then suggests further adding to these with smaller items such as cushions and candles.

"Another addition, which can deliver real impact and transform both large and small spaces, is a good quality rug," he adds. "Choose a theme or color scheme and stick to it. This way, even when inevitably moving to a new property in the future, you can pack up this little slice of your personality and set it right back down in another house or apartment to much the same effect."

Most renters are also of the impression that they must not hang pictures in a rented property. "Ask your landlord," suggests Gendelman, pointing out that property owners will often allow a few nails or tacks to be added to walls as they're quick, easy and cheap to patch up at a later date.

"Artwork is perhaps the single greatest way to add your personality to a room," says Gendelman. "If your rental agreement prohibits the hanging of pictures and artwork, look at temporary hook products as these can be removed without a trace."

Another option, according to Jordan Gendelman, is to lean large frames against blank walls. "It works with mirrors, too," he adds, pointing out that the aesthetic is such that even glossy lifestyle magazines and professional interior designers have taken to using the tactic.

Next, Gendelman emphasizes the importance of lighting. "Shades," he explains, "can be changed, as long as you keep the originals and replace them when moving out. Furthermore, lamps come in all shapes, sizes, and colors allowing for a personal touch with the added benefit of bringing a nice ambiance to a room."

Lastly, and where a property may be overdue a fresh lick of paint, Jordan Gendelman suggests discussing the possibilities on offer with the landlord.

"If they need to repaint the property, or fit new carpets, feel free to make a few suggestions of your own," he explains. "Landlords often stick to the same template of white, magnolia, or other neutral, largely uninteresting colors. However, if you propose something a little different, especially if it's fairly timeless, and particularly if you've signed a lengthy lease, it's likely that they may agree to it."

"Sure, they're unlikely to go for lime green walls," Gendelman adds, wrapping up, "but a soft taupe or a feature wall in a nice, rich color they may very well be open to, and there's no harm in asking."

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Sean Juhl Discusses The Signs That You Need A Plumber

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / — As an experienced plumber, Sean Juhl has seen countless households who have experienced plumbing issues without warning, leaving the residents bewildered about what could have happened. While it is possible for a major plumbing problem to creep up unexpectedly, there are usually minor signs that people had failed to notice but are indicative of impending problems. Thus, homeowners need to know these minor issues so that they can call in a plumber before it is too late.

Sean Juhl points out that by being aware of these signs, people can save a great deal of money in the long run. When people no longer wait until there is a major plumbing emergency where they have to deal with not just the repairs but also the cleanup of the damage as well, they can often correct issues in an affordable manner. In other words, minor issues will remain just that – minor. Here, Sean Juhl explains those minor signs to look out for.

1. Sputtering Faucets

Almost everybody thinks that a sputtering faucet isn't a problem and that it only means a little bit of air was trapped in the pipes. Sometimes, that is actually the case. However, if homeowners encounter sputtering faucets often, or if more than one of their faucets has this problem, then it may be indicative of a bigger problem. For instance, it could mean that there is a serious crack or even a break in the water pipe itself. If this is not attended to, then the pipe will eventually snap altogether, leading to more serious problems. The worst case scenario is that it happens in the main water line, which could lead to a very costly repair.

2. Noisy Drains

When flushing the toilet, if you notice that the drains in the tub or sink start to gurgle, then it is likely that there is a problem with your vent lines. This must be properly and professionally repaired or a potentially dangerous situation could occur. It could result in toxic gasses entering your home. Furthermore, should you notice that your toilet regularly backs up, it is likely that there is substantial damage to your pipes, possibly as a result of tree roots reaching them. It could also mean that your septic tank is full and requires urgent servicing and emptying. Both of these potential problems cannot be ignored.

3. Leaky Fixtures

In most properties where Sean Juhl has had to deal with plumbing emergencies, leaky fixtures were present. Yet, it seems that many people simply do not consider a leaky fixture, such as a faucet, to be a cause for concern. They think that it may simply because a washer may be a bit loose or that the faucet is simply getting old. In reality, there could be a very serious problem that will require a qualified, certified, professional plumber to resolve.

A leaky faucet can be indicative of a whole host of problems. If left unresolved, the needed repairs will likely become increasingly significant and therefore also increasingly expensive. Even if the leaky faucet is caused by something as simple as a loose washer, it means that you are wasting water, which is costly both in terms of your water bill and in terms of the environment. Having it corrected, therefore, will always save you money while also doing good for the environment through the conservation of water.

The above are just some of the things that could be indicative of a more serious plumbing problem in the home. Sean Juhl wants to stress that when seeing these signs, homeowners should enlist the help of a professional plumber. It is always possible that the problem is a minor one. But if there is a more serious problem, a professional plumber would be able to implement the necessary measures straightaway to prevent it from becoming a major issue.

