How Kathleen Cameron Manifested Millions for her Purpose and Interviewed by the Bob Proctor


Kathleen Cameron

TORONTO, CANADA, August 10, 2020 / — We see surge of the best manifestation coach around the globe, but it is really difficult to find the best in this business. Many claim to be best but originality is different and to answer this issue we have the best coach in our mind that is Kathleen Born and Bought up in Ontario, Canada

She was recently interviewed by Bob Proctor. Where She talked about Her incredible success and overall ideas and vision for herself and her company. In Her candid interview, you will learn a bit more about how she built her empire, have gone from $3,000 a month to over $750,000 in less than 6 months (during a pandemic)

Kathleen is a Chief Manifestation Success Coach, Leader & Author.

With two Undergraduate Degrees and a Master’s Degree, Kathleen started her leadership journey as a Registered Nurse. That journey expanded into entrepreneurship when she began in the Network Marketing industry in 2017. She quickly realized that working for herself and being present with her daughters was truly possible and she went for it.

Kathleen resigned from her senior leadership position in healthcare to be fully self-employed in 2019 and has never looked back! Now, with three successful streams of income, including partnering with Bob Proctor, Kathleen helps others step into their true potential and to become the best version of themselves with their goals met.

Since starting Diamond Academy Coaching Inc in January 2020, Kathleen Cameron has impacted the lives of over 100 people, generated $750,000 in income from her signature Coaching program and supporting courses, is in Bob Proctor's Inner Circle, and a silver pin holder, one of the most difficult and sought after positions among Proctor Gallagher consultants

Kathleen lives her life out loud sharing her journey of losing over 100 lbs, overcoming depression and illness, while #doingitforhergirls.

Go and Connect With Her On Instagram kathleencameron_formygirls

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Advanced Manufacturing Cell for Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) Production Now Available

The HOCL-1 Hypochlorous Acid Manufacturing Cell makes up to 350 gallons per day of HOCL

The HOCL-1 Hypochlorous Acid Manufacturing Cell makes up to 350 gallons per day of HOCL

Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) kills Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Hypochlorous acid is 100% natural, its non-toxic, gentle and safe to use around children, animals and pets.

Hypochlorous acid is 100% natural, its non-toxic, gentle and safe to use around children, animals and pets.

A Unique Hardware Design; Titanium Anode, Nickel Cathode & Heat-Treated Silicon Gaskets Creates the Best HOCL Production Experience Available Anywhere

We've already begun fighting back against this invisible enemy, if this machine can help save people's lives and prevent further spread of this disease it's my greatest business accomplishment ever.”

— Bruce Burke, President, The Mandalay Group

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2020 / — Essential workers have been diligently reporting to work, equipped with personal protective equipment. But, in addition to the traditional masks, gloves, and face shields one provider in Florida is upping the ante to help keep the public safe as they return to work and schools.

The Mandalay Group, a company specializing in equipment that produces powerful sanitizing and cleaning solutions, has developed a machine that uses electrolyzed water to dramatically eliminate harmful bacteria, fungus, and viruses. The liquid solution produced by the HOCL-1 has demonstrated extreme efficacy against the COVID-19 virus but is safe and gentle to use.

Electrolyzed Water is the result of a process called electrolysis: salt is electrically separated into its two main ions, sodium and chloride. These two ions are then mixed into streams of fresh water, producing HOCL otherwise known as Hypochlorous Acid.

If you’re like most people, you’ve never heard of hypochlorous acid, despite the fact that it’s in your body – right now – fighting the good fight. By that we mean the fight against infections.

Hypochlorous acid is produced naturally by the human body to combat infection. White blood cells release this natural oxidant to fight invading pathogens.

Hypochlorous acid produced by the human body’s immune system, reacts readily with a variety of microbial sub-cellular compounds, interferes with their metabolic processes and kills individual exposed bacterium within milliseconds. Since HOCL is non-irritant and non-persistent it is ideal for handwashing, misting, fogging and sanitizing gateways. Because of this, Hypochlorous acid uses are increasing across the globe.

Yet, it’s so gentle that Hypochlorous acid is FDA approved for use in wound care and eye care products and is also common in veterinary care. Hypochlorous acid is also FDA approved for use in produce preservation and USDA approved for organic crop production.

The Mandalay Group has harnessed the power of Hypochlorous acid with their novel production process utilizing the HOCL-1 manufacturing cell to produce a safe but powerful multi-purpose cleaner that’s just as effective as conventional cleaners but with no harmful chemicals, residues or fumes.

