The Winner’s Pathways -Vijay Anand’s Amazon#1 Best Seller

Amazon #1 Awarded

Best Indian Literary Award

Vijay Anand -Business Coach and Author

India’s leading Leadership and Business Coach Vijay Anand’ explains struggle to balance between four essential domains- Self, family, work & community in life

NEW DELHI, NEW DELHI, INDIA, June 14, 2019 / — India’s leading Leadership and Business Coach Vijay Anand’s latest launch “The Winner’s Pathways” which won Amazon #1 Best seller is not just a book but a mechanism to unearth manifold layers of strengths within each individual to achieve desired and deserving results. The Winner’s Pathways is an insight of author Vijay Anand and understanding the reasons of people’s struggle to balance between the four essential domains (Self, family, work & community) of life and covers the 8 critical domains of life:
• To know yourself
• Brand You (Discover your Brand)
• You are in Action
• Special Ability of Your Brain
• Checklist before Takeoff
• Measurable Goals benefit (excellence)
• The Golden Key to Success
• Leadership Essential

Author Vijay, who took one year to write the entire book, emphasizes that the Winner’s Pathways system helps the individual to grow to the best version of their life. The complete framework is backed by simple action points to implement while moving to the path less traveled. The book is backed by over 50 leadership philosophies from the world’s best leaders who have changed the world with their footprint.

Stated Dr. David Lincoln President , NLP TRAINER, Psychologist ANLP (India). “Vijay has put together an interesting book that contains some procedures and techniques, which will definitely increase your ability to function better in our ever-changing world. One of the principles of success is called the principle of least effort and this is achieved by putting your brain into automatic mode an automatic mode of success. Vijay has addressed this principle very successfully”

“Vijay, with his experience has visualized the everyday rut of life and the complexities associated in keeping a balance between work, family, society and most importantly self. As and when one starts aligning with the inner self the meek and insecure emerges as a confident and powerful personality. This book can be taken up as a manual which can transform our lives. It has answered all those queries which a person asks to himself almost at every point of time .”Endorsed by Sandeep Marwah, the founder of AAFT and film City Noida. Honored with Dadasaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award.

“The Winner’s Pathways is a heartwarming and an 'easy to use approach' to the serious business of self-evolution and actualization in an endeavor to reach the pinnacle of life. Vijay Anand deserves Compliments for providing practical ways to be a better manager and leader in all aspects of life! This book comprehensively and beautifully describes people-centered leadership in a lucid manner, stated Dr. Divya Jaitly TV Anchor|Speaker|Entrepreneur/Co Founder – The Advanced Learning Institute, CII Advisory – Indian Women Network, Pune
The book is published by Adhyyan publication

About the Author
Vijay Anand is an authorpreneur, professional speaker, mentor, seminar leader, business success coach, consultant, NLP practitioner, philanthropist –Gallup Certified Strength Coach and a Strength Scientist. He is the associate vice president in a Fortune 50 company. Throughout his corporate journey, he took to mentoring and coaching a plethora of corporate individuals and young entrepreneurs embarking on their respective journeys towards professional progress or brand enhancement. He is the brain behind Leadership Essential, whose purpose is to bring individuals closer than they have ever imagined, to their business and personal goals. He is a recipient of the Bharat Gaurav Award 2017 in the Leadership Education, mentoring and coaching category. His initiative is to help 1 million youth to have access to world class leadership education for free. This movement allows NGO’s, Government organization and universities to host his program for free as service to the nation.

A by-product of this endeavor was being trained with the most elite in the industry-names on the likes of Robin Sharma and Brian Tracy.

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Guiding winners way of life

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Arcadia School District Partners With Purplepass

Arcadia Unified School District (AUSD)

Arcadia High School Performing Arts Center

Boca Printer

Every student deserves a quality education, and we are thrilled that the Arcadia School District is allowing Purplepass to be apart of giving that to their students.”

— Savannah McIntosh, Purplepass Marketing Director

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2019 / — Arcadia Unified School District (AUSD) has partnered with Purplepass Ticketing to manage school events and outside presenting organizations. AUSD is a nationally renowned public school district that educates nearly 10,000 students throughout 11 schools. Nestled in the San Gabriel Valley, all schools are located in Arcadia, California.