Unfortunately, people are often reluctant to call out a plumber. There seems to be an inherent distrust of these professionals, who will charge people for the call out and then ask to be paid by the hour as well. Many people believe that plumbers purposefully work longer than they need to just to be able to charge for more hours. However, Sean Juhl wants to remind homeowners that plumbing is a delicate and intricate work that requires a great deal of understanding. When plumbers take their time, it is because rushing the job will only lead a shoddy job or the possibility of overlooking some vital issues. In addition, because they are professionals, they would be able to help you where a DIY job simply won't suffice.

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Frank Lennix On The Five Signs That You Need A Plumber Urgently

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / — When a plumbing emergency strikes, it is often quite obvious that a professional is needed. If a burst pipe is flooding the home, a toilet doesn't flush, or a kitchen drain no longer clears, then a plumber has to be brought in. Frank Lennix, who is an expert plumber, has seen various emergencies come and go and he has been able to resolve the vast majority of them. But what he has found a time and again when being called out to such emergencies, is that many people have long overlooked the less obvious signs of an impending issue. Sometimes, there are some sneakier issues that crop up, starting very small before escalating into a serious problem. Frank Lennix points out that if people only knew how to recognize these signs, they would find themselves less likely to have a full-blown emergency. It also means that the cost associated with repairing the problem would be much lower as well.

Frank Lennix has, therefore, put together a list of the five signs to look for that suggest a bigger issue may be developing. These are signs that should not be addressed as a DIY job either. Instead, a licensed and certified professional plumber should be called in.

1. The Drains Are Slow to Clear

If there is a single drain that clears quite slowly, a plunger is generally all that is needed to fix it. If this doesn't work, then it is advisable to call a plumber. According to Frank Lennix, using store-bought drain cleaning chemicals should be avoided. Those chemicals are very harsh and they can actually corrode and eat through the pipes.

Should homeowners notice that the drains all over their house are slow to drain, then a plumbing emergency may soon be experienced. It could mean that the sewer itself or the vents on the sewer are blocked. If the problem isn't addressed quickly, it can lead to very serious problems.

2. Hearing Water Without Any Taps Running

You should never be able to hear the water run through the taps unless a tap is running somewhere. If none of your appliances, like your dishwasher or washing machine, is on and you have checked that all the taps are off, then it is likely that you have a leak somewhere. To double check, take a reading from your water meter, leave the house for an hour to be sure there is no flushing of the toilet or washing of hands, for instance, and then take another reading. If there has been a change, then you must call in a plumber immediately to find the location of the leak.

3. Hearing Knocking Sounds Inside the Pipes

The sound of knocking inside the pipes is known as a "water hammer". Usually, it means that the pressure in some parts of the plumbing system has become too high. It could also mean that one of the valves has loosened. Either way, this is a precursor to more serious leaks. Hence, a plumber should be called out as soon as possible.

4. Unexplained Low Pressure in the Taps

If you notice a sudden drop in pressure, the first thing to check is the website or social media page of your municipal water supplier. This is generally where the issue lies. Alternatively, you could speak to your neighbors and find out whether they are also experiencing a drop in pressure. If the issue appears to be confined to your house, then it could be that you have a major leak or other trouble with any part of your water lines and plumbing. Consider this an emergency and call someone out immediately.

5. Your Bills Have Suddenly Risen Significantly

Last but not least, if you receive your new water bill and it is significantly higher than before, and you cannot account for this based solely on rising prices or filling up a new swimming pool and the like, then it is likely that there is a more serious issue that is brewing. Make sure that you take a candid look at how you have been using your water, because it is all too easy for users to go up when it is summer (watering your lawn) or when you have visitors, for instance. However, if it cannot be truly explained, then you do need a plumber to make sure there isn't a more serious problem.

Frank Lennix' list may make you feel that you need a plumber to come out. If so, you should be able to find one with relative ease in your local area. Make sure that you do your research so that you can find a good one. Frank Lennix

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UIC, John Marshall Law School Join Forces to Create Chicago's Only Public Law School

The boards of trustees of both UIC and The John Marshall Law School have voted to create UIC John Marshall Law School–Chicago’s only public law school.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, US, July 19, 2018 / — The board of trustees of both the University of Illinois at Chicago and The John Marshall Law School have voted to create UIC John Marshall Law School–Chicago’s first and only public law school.

“The decision to create a public law school marks a historic day for higher education in Chicago,” said Michael Amiridis, UIC Chancellor. “It is also a historic day for UIC, which will fill a 50-year gap in its academic offerings as a comprehensive research university. Through our research and scholarship, we have celebrated and contributed to the rule of law for decades and now we open the doors of our academic community to those who teach the law and those who study the law. We look forward to welcoming the John Marshall family into UIC.”

