CEOGC Returns to Annual Energy Expo hosted by Senator Williams

Ohio Senator Sandra Williams to host annual Energy Expo in Cleveland, Ohio

CLEVELAND , OHIO, USA, January 17, 2020 / — Cleveland (January 2020) — Representatives from the Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland will be on hand as Ohio State Senator Sandra R. Williams will host the annual Energy Assistance Expo this weekend. The Energy Expo gives constituents an opportunity to meet with companies such as CEOGC to receive assistance with their energy bills and have questions answered regarding utility payments. The event will take place on January 18th from 9:00 a.m. until noon at the Vocational Guidance Services Center in Cleveland.

CEOGC is in the middle of the HEAP Winter Crisis Program season. The Winter Crisis Program, which operates through the end of March, helps income-eligible Cuyahoga County residents who have been threatened with disconnection, maintain their utility services. This is a one-time benefit and is to be used in emergency situations.

To schedule an appointment, please call (216) 350-8008 or use a smartphone or computer to visit Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Scheduled customers must have all necessary paperwork in-hand to receive assistance at time of appointment.


For those whose utility is not in an emergency status, there are optional ways to receive assistance. The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) helps residents at or below 175 percent of the federal poverty guidelines pay their heating bills. Applied directly to the customer’s utility or bulk fuel bill, the benefit can help manage heating costs. This is not an emergency program and will not prevent disconnection of utility services. Visit to apply online or to download a copy of the application. All applications must be received by March 31, 2020.

In order to apply for emergency energy assistance, a resident must have the most recent bills for gas and electric utilities, proof of citizenship and/or U.S. residency, photo identification, Social Security numbers for all household members and verification of all income for all household members eighteen years or older for the previous 30 days or 12 months. Permanently and totally disabled customers must provide proof of disability. For those households who have no income, an IRS Tax Transcript is required. Self-employed applicants must provide an IRS transcript and/or copy of filed 1040. Renters living in multi-unit dwellings may be required to provide their landlord’s name and contact information.

Ohio Development Services Agency’s Office of Community Assistance (OCA) now requires 30 days or 12 months of income to qualify for HEAP, Summer and Winter Crisis and PIPP Plus. All seasonal and self-employed applicants must provide 30 days or 12 months of income.

The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland is a nonprofit organization and the Community Action Agency for Cuyahoga County that operates programs and services dedicated to transforming the lives of residents. The Council delivers education, personal and professional development programs and support services to residents of Cuyahoga County. Programs include Early Head Start (birth to three) Head Start (three-five years of age); individual assessments for classes and coaching sessions on topics including parenting, anger management, and life skills; job readiness, customer service training, and job placement. The Council also delivers the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). For more information, visit

Parrish Purnell Jr
The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland
+1 216-696-9077
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Smithsonian and Cricket Media Launch the 9th Annual Spark!Lab Dr. InBae Yoon Invent It Challenge for Kids Worldwide

2020 Spark!Lab Dr InBae and Mrs. Kyung Joo Yoon Invent It Challenge: Accept the Challenge

Educating and inspiring the next generation of inventors requires access to role models and learning resources that share how real-life problems are tackled and solved.”

— Laura Woodside, Senior VP- Education Products, Cricket Media

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2020 / — On December 6th, 2019, Smithsonian launched the 9th annual global Spark!Lab Dr. InBae and Mrs. Kyung Joo Yoon Invent It Challenge. Today, in celebration of Kid Inventor's Day, Cricket Media, in partnership with the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, honors the important role children play in sparking innovation worldwide and calls for entries to the Challenge. The Challenge offers eligible children from around the world the opportunity to showcase their creative thinking on a global stage and, thanks to the generosity of the Yoon family, winners of the annual Challenge in each category will participate in a multi-day visit to the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. (USA), during which they will undertake invention collaborations and get an exclusive look at the Museum's invention collections. Individual students, entire classrooms, schools and other organizations serving children between the ages of 5-18 are encouraged to participate.