Business Week named Arcadia as the “best place to raise your kids” in the entire state of California on two separate occasions. With various professional development opportunities, conferences, staff development workshops, collaboration time, and learning walks, the Arcadia Unified faculty stays ahead of the curve to ensure a rigorous, vertically aligned curriculum that fully prepares students for college and career. In 2015, the district began hosting the Arcadia Innovation Summit, one of the premiere educational conferences in the country that is free of charge.

Arcadia High School has been named a U.S. News and World Report Gold Medal School three times, named to Newsweek’s Top Public High Schools in America list, and ranked among the top two percent of high schools in California according to Niche. 2017 marked the second straight year that Arcadia High’s graduating class had at least one student accepted into every Ivy League University in the country.

The District comprises the following schools: Arcadia High School, Dana Middle School, First Avenue Middle School, Foothills Middle School, Baldwin Stocker Elementary, Camino Grove Elementary, Highland Oaks Elementary, Holly Avenue Elementary, Hugo Reid Elementary, Longley Way Elementary, Rancho Learning Center.

Arcadia High School Performing Arts Center is the home to a variety of arts; concerts, cover bands, tributes, theatre, dance, festivals, etc. Arcadia High School is exploring the possibility of using Purplepass for other schooling events such as sports, lectures and educational purposes, as well as for outside presenting organizations.

Purplepass Ticketing is the ultimate event management software. Since starting in 2008, Purplepass has grown exponentially year after year to power countless assigned seating ticketing venues, free event registration events, concerts, fairs, festivals, educational programs, sporting events and even comprehensive season pass ticketing. Whether you need an event ticketing system for simple high school reunions, a massive multi-day festival, or the most advanced reserved seating ticketing software available, Purplepass is the best event ticket management system on the market.

AUSD will take advantage of specialized ticketing equipment available through Purplepass such as special ticket printers, to personalize and print their own event tickets in bulk. Other equipment available include wireless scanners, iPad and box office gear, receipt printers, cash drawers and more; everything they need to run successful and smooth events.

Larger school districts often face larger attendance with higher demands. Now with Purplepass, AUSD family, friends and students can find ticket options/discounts that work for them, delivery options for out-of-town family members, online seating maps, use student ID codes and more!

Savannah McIntosh
Purplepass Ticketing
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Grant Program Helps Electrify New Wave of Zero Emission School Bus Deliveries

ADOMANI-powered School Buses are revolutionizing student transportation

ADOMANI®-powered school bus deliveries aided by California Energy Commission's grant program

Adomani Electric (NASDAQ:ADOM)

The grant solicitation announced $75 Million in Clean Energy Job Creation funding to fund projects that replace old diesel school buses in California”

— California Energy Commission

REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 13, 2019 / — Electrified Public School buses are clearly the future of student transportation. ADOMANI Electric, a leader in electrified vehicle technology, has developed a wide array of fully electric school buses and other utility vehicles for the public use. The recent sale of a fleet of electrified cargo vans to the city of Santa Clara is just another validation as to the impact of their electrification platforms.

Working with BlueBird, one of the largest school bus producers in the world, ADOMANI developed, produces and delivers all-electric school buses with 125 miles of range and simplified recharging parameters. Recent successes include delivery of an all-electric Bluebird/ADOMANI school bus to the Fowler Unified School District outside of Fresno and five buses to the Twin Rivers School district in northern Sacramento County. Vehicles such as this fit perfectly with the recent release (June 3, 2019) of the California Energy Commission's Grant Solicitation program that will help fund electric school bus sales throughout the state.

Clearly the first question a public school board needs to address with regards to full electrification of their bus fleet is paying for them. California has already mandated that all new school bus purchases after 2020 must be electrified. The California Energy Commission's Grant Solicitation program will help fund the procurement of new fully electric school buses across the state.

