Chianina Beef Burgers, Chianina Beef Steaks, Chianina Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks now available from Protein Brokers, LLC

Chianina Beef Steaks

Chianina Beef Burgers

Chianina Beef 5 C Cattle Group

The most sought after Chianina Beef Burgers, Chianina Beef Steaks and Chianina Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks are now available to Restaurants so their guests can enjoy

Chianina Beef Burgers are being processed and packed at Temptee Specialty Foods in Denver, Colorado”

— Barney Seward Vice President Protein Brokers, LLC

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — Chianina Beef Burgers, Chianina Beef Steaks and Chianina Tomahawk Ribeye Steaks are now available to Food-service and Meat Distributors that supply restaurants, high end retail meat markets and grocery chains. The 5 C Cattle Group has appointed Protein Brokers, LLC as their Master Broker for some of the most desired steaks and burgers in the world today.

5 C Cattle Group is a group of cattle ranchers and business professionals that have put together a plan to raise, process and distribute Chianina Beef in the USA. They have appointed Protein Brokers, LLC the women owned and managed company located in Colorado to market their Chianina Beef. Marlene Seward President/CEO has extensive experience in banking, food-service and the agriculture business. She has been in management over the years with Rainier Bank in Seattle, Bank of America in Arizona and American National Banks (ANB) in Colorado. Marlene and her husband Barney the VP of Protein Brokers, LLC have also owned Food-service and Retail Brokerage companies that have successfully developed protein lines in the 11 Western States.

The focus of the 5 C Cattle Group is to offer Chianina Beef Burgers and Chianina Beef to a very select group of restaurants that want to be on the cutting edge by serving one of the most desired breeds of beef in the USA today. The Chianina Beef has one of the best textures with a very limited amount of fat giving customers an opportunity to taste the full natural flavor of the beef.

The 5 C Cattle Group and Protein Brokers, LLC have entered into an agreement with Temptee Specialty Foods in Denver, Colorado to process the Chianina Beef Burgers. The Chianina Beef Burger program will include FREE EGGS to those distributors delivering and restaurants serving the burgers. They will be offered free Hickman's Cage Free Eggs or Hickman's Grass Fed Cage Free Eggs to top each of the burgers for an added healthy protein boost.

Barney Seward
Protein Brokers, LLC
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Family Law attorney Janet Pittman Reed starts legal blog and commentary on Family Law matters to inform families in need

Janet P Reed North Carolina attorney

Janet P Reed North Carolina attorney

Attorney Janet Pittman Reed, North Carolina

Attorney Janet Pittman Reed, North Carolina

Blog of Janet Pittman Reed, NC Lawyer

Blog of Janet Pittman Reed, NC Lawyer

News Janet Pittman Reed Esq North Carolina

News Janet Pittman Reed Esq North Carolina

Website of Janet P Reed, Attorney in North Carolina

Website of Janet P Reed, Attorney in North Carolina

The Blog of Janet Reed, Esq. will focus primarily on Family and Domestic Relations Law, the publicly available information, and how the law is changing.

Law Office of Janet Pittman Reed (N/A:N/A)

many affected families do not know that the court system and non-profit organizations provides a lot of support. For example, the North Carolina Judicial Branch website has several videos that explain”

— Janet Reed, North Carolina lawyer

JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — The Law Office of Janet Pittman Reed announced today that principal attorney Janet Reed is setting up a new legal blog which will focus primarily on Family and Domestic Relations Law, how to locate information, and how the law is changing.

“With all the sometimes confusing information regarding Family Law, I felt that I could help explain the important issues at hand to families in need” said Janet Pittman Reed. “I have more than a decade of experience working in this area, and can help people understand the issues before a dispute develops, and obtain initial information when they need legal help.”

Family law does not only encompass marriage, children, divorce, and marital assets, but also implicates tax and retirement issues. The procedures are very complex and hard to understand for a layperson.

Ms. Reed is planning to inform affected families so that they are better prepared for what awaits them in a family law proceeding, such as divorce or child custody.

Ms. Reed explains that she has noticed in her practice that “many affected families do not know that the court system and non-profit organizations provides a lot of support. For example, the North Carolina Judicial Branch website has several videos that explain family law proceedings, including a video on Family Court Orientation and a new video on Parent Education, Access and Visitation.”