Since the solution is completely non-toxic, end users are utilizing HOCL in a large variety of environments. Medical centers, first responders, school districts, office buildings, hospitality providers, places of worship, pet care facilities, entertainment venues, professional cleaning companies and many others have discovered the benefits of HOCL.

“The HOCL-1 system has worked wonders for our client’s.” said Bruce Burke, The Mandalay’s Group’s President. “We are offering the premier electrochemically activated cleaning and sanitizing solution, that virtually anyone can operate.”

The Hypochlorous acid solution made by the HOCL-1 has a shelf life of 30 days, so it’s important to manufacture HOCL just prior to application to gain the maximum benefits of the solution. It may be applied using any type of sprayer, nebulizer, atomizer or fogger and can be used directly on clothing and skin without harmful side effects like bleaching or staining.

HOCL-1 is so easy to use, and works so well, that many first clients have elected to become distributors of this powerful, new Hypochlorous acid manufacturing cell. Since introducing the HOCL-1 disinfectant system end users have produced up to 350 gallons a day of a virtually cost-free, non-toxic cleaning solution for their use.

The HOCL-1 features titanium anode (+), nickel cathode (-) and heat-treated silicon gaskets. Its output is Sodium-based Hypochlorous acid with an adjustable pH of 2.2 – 7.0, the ORP Range is +600 to-850 mV. It has a small footprint measuring only 8” (H) x 8” (W) x 4” (D) allowing it to be easily transported for mobile applications and fit in physically small spaces.

The HOCL-1 produces up to 700 ppm of free available chlorine. The unit ships complete with an adaptable power supply (110/60 Hz – 220VAC/50 Hz @30A) facilitating both Domestic and International operation. Learn for yourself how convenient and effective it is to produce your own natural cleaning solutions on-site.

The HOCL-1 is available now for purchase with FREE U.S.P.S. Priority Mail shipping in the U.S.A. for the introductory price of only $2,999.00. For more information or to order please visit:

About The Mandalay Group, Inc.

The Mandalay Group, Inc. is a privately owned and operated management and development company based in Belleair Bluffs, Florida. Founded by Bruce Burke, The Mandalay Group specializes in equipment that produces powerful sanitizing and cleaning solutions, as well as, green and renewable energy solutions.

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Tulsa Firefighters Create Advanced Method Of Sanitation

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Official Launch of AIC NITTE Incubation Centre

BENGALURU, KARNATAKA, INDIA, August 10, 2020 / — AIC NITTE Incubation Centre – supported by NITI Aayog under Atal Innovation Mission was virtually launched on 7th August 2020 by Mr. R Ramanan Ramanathan, Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog; Mr. Vinaya Hegde, Chancellor, NITTE University; and other associates of NITTE University along with other industry stalwarts and thought leaders. Asia Inc 500 was the media partner for the event.

Speaking of the event, Mr. R. Ramanan enlightened the audiences with remarkable insights and shared the vision of Atal Incubation Centres and the road ahead. “Incubators are one of the important pillars of Atmanirbhar Bharat. With 1.3 billion people in India and more than 1.4 million schools, 10,500 engineering and related institutions, and 39,000 colleges spread across 715 districts, more than 150 million students will be entering the workplace over the next 5-10 years.” he shared.
He further added that it is very important to provide these young students and budding innovators an opportunity to be able to exercise and unveil their creative potential, their thirst and passion for coming up with innovative solutions for solving an existing problem that they see, or for improvising upon a solution that they think is necessary in existing solutions that are already there. In order to make this happen, Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is launching several initiatives to leverage the demographic dividend the country has.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri. Vinaya Hegde, Chancellor NITTE (Deemed-to-be-university), highlighted the need for setting up a world-class incubation centre in a rural area like Nitte for promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship among young men and women of the region. He thanked Mr. R. Ramanan and NITI Aayog for supporting AIC NITTE Incubation Centre.

A Special Edition of Asia Inc. 500 Magazine on ‘Fostering Digital Advancements in India’ was launched in the presence of Mr. Ramanan and Mr. Vinaya Hegde by Mr. Raghavendra Hunasgi, Global Convener of Asia Inc. 500.