"The grant solicitation announced $75 Million in Clean Energy Job Creation funding to fund projects that replace old diesel school buses in California," their recent report states. "These funds are evenly distributed among four regions ($18.75 million per region (Northern, Central, Southern California and Los Angeles, County). The Clean Transportation Program component of this solicitation was an offer to fund up to $60,000 in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure for each of the electric school buses awarded under this solicitation."

Recent advancements in ADOMANI's line of efficient and clean electric school buses are the perfect fit for the future of student transportation. Of key interest to school administrators, ADOMANI offers a program that converts original diesel buses to all electric at far less cost than new electric buses. Using California Energy Commission funds and state-available rebates, these buses could cost school districts zero dollars to make upgrade to full-electric propulsion. That's a plan we can all get behind.

For more information go to

ADOMANI, Inc. is a provider of zero-emission all-electric and hybrid drivetrain systems for integration into new school buses and medium to heavy-duty commercial fleet vehicles, as well as re-power conversion kits for the replacement of drivetrain systems in combustion-powered vehicles. ADOMANI® is focused on reducing the total cost of vehicle ownership and helps fleet operators unlock the benefits of green technology. In addition, ADOMANI® helps address the challenges of traditional fuel price instability and local, state and federal environmental regulatory compliance. For more information, visit www.

Safe Harbor Statement
This release contains “forward-looking statements” that include information relating to future events and future financial and operating performance. The words “may,” “would,” “will,” “expect,” “estimate,” “can,” “believe,” “potential” and similar expressions and variations thereof are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements should not be read as a guarantee of future performance or results, and will not necessarily be accurate indications of the times at, or by, which that performance or those results will be achieved. Forward-looking statements are based on information available at the time they are made and/or management’s good faith belief as of that time with respect to future events, and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual performance or results to differ materially from those expressed in or suggested by the forward-looking statements. Important factors that could cause these differences include, but are not limited to: fluctuations in demand for ADOMANI® Inc. products, the introduction of new products, the Company’s ability to maintain customer and strategic business relationships, the impact of competitive products and pricing, growth in targeted markets, the adequacy of the Company’s liquidity and financial strength to support its growth, and other information that may be detailed from time-to-time in ADOMANI’s filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Examples of such forward-looking statements in this release include statements regarding product offerings and marketing. For a more detailed description of the risk factors and uncertainties affecting ADOMANI® Inc., please refer to the Company’s recent Securities and Exchange Commission filings, which are available at ADOMANI® Inc. undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

David Cox
Adomani Electric
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Study Shows Strong Relationship Between Afterschool and Early Reading Proficiency

Data from 9,000 K-3 students demonstrates afterschool programs that includes structured reading interventions can accelerate significantly literacy proficiency

Let’s continue to invest in afterschool and get more educational value out of our existing programs for the good of all children.”

— Andrew Hysell

TOPEKA, KANSAS, USA, June 13, 2019 / — A new study discovers a strong connection between attending afterschool reading interventions and a child’s early reading proficiency.

The study commissioned by the Reading Roadmap (RR) suggests afterschool programming that includes structured reading interventions aligned with school-day data can accelerate significantly literacy proficiency among young, striving readers.

This study analyzed school individual-level data of 9,000 elementary students across 58 different schools over the 2017-18 academic year. The study compiled data from school-administered reading assessments including AIMSweb, DIBELS and FastBridge. The study compared progress toward reading benchmark among elementary-age children that attended school-based afterschool programs with those that did not.

The study found children attending afterschool reading interventions were 26% more likely to reach benchmark than their non-attending peers. According to the study’s author, Mustafa Yilmaz, “The effect of the relationship was equivalent to a 1.7% greater chance of achieving benchmark reading for every day a child attended afterschool. That is quite significant.”

The study suggests that structured afterschool reading interventions, when done in concert with school instruction, can accelerate overall reading progress.

“When a child enters kindergarten, it’s a four-year race for her to learn how to read,” said Andrew Hysell, RR Director. “If she cannot achieve early reading proficiency by the third grade, she will face barriers for the rest of her life.”