This is based on Session Law 1999-237 House Bill 168 Section 17.16, which authorized the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) to establish an educational program for parents who are parties to a custody or visitation action and to administer any parent education. These parent education programs make divorcing parents or parents living in separate homes aware of the needs of their children. The informative video that the court system provides, “The Most Important Job,” provides guidance for parents from professionals as well as from the child's perspective. Family courts provide this type of education locally according to their local rules. To accompany this video, the court system has published a handbook, The Most Important Job: Parenting Information for Families Living Apart (North Carolina Parent Education Handbook). Ms. Reed believes that such information should be provides more widely to lessen the stress and burden on families, and she will contribute to that.

Ms. Reed also explains that often multi-state issues are involved that make this field of law even more complex. “For example, family law is sometimes implicated in child custody cases when you have a spouse from a different State. When one parent takes the child to another State, or from another to North Carolina, this may result in a legal dispute as to in which State the child should live. Other areas of broader implications are marriages with spouses from different states, or where one spouse was married before.”

Janet Pittman Reed is planning to inform the public about such available information, procedures and developments so that any family law matter can proceed more smoothly and put less stress on the family and particularly children.

About Janet Pittman Reed

Janet P. Reed is an attorney in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and handles Family Law cases such as Divorce & Separation.

Attorney Profile:

Janet P. Reed
Law Office of Janet Pittman Reed
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+1 910-381-1758
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NBC News Report: Immigration Debate In North Carolina Election Has National Implications – NBC Nightly News

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Ritz Kids为孩子们提供教育活动



— Karim Tayach

NUSA DUA, BALI, INDONESIA, November 13, 2018 / — 巴厘岛丽思卡尔顿酒店再次荣获著名的世界奢华酒店大奖。此巴厘岛著名的海滨奢华度假酒店于2018年11月10日在巴厘岛举行的盛大表彰庆典中被评为该地区的最佳家庭度假酒店

“在著名的全球奖项中获得认可,并连续两年在世界奢华酒店奖中赢得该地区的最佳家庭度假酒店奖是一件非常令人兴奋的消息;我们对于此项成就感到无比自豪。巴厘岛丽思卡尔顿酒店致力于为包括儿童在内的客人缔造永生难忘的回忆;我们非常诚挚地欢迎家人光临我们的度假酒店。在此,客人可参与以家庭为主导的各项活动和体验,包括在宽敞的私人泳池别墅和套房中尊享奢华,“总经理Karim Tayach说道。




# # #

巴厘岛丽思卡尔顿酒店坐落于惊赞的海滨前沿,拥有戏剧化的悬崖景观;奢华之中充满了优雅的热带风情。酒店拥有279间宽敞的套房和34间开阔的别墅,尽显现代巴厘岛式的奢华,并可一览印度洋湛蓝海面上的静谧之景。除了位于海滨前沿的丽思卡尔顿俱乐部(Ritz-Carlton Club®),其还拥有六个时尚的餐饮场所;一个放纵,带异国情调,并受海洋风情激发的水疗中心;以及为各年龄段儿童提供的带趣味娱乐的丽思儿童。迷人的海滨婚礼教堂为婚庆打造了田园诗般的目的地婚礼,其一系列的户外活动场所和奢华的空间为巴厘岛的活动庆祝和婚庆招待提供了完美的场景。设施齐全的会议场地,豪华的会议空间,以及个性化客房套餐和经验丰富的策划团队也吸引了那些希望在巴厘岛打造极富灵感的会奖活动人士。 无论是工作,娱乐还是寻求浪漫,巴厘岛丽思卡尔顿酒店定是您书写永生难忘的回忆之地。 请在Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Youtube,LinkedIn上关注我们。

Prhativi Dyah
The Ritz-Carlton, Bali
+62 361 848988
email us here
Visit us on social media:


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Brain education is about actualizing your full emotional health power.

Wisdom education is brain cleaning education.

Wisdom Education is Brain Health Education; Where Wisdom Land is a Start...

Our Education System Has Cutting Edge Mind Education While Brain Education Is Under The Radar Screen.

Actualize Your Wisdom Power.

You Can Become Wise Now.

The problem is that addictions are a disease mainly of the brain and the experts try to educate the mind when it is the brain that needs healing.