This year's challenge invites kids to think about challenges people face in accessing healthy food and then design real-world solutions that improve people’s access to it. Young inventors are guided to create solutions by thinking critically about how food is produced, packaged, stored, distributed, and consumed. "Educating and inspiring the next generation of inventors requires access to role models and learning resources that share how real-life problems are tackled and solved," says Laura Woodside, Senior Vice President Education Products at Cricket Media. "We are proud to once again join with the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center and Spark!Lab to empower students across the globe to make a real difference in the world."

The theme for the 2019 Challenge was "the daily lives of older adults," and participants were challenged to create an invention that enhanced or improved the daily lives of older adults, such as helping them increase their mobility or enjoy the benefits of social engagement. More than 560 children ages 5-18 participated in the Challenge, and winning inventions included a virtual companion that allows distant family members to spend time together, a cane that unfolds into a step-stool to assist with reaching objects, and a smart-garden for indoors that improves mood and memory while also providing fresh food. "The Smithsonian's Lemelson Center believes that everyone is inventive – especially kids," says Sharon Klotz, Head of Education at the Lemelson Center. "The Invent It Challenge is a great opportunity for students to develop their original ideas and be recognized for their creative problem-solving abilities."

The Spark!Lab Dr. InBae Yoon Invent It Challenge requires students to follow seven key steps in the invention process, including: identifying the problem, conducting research, sketching their ideas, building a prototype, testing the product, refining it, and marketing it to potential users. The process helps to cultivate and reinforce modern skills such as the use of digital technologies, and also meets several learning standards. A panel composed of Smithsonian and Cricket Media judges will select winners. The deadline for submitting inventions to the Challenge is April 10, 2020. For complete entry guidelines and Official Rules, visit:


ABOUT CRICKET MEDIA Cricket Media, Inc. is a global education company providing award-winning content and safe and secure collaborative learning networks. Cricket Media serves millions of teachers, students and parents in over 200 countries and territories to fulfill its mission to engage, enlighten and educate children everywhere. Learn more at

ABOUT SPARK!LAB Spark!Lab is a hands-on invention activity space operated by the Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. The Lemelson Center engages, educates, and empowers the public to participate in technological, economic, and social change. Through historical research, educational initiatives, exhibitions, and public programming the Centers advances new perspectives on invention and innovation and fosters interactions between the public and inventors. For more information, please visit

Laura Woodside
Cricket Media
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The Complete Video Guide to the 4 Elements – What is your Humour Type?

The Perfect Harmony of the 4 Elements

Sunset on the Nile

Air Element

The Sky above the Montgo Spain

Earth Element

The Sand of Wadi Rum, Jordan

Empower your Body with the Conscious use of Earth, Water, Air and Fire

Conscious responsibility is the only way to live.”

— Zsa Zsa Tudos AKIA Philosophy

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 17, 2020 / — What is your humour type?

Humour, on the Land of Alchemy, means the blend of the different liquids in the physical body that makes each of us unique. This composition is created by the interrelations of the elements in the body.

In life, the most important things are taken for granted by earthlings. As if they were established for the whole time of existence, without any chance for alteration. Authors of the so-called, spiritual literature usually call them codes and recognise them as non-changeable conditions. Some even say that the chain is unbreakable for seven generations! I am aware that 7 is one of the main numbers in sacred geometry, however, in this case, it doesn’t carry sense at all, for taking on the load of 1 generation starts up the rolling motion, and it ends at the beginning.

Are they really unbreakable?

My work with AKIA philosophy embraces changes and interrelations, therefore I would definitely say, that everything is variable if the chance is given. And chance is the key here. Against all beliefs, it doesn’t arrive via thin air. One needs to initiate possibilities and trigger choices. However, one would only look for a peek of a new, if and when one is aware of its existence. This means that one has knowledge of certain interrelations and consciously seeking the change towards the ultimate fulfilment.

The 4 elements

I am aware of the different understandings concerning the numbers of elements. However, there are logics in everything and in AKIA, similarly to the universe, we follow the laws of physics, according to which there are 4 basic elements we should be mentioning.