The jam-packed event then forged ahead with the on-boarding of 11 start-ups that will be incubated at AIC NITTE and, signing of partnership agreements with 11 partners who will be offering technical assistance to the on-boarded start-ups. Mr. Hunasgi also introduced 6 phenomenal mentors who will be guiding these budding entrepreneurs at every stage of their start-up life-cycle.

The event concluded with the announcement of the Events Calendar for the year 2020-21 by Dr A. P. Achar, Chief Executive Officer of AIC NITTE.
The event was live telecasted on Facebook and YouTube for many students and budding entrepreneurs and witnessed a whooping 16850 attendees across all the channels.

Asia Inc. 500
Asia Inc. 500 is a digital platform for celebrating, recognizing and awarding thought leaders and industry stalwarts across Asia. The global pioneer, which is also an international business magazine, endows an exposure of top business organizations that have manifested in a digital transformation. With a motive to bring the best in Asia, Asia Inc. 500 has been laying continuous emphasis on recognizing and rewarding 5000+ individuals and organizations across Asia and has magazines published across 6 countries in 3 languages and business news channels in Singapore and Hong Kong.
For more information :

NITTE, officially NITTE (Deemed to be University), is an institute of higher education located in Derlakatte, Mangalore, India. It is formed under the Trust of NITTE, a trust sponsored by Nitte Education Trust which has established 31 institutions spread in three campuses at Nitte, Mangalore and Bangalore.
The Government of India conferred the status of Deemed-to-be University in June 2008.
The institution has been accredited with 'A' grade by the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC). Today, there are more than 25000 students and 5000 staff working in its 3 campuses at Nitte, Bangalore and Mangalore.
NITTE was ranked 74 among universities in India by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) in 2020 and in the 101–150 band overall.
For more information :

Asia Inc 500
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Online Janitorial / Custodial Safety Training

Office Cleaning

It covers: chemical hazards, electrical hazards, slips, trips and falls, ergonomic hazards, medical emergencies, security hazards, and trash handling hazards.

VERONA, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2020 / — Contact Information:

Atlas Safety & Health, LLC / Harry Xanthakos
37 Cumberland Ave.
Verona, NJ 07044
Cell: 917 – 561 6396

Online Janitorial / Custodial Safety Training from
Atlas Safety & Health, LLC

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the job of Janitors/ Custodians and Building Cleaners are in the top five jobs in the U.S. in which an employee is likely to sustain an injury. A safety hazard analysis of custodial jobs shows that employees are exposed not only to the normal hazards of the workplace, but also to hazards inherent in the type of work they do.

According to the Department of Labor Statistics, there are 2.4 million Janitors in the U.S. In 2018 they sustained approximately 38,000 injuries and illnesses that each required 8 days (median) of work absences.

Atlas Safety & Health is about to change the industry with the launch of its Online Janitorial/Custodial Safety Training. It is the first of its kind, and will offer a one hour course that will cover the following topics: safety orientation, chemical hazards, electrical hazards, slips, trips and falls, ergonomic hazards, medical emergencies, security hazards, and trash handling hazards. At the end of each topic there is a short true/false quiz. Upon completion of the course, trainees will receive a certificate.

The Online Janitorial/Custodial Safety Training is developed by a Health and Safety professional with extensive multi-sector experience in the Occupational Health and Safety field. It will help your organization reduce the number of accidents and illnesses, medical costs, insurance premiums and improve employee morale. The cost is $29 per trainee. To register for the course, first you must receive by email the login information to our e-leaning site

Atlas Safety & Health, LLC: is an organization that provides OSHA compliance consulting, and construction and general industry OSHA on-site training courses.

Harry Xanthakos
Atlas Safety & Health, LLC
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Riding the new Ecommerce Wave – Best Selling Author Releases New Book on How to Set Up Your Online Shopify Store

Riding the new Ecommerce Wave - Best Selling Author Releases New Book on How to Set Up Your Online Shopify Store

Riding the new Ecommerce Wave – Best Selling Author Releases New Book on How to Set Up Your Online Shopify Store

Veronica Jeans, best selling author of Riding the new Ecommerce Wave - Best Selling Author Releases New Book on How to Set Up Your Online Shopify Store

Veronica Jeans, best selling author of Riding the new Ecommerce Wave – Best Selling Author Releases New Book on How to Set Up Your Online Shopify Store

Ecommerce business consultant and Shopify expert, Veronica Jeans, provides a step-by-step detailed blueprint for setting up an e-commerce store with ease.