— Sajid Khan

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, November 13, 2018 / — From amongst the 1% richest people to top leaders along with quite a large percentage of the population suffer from addiction in some form or another. Neither money nor power can help them to get rid of their affliction. There is a simple reason for this! Our experts have still not figured out how to cure this disease. The problem is that our experts have not figured out that the brain and mind are two separate entities. We lump them together as the single entity of the mind. When the brain is defective we still diagnose it as the mind that is defective. The experts have just one solution for any kind of bad habit. They try to educate the mind to try to give up this desire to indulge in the affliction. The problem is that this is a disease mainly of the brain. So the experts try to educate the mind when it is the brain that needs healing.

There is the brain wheel of consciousness and the mind wheel of consciousness. We keep focusing on the mind and keep educating it and educating it through better and better researched education. As a result the physical sciences keep improving and we are able to improve every industry. The net result is that the economy keeps lifting up. However emotional science is stagnant as its domain the brain is neglected and even miseducated. Thus finances keep improving but the emotions remain as unstable as ever. The first step towards solving these ills of society is to define clearly the brain and mind.

In the case of getting rid of addictions we must understand the following.

1) Mind:

The mind is the 'I'/self/me. The face of the mind is the self-image. The mind is the self-image.
To define the mind, define it as the self-image. To understand one's own mind understand one's own self-image. To heal the mind, heal the self-image.

2) Brain:

The brain is an organ of the body similar to the hands. Just like the mind/I is in full control of the hands the mind should be in full control of the brain. Ask yourself, are you the master of your brain or does your brain control parts of your self/mind?

When a person is addicted to sex or drugs or smoking or even one's own ego etc., it is the brain that is addicted along with the mind. The question is how to get the two off this disease.

The way things stand our culture is loaded with allurements and attractions to the extent that long before one has the first experience of the bad habit the desire takes root in the mind and the brain starts to fantasize about it. Many become receptive to the bad habit even before they have the first taste of it, then they taste it and like it so much that first the mind and then the brain both become addicted. As the addiction increases the brain starts to ooze toxic biochemicals. Especially in the case of sex addiction where approximately 9% of humanity gets trapped into, the person is fantasizing about sex but the brain is ready to 'jump' with the biochemicals pumped up and the person ready to go, all the time. This constant release of biochemicals tires the brain, the body, and the mind. Excess of any chemicals is bad and in this case over excess by far makes life miserable. It shows on the face. One can tell by the sweat as it becomes greasy. In extreme cases and there are many leaders who are afflicted to the extent that the desire for sex right now is turned on and never gets switched off. They are ready to jump again and again! It is like one is thirsty and drinks water again and again but the thirst is never quenched.

Here is how to overcome this disease.

You are your mind and no matter how deep the mind and brain are afflicted you have to take control of your mind. First you have to distinguish between your brain and your mind. The part of you that wants to be free of this habit is your mind and you will have to identify yourself with it.

Instead of thinking good about your addiction you have to hate it. Only when the mind begins to hate the bad habit will the brain first ease up on generating the toxic biochemicals and eventually the brain will give up generating the wrong desire. The solution is to experience and feel when the desire arises, not the pleasure of indulging in the bad habit but the tiredness, pain, embarrassment, restlessness, and unease, that the brain is producing. Whenever the thirst enters the mind take your mind off it and feel all the physical pain this addiction is causing. With your mind observe the release of these toxic biochemicals as they travel through the body. By observing, experiencing and feeling the pain instead of pleasure you will be able to stop the generation of the toxic biochemicals that are ravaging your mind, brain and body.


You can also contact us if you want your addiction free life back.

Sajid Khan, President
4th R Foundation
+1 201-450-8098
email us here

All emotions, including wisdom and love etc can now be defined in numbers. The art of living is now a science. Wisdom is a science!

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Psoriasis Risk Linked to Obesity; Weight Loss Shown to Improve Symptoms

SKIN-The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine® Article: Psoriasis and Obesity: A Review of the Current Literature

Because of the numerous detrimental effects of obesity on psoriasis, management should include weight loss as a foremost goal. ”

— Joshua Kaminetsky, BA

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / — Psoriasis is a common skin condition that affects 2-3% of the world population. On the skin, psoriasis looks like red raised plaques with a dandruff like scale on top. Psoriasis doesn’t just affect the skin; it can cause psychological harm to patients due to low self esteem.

Several studies have shown that psoriasis is more common in obese patients. A recent article published in SKIN: The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine thoroughly reviews the relationship between psoriasis and obesity by analyzing many different studies and data sources. The article, authored by Orloff et al, states “Because of the numerous detrimental effects of obesity on psoriasis, management should include weight loss as a foremost goal. Weight reduction strategies have a well-documented beneficial effect.”