These 4 elements, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, make up the physical body of an earthling. Each element mirrors a certain way of thinking, physical and emotional state of the owner, and the degree of its existence changes accordingly. They also show the evolutionary level of the human being in question. Since they are closely related, I do not separate physical, emotional and mental existence, but observe the interrelations of the three, as they blend, withdraw and overtake on the path of living. All four elements are essential when it comes to life.

On the ladder of evolution Earth is the basic element. That is what earthlings tackle, after having the first breath of fresh air. They start with learning to operate the physical body, as much as understanding material. The second would be Water with a mixture of emotions it represents. The third on the row is Air, depicting mental development, and the fourth is Fire, the Secrets, the Interrelations and Knowledge acquired from the universe that blended into the other three for clarity.

The humour

The responsibility of blending elements and transporting the Life Elixir falls on the Body Fluids, we refer to as Humour. The two most important components of Humour are blood and lymph. The first is distributed by the vascular system and the second is by the lymphatic system. The latter is also an essential part of the IMMUNE SYSTEM.
According to the percentage of the 4 elements, Humour can be put into 4 categories.

• MELANCOLIC – when Earth element is the main component – makes people cool, dry and permanent. They follow technicality and often fall into depression. Discreet and learned but taken over by greed and the love of the material.
• PHLEGMATIC – when Water element is the main component – people are cold, moist, dreamy, sensitive, artistic and changeable. Often hold themselves back, lazy and convincible.
• SANGUINE – when AIR element is the main component – makes people warm, moist, talkative, friendly, extravert and giving. Abiding the law is not their forte. They embrace the truth. Sensual and merry.
• CHOLERIC – When FIRE element is the main component – people become irritable, dry, warm, hyper and clever. They often do silly things because they do not allow time to accomplish things. They are also brave with a real thirst for changes.

A good healer, who should also be an excellent seer, would be able to understand the physical, mental and emotional state of the earthling through the elements.

After the brief explanation, I point out that one’s humour – now I mean the way of dealing with life – would reflect the blend of the 4 elements at every given time.

Here you’ll learn about:
• the energy structure of the body
• chakras & aura
• the effect of thoughts & emotions on your health
• the 4 elements & their mirror on your state of mind
• to cleanse the body
• release the stress
• gather your thoughts

You will also have 4 beautiful coded meditations for healing and balancing your elements.

This video, pdf material and mp3 guided meditations walk you through the importance, understanding and healing essence of elements, putting a strong cleansing and relaxing tool into your hands. Take the unique opportunity of the discounted price we created for the holiday season.

Find further details here.


To understand more, evolve faster and improve your physical, mental and emotional health, you need to take on the Initiations of Elements. The video material with textbooks will be available soon from AKIA Philosophy.

Suzane Tudos
AKIA Publishing
+44 7938500960
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IT Governance announces new ISO 27001 training partnership with Jisc

IT Governance, the global cybersecurity experts.

ELY, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, January 17, 2020 / — IT Governance, the leading provider of cyber security and privacy management solutions and training courses, is delighted to announce its new ISO 27001 training partnership with Jisc, the not-for-profit membership organisation that provides digital solutions for UK education and research.

This strategic partnership is designed to provide Jisc members with access to more than 20 online and in-house ISO 27001 Foundation and Lead Implementer training courses over the next 12 months. ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security management that helps organisations manage their information security processes in line with international best practice.

Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, said: “Having led ISO 27001 implementations since the inception of the Standard, IT Governance is one of the global authorities on ISO 27001, with more than 7,000 information security professionals around the world that attended our ISO 27001 training courses.

“This partnership encourages Jisc members to take responsibility for their data governance practices, understand the need for information security and ISO 27001, and get practical guidance from leading industry experts on implementing controls, procedures and processes to reduce the level of risk within their organisation.”

IT Governance’s ISO 27001 Foundation and Lead Implementer training courses are designed to help information security professionals get a baseline-level understanding of the Standard and its application as well as the knowledge and practical guidance to implement an ISO 27001-compliant information security management system (ISMS). The first full-day ISO 27001 Foundation training course will be held at the Jisc London office in London on the 2 April 2020.