UIC initiated informal discussions with The John Marshall Law School leadership in 2016. Subsequently, the parties determined that the transaction would be financially feasible without requiring any new state funds. At the closing, significant John Marshall assets will transfer to UIC and the University of Illinois Foundation. The law school's real estate in the Loop will initially be leased and then transferred within five years. UIC will bear no financial obligation for the acquisition and will fully integrate the law school into UIC after the closing.

In addition to providing current and prospective students with a more affordable legal education, UIC's acquisition of John Marshall will create opportunities for interdisciplinary courses and new joint and dual-degree programs aligned with UIC strengths in disciplines such as the health sciences, engineering and technology, urban planning and public administration, the social sciences and business. John Marshall joining UIC will also open up new possibilities for research collaborations between UIC and John Marshall faculty.

“When you combine the strengths of the John Marshall Law School and UIC, one plus one is much greater than two,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “The merger of these two bright lights on Chicago’s scholastic landscape will strengthen education and career opportunities for generations of Chicago students, and strengthen our city’s reputation for world-class academic excellence.”

The UIC John Marshall Law School will require accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission and the American Bar Association's Section on Legal Education and Admission to the Bar, and approval for a change of control from the U.S. Department of Education. A law school at UIC is also subject to review and approval by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. If the necessary approvals are obtained within the anticipated timeframe, the first entering class of the UIC John Marshall Law School is expected to matriculate in fall 2019.

"Chicago is the largest city in the U.S. without a public law school. The UIC John Marshall Law School will fill that gap while also enhancing legal services available to the people of Chicago. We are already putting plans in place to enhance the program of legal education, build innovative programs within a strong public university, and continue the law school's long-standing efforts to increase diversity in the legal profession," said John Marshall's Dean Darby Dickerson, who will stay on as dean of the UIC John Marshall Law School.

Both institutions have track records of excellence in research and scholarship, access for underserved students, and service to Chicago and its people. “Our shared commitment in these areas guarantees that the doors of UIC John Marshall Law School will continue to remain open to all aspiring law students regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds,” said Paula Holderman, President of the Board of Trustees of The John Marshall Law School.

“John Marshall has a broad curriculum, an excellent faculty, and a long history of giving back to the community by providing pro bono legal services in the areas of veterans’ affairs, international human rights, fair housing, family law, landlord-tenant issues and more,” said Susan Poser, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs at UIC. “There are UIC faculty who study these same issues from the perspective of social science, public administration, and health care. We plan to harness these areas of expertise to graduate lawyers who are grounded in and understand the context in which they will practice.”

Approximately 900 Juris Doctor (JD) students and 117 Master of Laws (LLM) and Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) students are currently enrolled at John Marshall. The school expects to add a fall 2018 entering JD class of approximately 280 students.

When the transaction closes, John Marshall students will become UIC students and will have enhanced student services, including access to health care services, recreational facilities, residence halls, and college athletics. UIC students will benefit from access to law courses and opportunities to take classes jointly taught by John Marshall and UIC faculty.

The new UIC John Marshall Law School will continue to operate at its downtown Loop location at the corners of State Street, Jackson Boulevard and S. Plymouth Court and will become the 16th college at UIC. The dean will report to the UIC Provost, and John Marshall staff will become UIC employees. UIC also welcomes John Marshall alumni to the UIC community.

About UIC

The University of Illinois at Chicago is a major research university located in the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities. As Chicago’s only public research university, UIC is an integral part of the educational, technological and cultural fabric of Chicago. UIC is recognized as one of the most ethnically rich and culturally diverse universities in America. The university has 15 academic colleges where students are able to study fields ranging from the health sciences, business, engineering and education, to liberal arts and sciences, urban planning, and architecture, design and the arts.

About The John Marshall Law School

The John Marshall Law School, founded in 1899, is an independent law school located in the heart of Chicago's legal, financial and commercial districts. The 2018 U.S. News & World Report's American's Best Graduate Schools ranks John Marshall's Lawyering Skills Program 5th, its Trial Advocacy Program 13th, and its Intellectual Property Law Program 19th in the nation. Since its inception, John Marshall has been a pioneer in legal education and has been guided by a tradition of diversity, innovation, access and opportunity.

What People Are Saying

Al Bowman, Executive Director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education and former president of Illinois State University: “UIC and John Marshall Law School are exemplary institutions with similar guiding principles to provide access and opportunity for students who are underserved, who are first generation, and who may not follow a traditional path to higher education. This new partnership provides innovative and expanded opportunities for students in Illinois who are seeking an affordable professional law degree from a public university in the heart of Chicago.

Christopher Cali (JMLS ’09 and UIC '05), Immediate Past President, John Marshall Law School Alumni Association: “As a graduate of both John Marshall and UIC, I see a natural alignment in the missions of both schools to serve the underserved, and I’m excited to see this partnership significantly expand opportunity for the people of Illinois.”