Start your online business today, life comes at you very fast, tomorrow might be too late”

— Veronica L Jeans

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2020 / — In her new book, Shopify Made Easy, author Veronica Jeans, delivers a comprehensive and detailed methodology on how to set up an online store correctly.

"In both professional and personal settings, I'm frequently asked for quick tips or advice to help someone set up a Shopify store. I am often approached by business owners wanting to expand their businesses from brick-and-mortar entities to an online presence“, said Jeans. "In my new book, I provide business owners with new ways to monetize their offerings by taking advantage of the internet.  What's more, they don't have to be tech-savvy to get up and running quickly.” 

Because today’s business environment requires owners to become more flexible on how they sell their products, Jeans says it is important to take advantage of the opportunities ecommerce offers. To do so, she walks people through the process of creating their online store upon a solid foundation and avoid the pitfalls that can result in the frustration and delays in launching your online business.

In ‘Shopify Made Easy: The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Launch Your Shopify Store,’ Jeans teaches you:
– How to visually brand your store
– How to add products
– How to set up your financials
– How to set up local and international shipping
…and much more!

More About Veronica Jeans

Veronica Jeans is an ecommerce business consultant and Shopify expert who has been coaching and teaching business owners how to build and negotiate all the intricacies of running an online store. She integrates her extensive knowledge in the field of ecommerce, along with her international financial and tax
expertise, to offer up a playbook for generating income online.
You can learn more about her work at

veronica jeans
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Action Emojis and Emoji Apps

Using the brain and mind emojis to show how the mind and brain can be used to improve each other.

A double mind and brain emoji drawing attention on brain education and brain and mind being separate entities.

An emoji that is a reminder for behaving wisely.

An emoji with fetus, child, adult and guru emojis bunched together.

We need more female emojis. Creating a more distinct female emoji.

Female emoji with long hair.

Taking emojis to the next level by creating action emojis to explain in clear and simple terms a path to emotional health. Using emojis to create EH apps.

Action emojis and apps will redefine the brain and mind relationship and focus on the neglected brain education creating an emotionally healthy society. Making America an emotional health super power.”

— Sajid Khan

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2020 / — Emojis have become one of the essential keys to expressing our feelings. Let us take emojis to the next level. Let's create a path to wisdom by making one minute apps with emojis. Instead of just singular feeling emojis we are creating action emojis that consist of two or more emojis to create wisdom/EH improving mind and brain exercises. The next step will be all about using emojis to fill the missing gaps in education and solving the ills of society. Using multiple emojis together will enable the transformation of the world from being emotionally challenged to emotionally healthy.

Please consider the following questions:

1) Infrastructure, education, inventions, civilization are all improving so why are the social ills as bad as ever?
2) There are 44.000 books on happiness then why is happiness still almost impossible to teach?
3) Why do powerful leaders like Biden and Bloomberg cannot find even one expert who can help them overcome their sex addiction?
4) Why do almost 50% of Americans have a hard time making ends meet.

All these problems arise because we lump the brain and mind as the single entity of the mind when these are two separate entities. Thus all attention is focused on mind education while brain education is not only ignored the brain is miseducated and as a result about 80% of the population develops emotionally challenged brains from mild to severe. Cutting edge mind education generates improved infrastructure etc. while messed up brain education results in messed up emotionally challenged brains that generate all these ills of society.

All these books do not teach us happiness because these books try to teach the mind happiness when it is the brain that needs healing. Same with sex healing. They try to persuade the mind to give up sex addiction when it is a brain addiction and it is the brain that has to be treated. Even though we Americans make good money with our well educated minds but we spend it with our miseducated brains.

As the brain and mind are listed as one, we have mind sickness and brain sickness defined as just mind sickness. So even when the brain is ill we try to heal the mind. Mental health is mind health where emotional health is brain health. As the brain is under the radar screen emotional health is under the radar screen.

Also we have much fewer female and minority emojis. Instead of emojis made with circles only we need to add braids and long hair with ribbons to the circles to depict female images.

Our first action emoji is an image of the mind observing the brain with a magnifying glass with one eye closed. Also the brain image is observing the mind with a magnifying glass with one eye closed. This dual image emoji of the brain and mind observing each other will wake up the world to the fact that the brain and mind are two separate entities. It will show that we need to have separate education systems for brain and mind education. Mind education is acquiring the expertise through regular education where brain education is through mostly wise parenting and emotionally healthy upbringing.