John Chapman, head of Jisc’s security operations centre, said: “Jisc members are responsible for a huge amount of data, and keeping it safe is a top priority. To this end, we encourage and help them to continually review and update their security policies and procedures, which include working towards security standards such as ISO 27001.

“Achieving this certification is a goal that requires considerable resources and commitment. IT Governance will provide training for Jisc members working towards ISO 27001, and we are delighted to partner with them again.”

IT Governance is responsible for the world’s first accredited ISO 27001 training programme, which offers a learning path with courses from foundation through to advanced level. All courses offer participants the opportunity to enhance their career development by attaining industry-standard qualifications awarded by IBITGQ.

To find out more about IT Governance’s ISO 27001 training courses, please visit the website, email or call +44 (0)333 800 7000.

– Ends –


IT Governance Ltd is a leading single-source provider of cyber risk and privacy management solutions, with a special focus on cybersecurity and ISO 27001, the PCI DSS and data protection. IT Governance is committed to helping organisations protect themselves and their customers from the perpetually evolving range of cyber threats and information security risks. IT Governance’s deep industry expertise and pragmatic approach helps organisations improve their defences and make key strategic decisions that benefit the entire business. Its customer base spans Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia.

Mihaela Scarratt
IT Governance Ltd
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San Francisco Mayor London Breed Proclaims January 16 as SEALION DAY

Mayor London Breed at Sea Lion Day Proclamation with Aquarium of the Bay President & CEO George Jacob, CEO of Pier 39 Taylor Safford and the Marina Harbor Master Sheila Chandor

Smithsonian Affiliated Aquarium of the Bay Launches 30 Painted Sea Lions to Mark the 30th Anniversary of their Arrival at PIER 39 in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, January 16, 2020 / — To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the arrival of the sea lions at PIER 39, Aquarium of the Bay launched thirty six-foot-tall sea lion statues exclusively painted by thirty Bay Area artists with QR Code enabled environmental messages. Bringing thousands of curious onlookers when they debuted at the PIER 39 plaza entrance, the painted Sea Lions instantly endeared themselves to visitors passing by.

The amazing Sea Lions will dot premier spots across San Francisco after January 20th, where they will remain on display for the remainder of 2020. Conceived by the Smithsonian Affiliated Aquarium of the Bay, Sea Lion Center and jointly implemented with PIER 39, this art installation is part of the largest public STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) initiative in California.

California sea lions began arriving in PIER 39’s Marina in late 1989 after the earthquake Prieta Loma. They came sparingly at first, then soon began arriving in droves, quickly reaching more than 500 in number by January of 1990, eventually peaking upwards of 1400. With a protected environment and a plentiful supply of food from the Bay, the sea lions quickly made PIER 39’s K-Dock their new home. The boisterous barking pinnipeds have attracted millions of visitors from around the world over the decades. Their residency at PIER 39 is truly a natural phenomenon that brings joy to Bay Area locals as well as visitors from around the world annually.

George Jacob, President & CEO of the Smithsonian Affiliated Aquarium of the Bay, conceived the "Sea Lions in San Francisco" initiative inviting Bay Area artists to paint environmental messages on 30 Six-foot tall Sea Lion Statues. A Jury drawn from PIER 39, Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco Travel, San Francisco Environment and Golden Gates Parks Conservancy and San Francisco Port Commission selected thirty winning entries from over 180 submissions. With Opening remarks from Taylor Safford, the CEO of PIER 39, Jacob shared the 18 months of the project details in the making. Mayor London Breed declared January 16 as a SEA LION DAY in San Francisco with a surprise Proclamation!

“The Port is proud to host the sea lion installation all along the waterfront,” said Elaine Forbes, Executive Director of the Port of San Francisco. “We love seeing the majestic marine mammals in the water and are looking forward to seeing the artistic renderings dot the waterfront providing residents and visitors Inspiration and important information about climate change and sea level rise.”