Supplemental tutoring outside the school day is considered essential for a reader that is behind. For example, the Center for American Progress prioritizes “provid[ing] a tutor for every child performing below grade level” as its number one recommendation to improve education.

Unfortunately, families without resources cannot pay for professional tutoring, and families in rural communities often lack any high-quality options regardless of cost. Therefore, afterschool programs are the only option for these families and their children.

“School-based afterschool reading intervention is literally their only lifeline,” said Hysell. “The evidence continues to pile up that afterschool programs can be an effective delivery device for high-quality reading interventions for children that need them. Let’s continue to invest in afterschool and get more educational value out of our existing programs for the good of all children.”

A formal report of the RR’s findings is available here.

Highlights of the report include:

● Students who attend afterschool interventions regularly saw their probability of moving to benchmark increase by an average of 26%;
● The predicted probability of students reaching benchmark reading who attended RR afterschool programs was as high as 38% greater than their non-attending peers; and
● Each day of afterschool attendance translated into a 1.7% increase in likelihood of being a grade-level reader.

The RR provides a structured afterschool reading program supporting children PK-3. The model aligns with school-tiered systems of support and provides reading interventions in the five pillars of early literacy: phenome awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Andrew Hysell
Reading Roadmap
+1 7853502922
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David: The King of Jerusalem A Hero for All Ages

Coming Soon!

A Holy Land Experience Premier

Coming to the “All New” Holy Land Experience in Orlando, FL, beginning June 18th

Holy Land Experience is an entertaining, inspiring, family-friendly theatrical theme park that ignites the values you believe while providing a full day of adventure, entertainment, and fun.”

— Sherri Patko



David: The King of Jerusalem, an original musical, is coming to the “All New” Holy Land Experience in Orlando, FL, beginning June 18th!

Join us as we take you on a journey back in time to the pivotal moments in history that paved the way for a hero after God’s own heart.

Created by internationally recognized directors Robert and Elizabeth Muren, this production brings you the ultimate grace experience.

A combination of a theatrical stage performance and an interactive film backdrop on big screen, the production features all-new, captivating music with lyrics from the Book of Psalms.

It follows the life of David from the time he is a young shepherd boy who is always overlooked by his father and older brothers, to when he becomes the king of Israel, and ultimately to the time he rests with his fathers. In his lonely moments as a shepherd boy, David develops an intimate relationship with God, his unseen Father, with whom he is always seen. His high esteem of this relationship is what causes him to be called a man after God’s own heart.

As king, the adult David enjoys the perks of success and power and doesn’t always heed God’s counsel. Nevertheless, His unseen Father never leaves him. He is with David even through the adulterous act with Bathsheba, the murder of Uriah, and the subsequent tragedies. It is during the tumultuous years of the older David’s reign that he faces an uprising within his own household and is forced to confront his secrets and fears.

As he discovers which of his sons will be his successor, he remembers that man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. The musical reveals a God who doesn’t force His will on any person, a Savior who is full of grace and mercy, and a Father who desires more than anything to have a relationship with His children.

The “All New” Holy Land Experience is a must visit theme park during your Summer adventure in Orlando, FL and is a great destination rain or shine. Guests can enjoy multiple, original musical productions, biblical museum exhibits, restaurants and gift shops throughout the day in our beautiful air-conditioned buildings.

Holy Land Experience is an entertaining, inspiring, family-friendly theatrical theme park that ignites the values you believe in, while providing a full day of adventure, entertainment, and fun. Come, and create great memories that will last a lifetime! Ticketing information for David is available at The live musical production will run with daily shows until the Christmas Season starts on November 26, 2019.

# # #

Holy Land Experience is owned by Trinity Broadcast Network. Learn more at Contact: Sherri Patko, HLE Sales Manager, at 321-206-6040 or via email to

Media representatives are invited to a special VIP only performance the night of Friday, June 21st, at 7:30pm. There will be a VIP press reception with refreshments during intermission. To secure your seats for this one-time special event, please RSVP to Sherri Patko, Sales Manager, at 321‑206‑6040 or via email to

Sherri Patko
Sales Manager, Holy Land Experience
+1 321-206-6040
email us here

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R4G Launches Service to Help PTAs Fund Student Alaska Cruises for Good

Start Today

Start Today

We Help Talented Professionals Find Jobs They Love + Generate Proceeds for Causes + Reward Referrals with Travel Savings

We Help Talented Professionals Find Jobs They Love + Generate Proceeds for Causes + Reward Referrals with Travel Savings

It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times

It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times

Recruiting for Good a staffing agency generates proceeds for causes; and rewards referrals with Alaska cruise travel to positively impact STEM students' lives.