This dual emoji is for those who have missed the bus of wise parenting. They need to heal the emotionally challenged brain by identifying with their mind and with it heal the brain.

My second action emoji consists of four emojis in a single picture. The emojis are of a) Fetus (-2), b) Child (-1), c) Adult (+1), d) Guru (+2). The medical sciences are mostly focused on just 3 stages of mind development from child, adult and guru when in reality there are four stages of fetus, child, adult and guru. When upbringing is emotionally healthy and regular education is effective the mind and brain develop to the +2 level. In most cases in America mind education is better positioned while brain education is mostly messed up from severe to mild. Most Americans develop their brains to the adult +1 level.

At different times we act from fetus. child. adult or guru levels. This emoji is a reminder that -2 behavior will always provide -2 results. In order to achieve +2 results one must act from guru +2 level. This emoji reminds everyone to act wisely.

4th R Foundation
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This video explains why our current world order is based on ignorance.

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Bikers Against Trafficking Applauded for Combatting one of the Largest Criminal Industries in the World

United for Human Rights Florida

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, US, August 9, 2020 / — Just last month, Bikers Against Trafficking International (BAT) received four letters from officials applauding BAT for their work in saving children from human trafficking. The officials are: Marco Rubio, US Senator; Wayne Jacoby, the President of Global Education Motivators (GEM – a non-profit associated with the United Nations’ Department of Public Information); John Redman, the CEO of Community Alliance for Drug-Free Youth; and Bishop Craig A. Worsham, the President of the International Multi-faith Coalition.

Senator Rubio thanked the bikers for “helping to make Florida a safer and more humane place for us all.”

The President of GEM wrote, “I would like to extend my support and encouragement to Bikers Against Trafficking for being on the frontlines defending victims of human trafficking day in and day out.”

John Redman said, “Thank you for leading the charge to end human trafficking.”

And Bishop Worsham wrote, “I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate you on the work that you and your entire team have done to actively oppose this evil in all its forms… you are not only salvaging trafficking victims but giving them the knowledge and power to now succeed in a life of freedom where their human rights are respected.”

BAT uses educational materials provided by Youth for Human Rights, the youth component of United for Human Rights (UHR) Florida, to educate the community and former victims on what their rights are. The UHR material is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted and proclaimed by the United Nations in 1948 and contains the 30 most widely-accepted human rights that everybody inalienably has. UHR offers this material for free to those interested in being a part of the movement.

“By forming partnerships and working together we can combine shoulders and take on human trafficking,” said Rainey Nave, the Vice President of BAT. “Human trafficking is happening all around us, in every state and every city. We need to bring a subject like this to the top of our priorities list and actually start working together to end this.”

Last year, BAT attended Sturgis bike week where they educated thousands of people on the signs of human trafficking, and as a result, saved several people from being trafficked while attending the event. More recently, they delivered a training seminar at Stetson University in Florida, educating students on what they can do on campus to join the fight.

For more information about Bikers Against Trafficking and United for Human Rights, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages: @BikerAgainstTraffickingFL and @HumanRightsFL or email BAT at

About Bikers Against Trafficking:

Bikers Against Trafficking is an international, non-profit organization with the mission of eradicating human trafficking through education, advocacy, prevention and pro-active measures. Founded by Rainey and Doc, two Bikers who both have first-hand experience of being trafficked in their youth, they now dedicate their lives to ending human trafficking.

About United for Human Rights:

United for Human Rights (UHR) is an international, not-for-profit organization dedicated to implementing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at local, regional, national and international levels. UHR is one of eight humanitarian programs the Church of Scientology supports. It was L Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion who said, “Human Rights must be made a fact not an idealistic dream.”

Cristian Vargas Exeutive Director
United for Human Rights Florida
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Black Girl Film School Aims to Neutralize Black Underrepresentation in Film and TV Production

BGFS Students During a BGFS program

BGFS Students During a BGFS program

BGFS Students During a BGFS program

Jayda Imanlihen- Executive Director of Black Girl Film School

BGFS Students During a BGFS program

BGFS Students During a BGFS program

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 8, 2020 / — Black Girl Film School Aims to Neutralize Black Underrepresentation in Film and TV Production.