Rebeca Kaplan
Aquarium of the Bay
+1 415-309-5966
email us here

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CACFP Professional Recognition

Suzanne Zanella, CMP, CCNP

Shelby Beverly, CCNP

NCA Certification Program

National CACFP Sponsors Association

Suzanne Zanella and Shelby Beverly Professional Recognition

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES , January 17, 2020 / — Suzanne Zanella of the YMCA of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA earned the CACFP Management Professional (CMP) & CACFP Child Nutrition Professional (CCNP) Certifications. “The certification program is a wonderful way to receive recognition for all the work you do in the CACFP. It takes you to a level above your current status. When you invest in your career, you become personally rewarded. My dedication and enthusiasm to my profession and to motivating others in developing skills in health and nutrition encouraged me to apply for my certificates.”

Shelby Beverly of Georgia Nutritional Services, Conyers, GA earned the CCNP Professional Certification. “Certifications such as the CCNP and CMP don’t just separate job candidates or look fancy on your resume, they exude dedication, commitment, and passion for what the Child and Adult Care Food Program stands for. Becoming a CCNP and receiving my certification was a personal and professional goal to ensure I maintain the knowledge needed to succeed, stay competitive within the CACFP professional community, as well as exemplify my commitment to reducing food insecurity and developing healthy eating habits within the communities I serve.”

Through the CACFP Professional Certification Program, the National CACFP Sponsors Association is honored to recognize the accomplishments of CACFP nutrition professionals who have dedicated their time and expertise in helping our nation live a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about this program visit the NCA Certification Program or contact Vanessa Gonzalez at

CACFP is an indicator of quality child care. When children are cared for by professionals who are part of the CACFP, they are receiving the best nutrition available. Since 1986, the National CACFP Sponsors Association (NCA) is the leading national organization for sponsors who administer the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). It provides education and support to thousands of members in the CACFP community and in particular to sponsors of all sizes from across the country. CACFP strives to improve communication between families, caregivers, sponsors and their supervising government agencies.

Vanessa Gonzalez
National CACFP Sponsors Association
+1 512-626-4876
email us here
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Breast Cancer Board Member Jonas Muthoni on

Deviate Agency

Jonas Muthoni

Breast Cancer Angels is a local non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that financially assists individuals during treatment for breast cancer.

LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA, USA, January 16, 2020 / — Question:: Could you tell me about your day job?
Answer: I am the founder of Deviate, a full digital marketing & software development agency in Los Angeles. Deviate is a specialized team with one of the strongest branding, digital marketing and social media strategies practiced in the entire industry. We corner the market with very exclusive learned skill sets known by only few in the marketing world. Our team of experts have delivered some of the most effective campaigns ranging from global enterprises and today's up and coming startup businesses. We help our clients win…period.

Question: What motivated you to become a member of the board?
Answer: I have always been an advocate of giving back to various causes. A few years ago, I attended an event in Orange County and the charity organization that was featured was Breast Cancer Angels. The director Debbie Stroman spoke about the organization and the effect it had on people’s lives while going through treatment. I talked to Debbie after the event and later met with 2 other board members, Holly and Lori as part of their vetting process. After learning the positive changes BCA was bringing to families during the hard times and the personal approach, they had in the desire to help, I wanted to be a part of that. The hope they bestowed upon these families and how much it meant to the patients and their loved ones, was truly special. The organization story on how they started under the leadership of Faye Dietiker to where they were then, I realized that the organization was continuing to grow, which was exciting. Their mission and desire of providing financial and emotional assistance for women and their families as they are going through breast cancer treatment was really appealing to me partially because I’m a Dad and the relationship I have with my mother and sisters. It just felt like the right thing at the right time and it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life, and I am honored to be a part of it.

Question: What does BCA mean to you?
Answer: Breast Cancer Angels, the name, represents a very courageous, aspirational meaning. When I first heard it, I thought, “can it get any better?” the name speaks to what I have come to learn and see how BCA changes lives of patients and their families, there are true angels. The name and the mission provide a celebration of hope. It’s very clear what’s important to the organization and what it wants. It points us in a direction. We’re not just trying to make people feel more comfortable or improving things a little. We really do want to see families regain hope during the hardships faced when going through breast cancer treatment.