Understanding the effect of obesity on psoriasis is doubly important for patients because it can affect the dosing of their medications. Obese patients require more medication in order to treat their psoriasis. The review goes on to propose that “evidence suggests that weight loss also potentiates the efficacy of commonly used psoriasis medications.” Weight loss can make those stubborn psoriasis plaques easier to treat.

The authors close by suggesting that patients with psoriasis should discuss a well-rounded treatment plan with their dermatologists. This could include a combination of psoriasis medication and lifestyle changes that lead to weight loss.

SKIN: The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine® is a peer-reviewed online medical journal that is the official journal of The National Society for Cutaneous Medicine. The mission of SKIN is to provide an enhanced and accelerated route to disseminate new dermatologic knowledge for all aspects of cutaneous disease.

For more details please visit or contact

Link to article

(DOI: 10.25251/skin.2.6.4)

Joshua Kaminetsky
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
+1 212-659-9530
email us here

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Grand Vegas Tours to Partner with Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth in Commemoration of World Kindness Day

grand vegas tours logo and nphy logo

Grand Vegas Tours Donates a percentage of tour sales to NPHY

Las Vegas-based Luxury Tour Company to Donate Percentage of Guest Ticket Purchases in Support of Youth Survival Needs

LAS VEGAS , NV, USA , November 12, 2018 / — Grand Vegas Tours, the premier Las Vegas-based luxury tour company, is excited to announce its partnership with Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY) in commemoration of World Kindness Day – Tues., Nov. 13. Starting today as a means to help support a framework of positive role models and encourage young adults to build a path to self-sufficiency, Grand Vegas Tours will donate a percentage of its guest ticket purchases to the youth service provider on an ongoing basis.

After a recent tour of the youth needs facility, CEO and Founder of Grand Vegas Tours, Anthony Dobbs felt compelled to get involved with NPHY’s mission to help eliminate homelessness among Nevada’s youth by contributing through his company’s ticketing resources. “I was completely blown away that the state of Nevada had the highest rate in the U.S. of unaccompanied homeless children and youth living on our streets unsheltered,” he said. “As a local and family-owned business owner and parent, I knew I had to get involved immediately, and I hope that through a percentage of our sales, we can make a difference in these youth’s lives.”

NPHY offers a wide-range of services crafted to meet homeless youths’ needs. Its programs include outreach, mobile crisis intervention, a drop-in center, emergency shelter, family reunification services, and housing programs for unaccompanied homeless youth ages 12-21 years old. The organizations main Drop-In Center, which is only one of 10 properties run by NPHY, acts as the hub of all of the operations offering free and confidential services such as shelter placement, housing placement, assistance getting ID’s and birth certificates, transportation to be reunified with family, hot meals, clothing, life skills classes, hygiene items, bus passes, employment assistance, and so many more life-saving resources for youth. The Drop-In Center, located near UNLV is open Monday-Saturday 8:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. and their services are accessible 24 hours a day through the mobile crisis intervention programs, Safe Place.

“We are excited to partner with Grand Vegas Tours. This partnership not only will help raise funds for NPHY’s life-saving services for homeless youth, but it will also help bring awareness to this growing crisis we are facing here in Southern Nevada. We need more individuals, civic groups, and companies helping us beat the drum and raise awareness around the community- this is a great way to lead through to action,” said Arash Ghafoori, executive director at NPHY. To learn more about how you can book a tour with Grand Vegas Tours, visit To find out more on volunteerism, how to make a donation, or to learn more about helping further NPHY’s work, visit

At Grand Vegas Tours, we provide you with exciting Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon tours so that you can experience the natural beauty and history that the Southwest has to offer. Grand Vegas Tours is the premier Las Vegas-based luxury tour company with service to the South and West Rim of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and exclusive boat tours of Lake Mead. Are you ready to schedule your excursion? Call us at 1-888-866-4135 or message us online at to inquire further about available tours. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

About Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth (NPHY)
NPHY is the most comprehensive service provider for the thousands of homeless youth in Southern Nevada, serving hundreds of youth through our core programs and touching the lives of thousands more through outreach each year. NPHY’s programs stabilize homeless teens’ lives, meeting their immediate needs and providing a safe, supportive environment and a path to self-sufficiency. Through our work with homeless youth, NPHY creates productive, healthy adults who contribute to society. Strengthening and complementing our high-quality direct services for homeless youth, NPHY is dedicated to advocating for the Vegas Valley’s homeless youth population and serves as a leader in systems-level efforts to eliminate homelessness among Nevada’s youth. For more information or to support our life-changing work for homeless youth, please visit