Los Angeles, CA–United States -In the field of creative arts including film and television production the representation of Black people is considerably low. The under-representation is especially visible when it comes to Black females working “below-the-line” on film and TV productions. Black Girl Film School (BGFS) aims to change the status-quo by providing education, technical training and mentorship that will enable black girls to enter the industry and eliminate the racial disparity on production sets. BGFS has a goal of creating, opening and maintaining a pipeline of Black girl filmmakers by reaching the girls as early as the 6th grade.

Accomplishing such an ambitious objective would necessitate the involvement of professional experts. BGFS is a collection of media experts, filmmakers, screenwriters, cinematographers, producers, directors, teachers, instructional designers, and below the line crew working relentlessly to achieve the common goal of ensuring an increase in the number of black females working in the creative arts, specifically the film and TV industry.

With over a decade long career in the narrative film industry Jayda Imanlihen, the Executive Director of the organization, has realized the impact of quality online learning experiences and that such strategies can help build the Black girl film community enabling their greater inclusion in technical fields where they traditionally lack representation. To achieve this goal Black Girl Film School emphasizes the development of not only filmmaking skills but also STEAM skills to create the well-rounded filmmaker.

The inspiration for establishing such an academy was a result of statistics such as the one from a 2018 report that shows that Black female faculty make up just 3% of professors in educational institutions in American Universities. The percentage of black female professors teaching film production-related subjects in MFA programs are less than 1%.

“I’ve only ever had one Black female professor teach me film. That one professor wrote my recommendation letter for Columbia University Graduate MFA Film program. I was just a girl from Chicago who had never picked up a camera before nor been on a set, and the one woman who I learned film from, who looked like me, changed the trajectory of my life and I was off to New York City to study film with the industry’s leading experts” says Executive Director of Black Girl Film School Jayda Imanlihen.

“If she could impact my life by introducing me to the multitude of roles in film production that girls might not be familiar with then I could also do the same for others. It was this concept that inspired me to create Black Girl Film School as a non-profit center of education helping girls in their education and career path”, she concluded.

With such a pronounced goal, Jayda has been motivating film industry stakeholders and others that matter in making decisions relating to representation to indulge in an intentional effort to promote Black girls in the technical areas where they are grossly under-represented. As for her, she continues to create learning opportunities for black girls around the world by delivering BGFS’s programs online and via their very own learning mobile application.

About Black Girl Film School
Black Girl Film School is a 501 (c) 3 education foundation that offers quality online film production programs for females interested in pursuing a career path in TV and film. In the process; it has partnered with the likes of AbelCine, The Mill, The Saban Family foundation, Michelle Obama School of Technology and the ARTS and other schools the Chicago area. The school aims to start its inaugural fully online program in September 2020.

Interested people can contact Jayda at Instagram at  or log on to the website at 

Personal IG: @Msproducerjay

Jayda Imanlihen
Black Girl Film School
+1 213-924-4191
email us here

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First Vegan Certification Standard in the World Gains Global Accreditation

BeVeg International -- Global Leader in Vegan Certification with Internationally Recognized Global Trademark

BeVeg International — Global Leader in Vegan Certification with Internationally Recognized Global Trademark

BeVeg - First Vegan Standard in the World to be Globally Accredited by ISO ISO/IEC 17065:2012

BeVeg – First Vegan Standard in the World to be Globally Accredited by ISO ISO/IEC 17065:2012

World Accreditation Forum for Certification. NAC is the Accreditation Body for BeVeg International

World Accreditation Forum for Certification. NAC is the Accreditation Body for BeVeg International

It’s official! BeVeg International is the global leader in vegan certification as the first vegan certification standard in the world, to be ISO accredited.

We pursued this rigorous accreditation to assure consumers that every BeVeg certified vegan company or product follows strict — uniform — standards to assure vegan quality assurance”

— Carissa Kranz, Esq., Founder & CEO of BeVeg Global Vegan Certification

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2020 / — It’s official! BeVeg International, the global leader in vegan certification is the first vegan certification standard in the world — that is vegan in scope — to be globally accredited and recognized by ISO ISO/IEC 17065:2012 (ISO 17065). ISO 17065 is the international quality standard for organizations certifying products, processes and services.

“We pursued this rigorous accreditation to serve as an independent validation to assure our customers and consumers that BeVeg’s systems are comprehensive and that every BeVeg certified vegan company or product follows strict — uniform — standards to assure not only food safety but vegan quality assurance for all products across all industry sectors,” said Carissa Kranz, attorney founder & CEO of BeVeg.