Travel inspires kids to appreciate nature, care about climate change, and see the world for good”

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Cruise for Good+Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2019 / — Cruise for Good is a purposeful travel reward sponsored by staffing agency, Recruiting for Good (RG4) to inspire community participation and help fund causes. Working collaboratively with PTAs; R4G is helping fund Alaska cruise trips to positively impact kids (student) who are passionate about climate change.

According to Recruiting for Good, Founder Carlos Cymerman, “We are looking to work collaboratively with PTA's and schools in Southern California who are interested in integrating Alaska destinations as part of their experiential and educational STEM curriculum. Alaska cruises are perfect nature destinations for 5th grade thru Junior High School students."

How to Participate in Cruise for Good

Your school books an Alaska cruise departing in 12 to 36 months. And connects with Recruiting for Good.

Carlos Cymerman, adds "We generate proceeds from recruiting placements, and reward referrals with travel to fund impactful travel experiences for kids. Before I was a recruiter, I was a teacher…no amount of classroom learning or online viewing can replace experiencing nature in person….It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times."


Recruiting for Good is a socially progressive staffing company in Santa Monica, finding talented professionals awesome jobs they love, since 1998. Companies retain us to find them the best talent in Accounting/Finance, Engineering, and Information Technology, Marketing, and Sales.

Cruise for Good to impact your family's life, your community, and see the world for good. Love to have fun making a difference and travel; simply make referrals to help R4G fund The Ed Asner Family Center and earn travel saving rewards with your favorite brands (Crystal, Disney, Royal Caribbean, Viking, Virgin…and so much more).

The Ed Asner Family Center’s mission is to promote self-confidence in differently abled individuals and bring balance and wellness to those individuals and their families. Delivering Camp Ed, enrichment programs, and mental health programs. To learn more visit

Cruise for Good favored travel partner…Autism on the Seas, an international organization, has been in collaboration with Royal Caribbean International since 2007 in developing cruise vacation services to accommodate adults and families living with children with Special Needs, including, but not limited to, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and all Cognitive, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. These services quickly expanded to other cruise lines.

Hype is a boutique communications agency that provides brand-strategic PR, Marketing and Social Media services to creative companies. We provide an extremely hands-on approach to client service and a collaborative philosophy that positions us as a preferred resource to members of the media. Dedicated to the entertainment industry as a community, Hype is committed to keen storytelling and promoting the creative process.

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
+1 310-720-8324
email us here
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1st United Credit Union Offers Pre-Travel Money Tips for the Bay Area

1st United Credit Union offers easy tips to help their members in the Bay Area finalize planning on summer travel plans

PLEASANTON, CA, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2019 / — 1st United Credit Union Offers Pre-Travel Money Tips for the Bay Area

1st United Credit Union offers easy tips to help their members in the Bay Area finalize planning on summer travel plans, keep their money safe, and minimize spending throughout a trip.

Many in the Bay Area are getting ready for some exciting travel plans as summer quickly approaches. There are 4 things that can be done to plan for finances during a trip according to this Credit Union.

1) Tell Your Credit Union You Are Traveling

The first thing on the Credit Union’s financial to-do list before traveling is to let your credit union know of your plans and inform them which credit cards you will be bringing with you. This will ensure that they do not report unusual activity on the account and potentially block a card. It also gives them a chance to keep an eye on things for you and catch fraudulent activity early on. 1st United members can notify their Credit Union by filling out their quick and easy Notification of Travel Form.