Brittany Moore
Power Brand Media
+1 702-806-0998
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Author Launches A Facebook Fan Page For His Books

Books by Eugene McCann

Books by Eugene McCann

Author Launches A Facebook Fan Page For His Books

LAKEWOOD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, November 13, 2018 / — The book series: Jesus Was And Is Always With Me: Throughout My Life, The Journey of My Life: Part One and The Journey of My Life: Part Two authored by Eugene McCann, open the author’s life to the readers. These titles present the detailed events of his life before and after a change of spirituality had taken place.

The author has endeavored through the years to offer first-rate details about his books. Now the title reaches another milestone as it is now on social media. The readers can now be entertained through the book’s exclusive Facebook Fan Page account. The page welcomes queries from readers and it serves as a venue where views and opinions are welcomed and addressed.

Everyone is invited to visit the sites for his books:

About the Author:
Eugene McCann is Professor in the Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University. His research focuses on the ways in which policies, especially urban policies, are circulated among communities of practitioners across the global and how these 'policy mobilities' are related to urban politics.

You can visit his website

Eugene McCann
AuthorCentrix, Inc.
+1 888 504 0951
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New High School Constructed For Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig Community

Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig High School Blessing

a better way to build

Over view new bug-o-nay-ge-shig high school

A modern new high school constructed by Modular Solutions, Ltd of Arizona

BENA, MN, UNITED STATES, November 12, 2018 / — This new high school for Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig is now open and serving the high school student population of Ojibwe students from Leech Lake Reservation. The new design-build high school constructed by Modular Solutions, Ltd replaces an old pole barn building that was utilized for 20 years while the tribe and community battled for funding.

The contractor Modular Solutions, Ltd from Phoenix was selected by the BIA/BIE to provide the new facility meeting the necessary criteria of extended life cycle, energy efficient design, alternative energy solutions, and safety features.

The 46,000 sq ft high school include a gymnasium that also serves as a community safety shelter, a full service commercial kitchen, geothermal heat, recycle content materials, natural cultural elements, and energy efficient design.

The grand opening and blessing filled the gymnasium with vibrant colors and sound. There were many dignitaries present, all who worked tirelessly over the years to see this high school project come to fruition.

What made this project different is that the high school was constructed "off-site" at a near by construction yard, and transported to site. According to Modular Solutions, Ltd company president Mr. Joe Hart "This type of off-site fabrication shaved months off the construction schedule". Mr. Hart stated "With a limited number of good weather days in this climate, the factory built sections were constructed in the good season, and then completed on the interior during the harsh Minnesota winter weather conditions".

The school staff and community will be able to enjoy this new facility for many generations to come.

For more information about this project contact Modular Solutions, Ltd

Mitzi Garcia
Modular Solutions, Ltd
+1 602-952-9741
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Time Lapse construction bug-o-nay-ge-shig high school

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Author Releases A Video For The Wizard Who Stole Manhattan

The Wizard Who Stole Manhattan

The Wizard Who Stole Manhattan

Author Releases A Video For The Wizard Who Stole Manhattan

FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, November 12, 2018 / — Avelino de Castro’s The Wizard Who Stole Manhattan has gained good reviews online after its publication. His book introduces the character of Tom Linden, who in many ways had gone against the norms instilled by his family, especially his parents who are acute overachievers. The life of Tom, as described in a fictitious approach, changes forever as he helps a tribe that magically appeared and asked his help to save Manhattan from a wicked sorcerer named Peter Minuit.

Following the successful publication of the book, de Castro reaches another milestone as a book video for The Wizard Who Stole Manhattan is going to be released soon. It will give an overview of how Tom, a Manhattan expert helps the tribe maneuver through a “modern” Manhattan; as well as how Minuit does everything in his power to make sure he keeps the island.

The author invites everyone to check the poster for the video, where the book is available for order: and the facebook fan page for his book:

About the Author:
Avelino became interested in writing at an early age. He has published ten short stories in various magazines, some under the name of AD Conrad. He has written three novels. The Wizard Who Stole Manhattan is the first serious comic fantasy he has published. Please enjoy.