The BeVeg vegan certification program protects consumers and furthers truth in labeling laws by confirming that a product meets strict standards for vegan quality assurance. To achieve ISO 17065, BeVeg underwent a vigorous audition process to ensure BeVeg follows internationally established best practices for audit and product certification in accordance with industry expectations.

BeVeg stands out as a trustworthy organization with true meaning behind its vegan trademarks, giving the consumer confidence that the products and processes certified vegan by BeVeg meet the highest standards for vegan certification. BeVeg sets the standard for vegan quality control and assurance through risk assessment, plant audits, equipment testing, and product testing both in the plant and at the point of consumer purchase.

The BeVeg vegan certification standard has demonstrated a dedication to holding the global community accountable to a single international standard and vegan standard. “Vegan claims and labels are just as important and serious as kosher, gluten-free, organic, and other food and product safety certifications,” says Kranz.

The accreditation certificate was granted and announced by the National Accreditation Center (NAC), a global accreditation body under APAC, which is part of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) community.

The BeVeg Vegan Certified logo global BeVeg vegan trademark program is officially recognized as the vegan trademark of choice. BeVeg vegan trademark symbols are the only law firm issued vegan symbols in the world, the only law firm drafted vegan standard, and the first and only accredited vegan standard to be recognized in accordance with industry best practices as acknowledged by the world accreditation community and defined by ISO.

To date, no other vegan certifying body has yet to reach the same level of vegan quality assurance and accreditation by international standards.

BeVeg International Vegan Certification
BeVeg International
+1 202-996-7999
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Democrat Michael Weinstein Releases 5-Point Plan for Florida’s Future

Michael Weinstein, Democrat, for State House

Democrat Michael Weinstein

The only Democrat to live in the District, Weinstein outlines his goals to help local families and businesses

I understand the District because I live here and I am raising my family here. I’ll be an advocate for our community and get things done,” Weinstein stated.”

— Michael Weinstein

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2020 / — Michael Weinstein, community advocate and local Democratic candidate for State House District 81, releases his 5-point plan on the top issues he will focus on as State Representative.

The plan follows on the heels of his District 81 tour and the announcement of hundreds of local grassroots endorsements in his campaign.

“I am talking with voters across the District. The issues I am focused on are the issues that our community wants addressed from their local leaders. I understand the District because I live here and I am raising my family here. I’ll be an advocate for our community and get things done,” Weinstein stated.

As our State Representative, Weinstein will address the challenges facing our families and small businesses.

Here is Michael Weinstein’s 5-point plan for District 81:

Weinstein will make sure we are prepared for any crisis, prioritize public health, fix Florida’s broken unemployment system, and get our residents and businesses the support they need.

As a former prosecutor and current criminal trial attorney, Weinstein has been fighting for justice his entire life and is uniquely qualified to be a bridge between law enforcement and the community.

Weinstein will fight to ensure Floridians can get the care they need without worrying if they can afford it.

As a proud parent of a 9-year old daughter in public school, Weinstein will make education funding a top priority. He will oppose Governor DeSantis’ school reopening plan and fight for a plan that listens to health experts and puts children’s safety first.

Weinstein will make sure Floridians are getting ahead, not just getting by. He will fight for better wages, more job opportunities, and be a strong voice for working families.

Weinstein is a life-long Democrat who has spent his entire career as an advocate for justice. Weinstein served our community as an Assistant State Attorney, where he was recognized as one of the county’s top prosecutors in 2001. He served three terms on the Florida Criminal Procedure Rules Committee drafting court rules and procedures to be used across the state and was appointed to the United States Military Academy Board Nominating Committee by Senator Nelson.

Raised by generations of Democratic leaders, Weinstein learned at an early age the importance of public service and having the courage to stand up for what you believe in. His grandfather Moses Weinstein served as Speaker of the New York State Assembly, and his father Peter Weinstein was the Florida Democratic Senate Majority Leader and a former Chief Judge. His mother, Dr. Barbara Weinstein, served as CEO of Family Central, a non-profit that works to support kids and families across South Florida.

House District 81 is an open seat. Weinstein and his wife are raising their nine-year-old daughter in the district. He is the only candidate in the Democratic Primary who lives in the District. The election is on Tuesday, August 18th.

To learn more about Michael Weinstein, please visit Weinstein for State House and connect with him on Facebook.

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Source: EIN Presswire