2) Set Up Account Alerts

Credit Unions can proactively monitor suspicious activity on your account when you set up account and fraud alerts ahead of your vacation. They especially recommend this if you plan on traveling abroad. Sign up for text alerts with your Credit Union to protect you, your money, and your identity.

3) Budget for Your Trip

It is always a good idea to have a plan for spending ahead of a trip. Budgeting will help outline how much you should plan on spending and many find that it is helpful to set daily limits for spending or withdrawals while on vacation. 1st United Credit Union members can talk with branch staff if you need assistance making a budget for your trip or simply utilize their online money manager tool.

4) Automate Bill Payments

If you will be away for an extended period of time during your vacation, it may be a good idea to set up one-time or recurring bill payments. Setting up automated payments is free for 1st United Credit Union members and creates a more convenient way to manage your bills without having to worry while you are away.

This pre-travel money to-do list is an excellent resource for those in the Bay Area with summer travel plans. Working with your local Credit Union can help make any vacation safer, better organized, and less stressful.

Contact 1st United Credit Union

Lisha Fabris, Communications Manager
(925) 598-4782

About 1st United Credit Union

1st United Credit Union proudly serves the San Francisco East Bay Area with 8 convenient branches in Alameda, Berkeley, Castro Valley, Fremont, Hayward, Oakland, Pleasanton, and San Leandro. This local, down-to-earth financial institution offers online banking, mobile banking, ATMs, and various other services to provide a simpler, faster, and friendlier banking experience. Learn how you can become a member and take advantage of their helpful tips and tools to plan for your next vacation and the rest of your life.

Lisha Fabris
1st United Credit Union
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Actions Conquer Tragedy The Reagan Tokes Legacy accepted into AOF and Hollywood Dreams Film Festival

A tragic story turned into an empowering message of strength, faith, hope, courage and love.

The Tokes Family: Reagan, McKenzie, Lisa,Toby

Lisa Tokes with Rob Fletcher gathering an army to educate, raise awareness and teach safety and self defense

A tragic story with a very empowering message, mission & purpose. “Evil will not win. Good will prevail. Actions Conquer Tragedy" .

I refuse to let that one night of evil define our daughters life and legacy. Evil will not win. Good will prevail. Actions Conquer Tragedy”

— Lisa Tokes

COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2019 / — Executive producers Rob Fletcher and Lisa and Toby Tokes announce the acceptance of movie trailer “Actions Conquer Tragedy: The Reagan Tokes Legacy” into the Del Weston Action on Film Festival and the Hollywood Dreams Film Festival to be held in Las Vegas July 24–Aug. 3, 2019.

The trailer highlights a story that is every parent’s worst nightmare. On February 8, 2017, 21-year-old Ohio State University student Reagan Tokes was robbed, raped, abducted and murdered. Before being shot twice in the head, Reagan’s final words were “I just want to live.”

The story of Reagan’s parents, Lisa and Toby Tokes, is emotional and compelling. They deliver an empowering message of strength, faith, hope, and courage – most importantly, of love – as they move forward in fighting the system, laws, and policies that failed them. Their daughter’s life and legacy will be defined by “Actions Conquer Tragedy.”

Says Executive Producer Rob Fletcher, “This story, which we hope is picked up by a production company or producer, is powerful on so many levels. These parents define themselves after tragedy took away their most precious gift. How the Tokes have the strength to hold on is amazing. They chose to fight, make a difference and save lives. Lisa and Toby selflessly sacrifice to prevent a similar horror from striking another family.”

Reagan’s murderer was a violent criminal who was released from prison early, in spite of committing 52 infractions while incarcerated. He was released with a GPS ankle bracelet that was not monitored. Prior to murdering Reagan, he violently victimized six other people. Lisa and Toby Tokes believe their daughter’s murder was entirely preventable. Instead of taking time to grieve, they took action and brought to fruition the Reagan Tokes Act which gives state prison officials the ability to take an offender’s prison record into account when deciding to release or retain the individual behind bars and also require formal guidelines for parolee monitoring. 