Rep. James Durkin (JMLS ‘88), House Minority Leader, Illinois House of Representatives: “By creating Chicago’s first public law school, UIC and John Marshall are providing students, who might not otherwise have considered a legal education, access and opportunity to the study of law. Instilled with a public mission to serve the underserved, this partnership stands to greatly benefit the people of Illinois.”

Hon. Timothy C. Evans (JMLS ‘69), Chief Judge, Circuit Court of Cook County: "John Marshall has a long tradition of educating future lawyers who dedicate their careers to serving the public. This partnership marks the beginning of a new generation of UIC John Marshall lawyers who will put their legal skills to work in all three branches of government and as public-interest lawyers advocating for policies that are fair and just for all."

Rep. Darin LaHood (JMLS '96), R-IL 18thDistrict, U.S. House of Representatives: “The John Marshall Law School played an important role in shaping my professional career, and I am excited for the institution as it merges with UIC to become Chicago’s only public law school. The merger will expand the school’s current mission and continue to provide exceptional opportunities in both the theory and practice of law for students and faculty.”

Daniel B. Rodriguez, Dean and Harold Washington Professor, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law: “The planned merger between UIC and John Marshall Law School is terrific news for both institutions. Likewise, it is terrific news for the lawyer community of Chicago and Northern Illinois. John Marshall has a long and distinguished legacy in the region for educating impactful lawyers and advancing the profession through the good works of their students, faculty, and esteemed graduates in the bar and bench. The timing of this merger is especially ideal, as the legal profession is demanding creative responses to our contemporary challenges, including the access to justice gap and the protection and advancement of the rule of law. This marriage of two innovative centers of learning is indeed a creative response.

Notably, the merger with UIC transforms this law school into a public law school–the only one in the city of Chicago–and, as such, can widen the access to high-quality legal education to those aspiring to contribute their skills to the public interest. All ways ‘round, this exciting new initiative is an occasion for celebration for everyone committed to superb legal education in our great community.”

Hon. Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti (JMLS ‘98), State of Illinois: “A merger between John Marshall and UIC will serve the people of Illinois by graduating diverse lawyer advocates who reflect their communities. These graduates will learn to lead by first serving those in need. I was a nontraditional law school student who learned how to serve those in need through the John Marshall Fair Housing Legal Clinic, where I helped the most vulnerable, and ultimately transferred those skills to my day-to-day work as the nation’s first Latina Lieutenant Governor.”

Leo Melamed (JMLS ‘55), Chairman Emeritus, CME Group: “This is great for both schools and Chicago.”

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Lerner and Rowe Tucson Back to School Event and Giveaway

Lerner and Rowe Gives Back

Join Us for Our Back to School Event in Tucson!

Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys is excited to announce a much anticipated Tucson Back to School Event and Giveaway.

Education is the key to success in a child’s future. Building the best foundation possible requires access to the right tools. We hope these backpacks will help inspire the kids that receive them.”

— Kevin Rowe

TUCSON, ARIZONA, US, July 19, 2018 / — It’s almost time for kids to head back to the classroom and hit the books. To help ease some of the back to school anxiety families might feel, Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys is excited to announce a much anticipated Back to School Event and Giveaway on Tuesday, July 24th in the Pizza Hut parking lot at 2943 N Campbell Ave., Tucson, AZ 85719, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. In addition to giving away 400 backpacks and school supplies, there will also be pizza, popcorn and cotton candy to fuel the fun!

Personal injury attorney Kevin Rowe knows this event serve an important purpose. “Education is the key to success in a child’s future. Building the best foundation possible requires access to the right tools. We hope that these backpacks will help inspire the kids that receive them to do everything possible to get the most out of their time in the classroom.”

Those interested in attending are advised to arrive early as supplies are limited and will be given out on a first-come first-served basis while they last. Please contact Cindy Ernst with any questions via phone at 602-977-1900 or email at

More about Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys

Lerner & Rowe Injury Attorneys take pride in their team’s passion and commitment to helping victims seek the legal justice they deserve. For further information on Lerner and Rowe’s Tucson personal injury attorneys call (520) 977-1900.

To learn more about the criminal defense and bankruptcy legal services offered by their partner law firm Lerner and Rowe Law Group, visit or call (602) 667-7777.

Need help understanding or filing an application for Social Security benefits? Contact our other legal partners at Social Security Disability Advocates by calling (602) 952-3200 or online at

Connect with us on social media. Follow Lerner and Rowe on Twitter, or like our Facebook page. You can also visit to learn more about our community services that our entire legal team at Lerner and Rowe actively support.

Kevin Rowe, ESQ.
Lerner and Rowe Gives Back
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