“De Castro has crafted a film comedy in prose form and makes suitably merry with the culture clash between displaced Native Americans and modern New Yorkers (the former often showing up the absurdities of the latter). The lighthearted adventure froths along…—well-scripted… A diverting comedy familiar in style though unusual in content.” – Kirkus Reviews

Product details
Paperback: 242 pages
Publisher: AuthorCentrix, Inc. (April 16, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1641334037
ISBN-13: 978-1641334037
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches

Book AVailability:
Amazon –
Barnes & Noble –

Avelino de Castro
AuthorCentrix, Inc.
+1 888 504 0951
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Award Winning Gen-Z Documentary Filmmaker & Social Entrepreneur is Shifting the Bad News Narrative

The Global Sunrise Project

The Global Sunrise Project

Kasha Sequoia Slavner, launches her new TED-style talk: “MISSION POSSIBLE – Shifting the Bad News Narrative for Social Good”™

Kasha Sequoia Slavner launches her new TED-style talk:
“MISSION POSSIBLE – Shifting the Bad News Narrative for Social Good”™

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 12, 2018 / — Since returning home from an epic journey around the world at 16, completing a remarkable film festival tour in 55 countries across the world, winning 24 awards on her documentary The Sunrise Storyteller, Kasha Sequoia Slavner is continuing her quest to motivate people to create change by releasing a TED-style talk on Monday November 12th across all social media platforms about shifting the bad news narrative.

To quote Kasha, “You have a responsibility to take what you’re seeing in the news as a call to action. What becomes possible when you refuse to believe the negative spin in the stories you tell yourself and the story the media feeds you? If we’re tired of being inundated with bad news we need to change our actions, so the narrative can shift too.”

As a recognized global teen leader & changemaker since the age of 8, Kasha Slavner realized in her early teens that media distributed to her generation was becoming increasingly negative, leaving consumers feeling overwhelmed and filled with anxiety for the future.

After attending the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women as a youth delegate with the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace at the age of 14, Kasha was moved by the empowering stories of grassroots feminist organizations and their efforts to find positive and sustainable solutions to incredibly difficult problems faced either individually or in their communities. It was this that inspired her to create The Global Sunrise Project a media hub for social good, for the purpose of sharing positive media as a catalyst for taking action. Her documentary had its World Premiere at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in 2017.

In her talk “Mission Possible – Shifting the Bad News Narrative for Social Good”, she shares her 13 years of experience in a 13 minute video to inspire and ignite the light of future changemakers.

“Kasha set an example for young people around the world follow.” -Adam Braun, NY Times Bestselling Author of “The Promise of a Pencil”.

About Kasha Sequoia Slavner: Kasha Sequoia Slavner, a first-time multi-award-winning documentary Gen-Z filmmaker comes to the profession as a seasoned photographer, entrepreneur and social justice advocate for over a decade. Using her passion for visual storytelling to make the world a better place, she was selected as the recipient of the very first Kim Phuc Youth Award for Peace. At the age of 14, Kasha was the youngest member to join Canada’s longest-standing & only feminist peace organization, The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace. Since then, she has accompanied the organization as a youth delegate 6x times on their annual trip down to New York to The Commission on The Status of Women at the United Nations. She was also selected for the class of 2017 Global Teen Leaders by legendary music producer Nile Rodgers & wife Nancy Hunt’s We Are Family Foundation & TEDxTeen and by for their inaugural flagship social entrepreneurship incubator at the WE Global Learning Centre Most recently Kasha became a 2018 fellow with Yunus & Youth

In addition, Kasha tours with a 32 piece photography exhibition “Travels into the Heart” and produced a second large scale exhibition about Sustainable Development Goal #16 – Peace. The exhibition is entitled Picture Peace© At 17 she published her first 200+ page book of photography “Reflections of the Sunrise Storyteller – A Journey into the Heart as a Global Citizen”.

Kasha is a public speaker, has been commissioned by National Geographic Learning, is a contributor to The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Good Magazine, Matador Network & more.

The Sunrise Storyteller is the 20 year old filmmaker’s first feature-length documentary, which she directed, filmed, scripted and edited between the ages of 16-18 showing where there’s a will there’s a way.

Film website:
Home site:
Twitter/Instagram: @GlobalSunRisers


Marla & Kasha Slavner
The Global Sunrise Project
+1 647-210-2220
email us here
Visit us on social media:

The Sunrise Storyteller

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