Lisa Tokes says, “This is a journey I wish I was never on. However, I refuse to let that one night of evil define our daughter's life. This is what we must do. This is what Reagan would want us to do. Evil will not win. Good will prevail.” As a result, the Actions Conquer Tragedy movement was born.  

Actions Conquer Tragedy represents the ongoing effort to fix flawed laws and policies and also educate and train on safety and self-defense. Rob Fletcher is a recognized self-defense and combative tactics expert who offers programs in schools and businesses across the country. Reagan’s story touched him to the core, and he now partners with Lisa Tokes in presenting these programs. His signature program, sdi7 HIIT (self-defense in 7 minutes high intensity interval training), is gaining attention and momentum, raising awareness and teaching self-defense and how to protect others. “Crime, violence, active shooters will never go away.” Rob’s mission is prevention and saving lives.

The Actions Conquer Tragedy movement is real. The Reagan Tokes gala, now an annual event, raises money for a scholarship foundation that bears Reagan’s name. Another annual event is the sdi7 HIIT Safety & Self-Defense Conference that brings together law enforcement, military, martial arts, fitness, and special ops professionals to deliver information and expertise in the areas of safety, prevention, awareness, fitness, and self-defense, including weapon disarmament, learning how to fight back and where and how to strike, and active shooter detection and response.

To learn more about safety, prevention, awareness and self-defense programs, and training, visit or email: Instagram: @sdi7HIIT

Contact: Rob Fletcher
Rob Fletcher Enterprises

Robert Gerard Fletcher
ANGT, LLC Ameirca's Next Great Trainer
+1 845-406-5069
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Movie Trailer: Actions Conquer Tragedy The Reagan Tokes Legacy

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Placebos in Medicine, explained by physician and researcher Dr. William Lee Matzner

William Lee Matzner, MD - California, Simi Valley

William Lee Matzner, MD – California, Simi Valley

Dr William L Matzner California

Dr William L Matzner California

Medical doctor and analyst Dr William L Matzner, California

Medical doctor and analyst Dr William L Matzner, California

Dr William L Matzner, Physician, California

Dr William L Matzner, Physician, California

Dr William Lee Matzner Simi Valley California

Dr William Lee Matzner Simi Valley California

Have you ever wondered whether the prescription you just received may actually be a placebo? Read the new article by Dr. William Matzner to learn more about it.

Healthcare Analytics, LLC (N/A:N/A)

the placebo effect can’t be said to be positive at all times. One of its drawbacks is the difficulty to tell the placebo effect apart from the effect of an actual treatment.”

— Dr. William Matzner, California (Healthcare Analytics, LLC)

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2019 / — A placebo is a common medical treatment prescribed by doctors, psychiatrists, or health care consultants to provide a psychological benefit to the patient instead of a physiological one. Placebos come in many forms, the most common ones being inert injections and tablets and have no therapeutic effect on the user whatsoever.

Dr. William Matzner has published an overview article on this issue. The complete article will be published on the Blog of Dr. Matzner at

While every placebo is different, what is common among each one of them is that they lack an active ingredient that has the ability to affect the user’s health.

Uses of Placebos

A placebo is typically used by researchers during clinical trials to discover what effect a new drug or treatment might have on a patient. For example, some patients in a study may get a new drug to control their diabetes, while others may get a placebo. However, the patients involved in the study wouldn’t be able to tell whether they got the placebo or the new medicine as these patients are chosen at random to receive either the placebo or the actual medicine.

Later on, researchers will compare and contrast the effects that the real drug and the placebo had on their patients. This helps them determine the uses, effects, and potential side-effects of the new treatment.

What Does Placebo Effects Mean?

Sometimes, a person may react to a placebo even though the placebo made no difference to their condition. In other words, they may suffer from certain side-effects or may experience a positive outcome as a result of consuming a placebo. For example, it is likely for the patient to observe some improvements in their condition. Or it is also likely for them to deal with some serious side-effects. Such responses are popularly known as the “placebo effect.” Research shows that a placebo can have an effect on the following conditions:

* Menopause
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome
* Chronic pain
* Depression
* Sleep disorders

How Does the Placebo Effect Work in the Human Body?