Question: How has breast cancer touched you personally?
Answer: Enormously! I’ve had friends and family that have gone through treatment, but it is through my involvement with BCA that I have experienced hope and tears of joy seeing and hearing stories of survival, families coming back together and being part of an organization and leadership that truly cares. I have experienced true generosity and being part of a team that rejoices in giving.

Question: What is your favorite BCA memory?
Answer: There is plenty but one that stands out to me is when my 11-year-old daughter attended one of the events and she commented that how amazing it was for everything she heard and experienced and wanted to know how as a child she can get involved. She wanted to know whether she can be an advocate for breast cancer at her school. We have many schools today who participate in FUNraising for BCA with walks and more.

Question: When you talk to friends, family and colleagues about BCA, what are the three most important things you want them to take away from the conversation?
Answer: I want them to understand how much of an impact a little help could make in someone else’s life during the hard times. I want them to understand the gift of being healthy and living a purpose driven life that impacts positive change.

Question: What are your hopes for the organization?
Answer: I get excited every time I think of the potential for growth and the impact it would have on many more lives. Currently, BCA assists families in Orange County, Long Beach/South Bay, and San Diego, Los Angeles and a onetime help with Inland Empire. My hope is that we are able to grow and help more families outside of our current cities/counties.

Question: How do you support the mission of BCA?
Answer: I support it by expanding the awareness in my network, not only of Breast Cancer Angels but about what the organization stands for and is doing. As a digital Agency owner, I am able to assist with certain areas that would help increase the organization exposure. Because of my profession, I like to believe that my expertise hold value to the organization’s missions and goals. It is also empowering to know that the other board members have confidence in where the organization is going when I weigh in on important topics.

Question: What is one surprising or fun fact about you that our readers might not know?
Answer: I am scared of heights. I would never jump out of a helicopter; so many what ifs? It clouds my mind and it is frightening.

Jonas Muthoni
Deviate Agency
+1 213-222-8675
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HFI-U Recommends Ergonomic Facility Waste Handling and Recycling

Ergonomic waste handling helps prevent neck, shoulder, and back strain, while saving money.

Ergonomic waste handling helps prevent neck, shoulder, and back strain, while saving money.

An ergonomic-release waste container with a foot-activated removable base helps prevent musculoskeletal injury.

An ergonomic-release waste container with a foot-activated removable base helps prevent musculoskeletal injury.

Ergonomic-release waste containers help prevent back injury and save money.

Ergonomic-release waste containers help prevent back injury and save money.

Ergonomic interventions for waste and recyclables handling reduce cleaning worker injuries, insurance claims, and related costs.

HFI-U recommends simple ergonomic interventions for waste handling that reduce cleaning worker injuries, insurance claims, and related costs”

— Allen Rathey, HFI-U

NAMPA, ID, US, January 16, 2020 / — HFI-U is recommending simple ergonomic interventions for waste and recyclables handling that reduce cleaning worker injuries, insurance claims, and related costs to business.

Since the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states professional cleaning workers have relatively high rates of injury – and since waste handling and disposal is a primary job function – it is vital janitorial workers have the right training, techniques and tools to safely dispose of the waste generated by business.

Fitness First

Simple exercises that strengthen the back, neck, shoulders, and legs are helpful for custodial teams, as their jobs involve a fair amount of lifting and bending.

These may include:

1. Bent-Over Rowing Using an Elastic Band for Resistance
2. Reverse Flys
3. Isometrics
4. Shoulder Retractions
5. Squats, Lunges, and Other Exercises

Be sure workers warm up, and a doctor approves whatever exercises are selected.

Next, choose methods and equipment that reduce lifting and awkward motions.

Safer Techniques and Tools

Per the UCLA Cleaning Workers Research Database, a 2004 study by Leeds Metropolitan University found “casual employees had less desirable and predictable work schedules … and more associated health complaints than ‘permanent’ workers.”

Higher-than-average turnover and prevalence of short-term employees in custodial work should drive the value of ergonomically “worker-proofing” waste and recyclable handling to reduce injury due to excess or improper lifting.

This can be as simple using smaller receptables (e.g., 23 gallons vs. 55 gallons) and emptying frequently to prevent overfilling.