Clinical research shows that the placebo effect has a lot to do with the relationship between the mind and the body. One of the theories of the placebo effect concerns the patient’s expectations. For example, if a patient expects a pill to work in some way, then it is likely for the body’s chemistry to react in the same way as the new medication ought to.

Experts are of the view that it also depends on how strong-willed a person is and how much a patient is looking forward to getting positive results. If the person is optimistic about a certain placebo treatment, then it is likely for the medicine to exhibit positive results. The same is true for the negative effects. If the patient is convinced that the placebo will cause side-effects, then people may suffer from common side-effects such as nausea, lethargy, headaches, etc.

Studies show that placebos in medical treatments can result in certain physical changes — for example, an increase in the production of endorphins in the body. However, the placebo effect can’t be said to be positive at all times. One of its drawbacks is the difficulty to tell the placebo effect apart from the effect of an actual treatment.

About William Lee Matzner, M.D., PhD, FACP

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Sean Mackey, MD, explains the placebo effect. Mackey is the chief of Stanford’s Pain Management Division and an associate professor at the School of Medicine.

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Florida Attorney Advised Residents of Rights under the Baker Act in Seminar at Mental Health Watchdog Headquarters

CCHR says its Psychiatric Abuse Hotline gets about 80 calls a month from someone concerned about their child, a friend or loved one who has been Baker Acted and in many instances the victim did not meet the legal criteria to be sent to a psychiatric facility.

CCHR receives too many calls on a weekly basis from families whose loved ones were illegally taken into custody under the Baker Act. This abuse must end.”

— Diane Stein, President of CCHR Florida

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, US, June 13, 2019 / — The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a non-profit mental health watchdog dedicated to the exposure and eradication of abuses committed under the guise of mental health, hosted a complimentary seminar with attorney and former Assistant Public Defender, Carmen Miller, Esq., to educate Floridians on their mental health rights. This seminar took place on Wednesday, 12 June at the CCHR Florida headquarters, 109 N. Fort Harrison Ave. in downtown Clearwater. Ms. Miller addressed abuses of Florida’s main mental health bill, the Baker Act, with preventative actions citizens can take to safeguard themselves and their families. Ms. Miller has extensive experience in criminal and family justice, given her previous 8-year tenure as Assistant Public Defender in the Thirteenth Circuit in Tampa. Her private practice today specializes in cases of those who have been Baker Acted.

While the original stated intention of the Baker Act was actually to protect the rights of citizens sent for involuntary psychiatric examination, Ms. Miller noted that it has become a source of abuse for Floridians. The Baker Act allows for individuals of all ages, including children, to be taken into custody and sent for an involuntary psychiatric examination, often against their will, or without parental consent in the case of children.

The number of people being “Baker Acted,” as the act of involuntary commitment is commonly called, has risen 118% between 2001 and 2016, according to a report from the Department of Children and Families. [1] Another recent official report shows that more than 199,000 involuntary psychiatric examinations were done in Florida, with over 32,000 of these done to children — some as young as two-years-old. [2]

“The Baker Act is being abused and is being used incorrectly on people of all ages,” said Diane Stein, President CCHR Florida. “CCHR receives too many calls on a weekly basis from families whose loved ones were illegally taken into custody under the Baker Act. This abuse must end.”

CCHR launched its statewide mental health campaign in 2015 to educate Floridians on little-known abuses tied to the Baker Act. The campaign has included distributing educational materials at law establishments, publishing online and print materials for parents, and conducting free public seminars.

To learn more about the Baker Act or to reserve seats at the next seminar, please call CCHR Florida at 727-442-8820.

About CCHR: Initially established by the Church of Scientology and renowned psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Szasz in 1969, CCHR’s mission is to eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, first brought psychiatric imprisonment to wide public notice: “Thousands and thousands are seized without process of law, every week, over the ‘free world’ tortured, castrated, killed. All in the name of ‘mental health,’” he wrote in March 1969. For more information visit


[1] The Baker Act The Florida Mental Health Act Fiscal Year 2016/2017Annual Report

[2] Baker Act Reporting Center via WPTV press release

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