A useful innovation is the newer ergonomic-release waste container with a foot-activated removable base (Ref: EZ Dump) that frees the main body of the container from the bottom, liberating the full liner from the container to be removed using two hands rather than one-handed “dead-lifting” the bag from a single-piece receptacle.

Removing the comparatively lightweight upper portion of the container also eliminates fighting the suction/friction forces integral to unibody receptacles, and stops forcing workers to lift heavy loads above waist level to free bags from containers. This also increases load control and physical efficiency.

Per human factors specialist, Joseph Velasquez, Clinical Lecturer at Arizona State University, it is important from an ergonomic standpoint to avoid “forced lifting” of heavy trash or recycling loads, and “keeping contents close to the floor yields ergonomic benefits…”

Per Dr. Thomas Renner, President and Founder of Corporate Injury Management Associates, using the newer ergonomic-release receptacles means very little effort is needed to remove the trash bag, whereas removing the bag from a standard container often prompts using “forward flexion techniques resulting in anterior shoulder displacement, and this biomechanical position significantly increases the risk of shoulder and low back injury.”

Reducing Costs While Saving Backs

When using ergonomic-release receptables – due to lighter demands on liners – trash bags last longer, require less tensile strength and puncture resistance, reduce the need to double bag to prevent leaks, and save money.

Less physical demand on workers is perhaps the greatest benefit of all, as reducing back injury and strains is not only a satisfying health outcome but – since an average back injury costs $37,000 – a gratifying bottom line benefit as well.

Allen Rathey
HFI University (HFI-U)
+1 208-724-1508
email us here

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dti Publishing is launching its CertBlaster 5.0 release offering more mobility, data, security, and accessibility

This is a screenshot of CertBlaster History feature that saves all the scores and reports for each practice session.

The History feature saves all the scores and reports for each practice session.

dti Publishing Corporation announced today that it has released a new and improved platform for its CertBlaster® Exam Simulators.

PARK CITY, UT, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2020 / — dti Publishing Corp. is proud to unveil it's new CertBlaster® Release 5.0, a total update to HTML5, which provides new features and capabilities for accessibility and security. Additionally, our users now have an enhanced ability to fine-tune their test preparation in a manner that matches their learning style.

We understand that our users prepare for exams around their busy lives and need to have access through their mobile devices. With the update to HTML5, CertBlaster® 5.0 can now be used on all mobile devices, in addition to Mac and PC operating systems. It also allows for enhanced accessibility by now enabling screen readers.

"We are excited to release our new CertBlaster Release 5.0, an HTML5 development that now opens up our CertBlaster Exam Simulators to more users including those whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content. Additionally, Release 5.0 makes CertBlaster usable on the move with mobile devices now being supported. The new CertBlaster® 5.0 features and capabilities provide more users with an enhanced ability to fine-tune their test preparation in a manner that matches their learning style and lifestyles.” said Pierre J. Askmo, President of dti Publishing Corporation.

CertBlaster® 5.0, like all prior versions, includes thousands of test questions, answers, and explanations in its realistic exam simulators. to prep for CompTIA and Microsoft exams. This includes interactive performance-based questions similar to the ones found on the CompTIA exams.

We are most excited to introduce the ‘History’ feature to the 5.0 release. This new feature allows users to track their progress overall practice sessions, which enables them to understand their learning curve and, when applicable, share this information with instructors. The History feature saves the results of each practice session allowing the user to analyze progress over time. Additionally, the History feature saves all the reports generated by each training session including the “Personal Testing Plan”, a customized remediation report generated after all exam practice sessions.

The move from Flash to HTML5 also provides far superior security. CertBlaster® release 5.0 is on a secure server and account creation now requires authentication. The sessions are fully encrypted allowing our users the peace of mind they deserve.

CertBlaster® remains the single learning solution that makes it easy for the user to analyze assessment data with detailed remediation recommendations. This allows the user to go into exams with confidence, get certified, and advance their careers.

CertBlaster® 5.0 demonstrates dti Publishing’s enduring commitment to constant improvement and enhancement of the quality of experience our users have grown to expect from us. This version adds increased mobility, security, accessibility, and user-centric data points.

About dti Publishing Corp.
Established in 2001 dti Publishing Corp., a Delaware company headquartered in Park City, Utah, is dedicated to applying EdTech solutions that help enhance the careers of IT professionals. As a leader in IT test preparation, dti Publishing Corp. has, through CertBlaster® since 2001, helped in excess of one million users to prepare for their certification exams. CertBlaster® is exam-like in the sense that every practice question ties into each and every CompTIA exam objective and sub-objective. Through its virtual lab platform, LabConnection®, dti Publishing has helped prepare hundreds of thousands of students for the professional skills required by the IT certifications that CertBlaster® helps simulate.

Anne-Marie Suckley
dti Publishing Corporation
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MGH Institute of Health Professions to Help Local Students in Reading and Literacy

MGH Institute receives grant from RSM to help Charlestown students in reading and literacy

L-R: Patrick O’Neill of RSM, MGH Institute President Paula Milone-Nuzzo, Institute speech-language pathology students Elise Hopkins Gallegos & Alexandra Hanson, MGH Institute Chief Development Officer Clare McCully, and Erinn Johnson of RSM.

The Boston graduate school's Speech and Language Literacy (SAiL) Lab will use grant from accounting firm RSM to work at Harvard-Kent Elementary School.

This is a shining example of how corporate dollars given to a graduate school with the expertise to assist children in need in the local elementary school is more than a win/win.”

— MGH Institute President Paula Milone-Nuzzo

BOSTON, MA, USA, January 16, 2020 / — A grant received by MGH Institute of Health Professions from the Charlestown office of accounting firm RSM will leverage the graduate school’s literacy expertise and research to help provide children at Harvard-Kent Elementary School with the support and resources to succeed in school and in life.

Dr. Tiffany Hogan, director of the MGH Institute’s Speech and Language Literacy (SAiL) Lab, and post-doctoral fellow Dr. Rouzana Komesidou will lead a three-year grant to implement a long-term initiative at the Charlestown public school with one of the highest rates of economically disadvantaged students and one of the highest rates of English learners in Boston.

“We are currently on the threshold of a paradigm shift on how we approach issues around effectiveness in literacy instruction and emphasis on local sustainability and community buy-in,” Hogan and Komesidou wrote in the grant application. “This program has not only the potential to improve literacy outcomes in struggling readers but also create a sustainable model that will increase literacy awareness among students, their families, and the Charlestown community.”

The first $180,000 of the $300,000 grant was presented to the Institute during a January 9 event at RSM’s Charlestown office. Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh and Chris MacKenzie, RSM’s market leader, spoke about the importance of local businesses giving back to the community, and cited how partnerships such as the one with MGH Institute, RSM, and Harvard-Kent can play a significant role in residents’ lives. “This is an investment in people many of you probably will never meet, but because of this will go on to do great things,” said Mayor Walsh.

Hogan and her team will first identify students in grades K-2 at risk for poor learning outcomes and then administer additional diagnostic assessments of reading, language, and cognition to better characterize these students’ abilities. Graduate students in the Institute’s speech-language pathology program will then provide small-group evidence-based interventions for word decoding (matching sounds with letters) and language comprehension (background knowledge, grammar, and vocabulary) after school. Data collected through observations, interviews, focus groups, and document review will be used to help strengthen how reading and literacy issues are addressed with Harvard-Kent children in all grades.

For MGH Institute President Dr. Paula Milone-Nuzzo, the reading initiative is the latest example of the growing partnership with Harvard-Kent. Over the past two years, hundreds of graduate students from all the Institute’s programs have spent thousands of hours working with the public school’s children, not just on reading and literacy but cooking (occupational therapy), fitness (physical therapy), and health and wellness (nursing and physician assistant studies). Institute faculty also have presented mindfulness techniques to both children and teachers.

“This is a shining example of how corporate dollars given to a graduate school with the expertise to assist children in need in the local elementary school is more than a win/win,” she told the audience. “We hope this can be a model for other relationships that can develop that will ultimately improve our city.”

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