ComplianceOnline Announces 2-Day Virtual Seminar on Technical Writing for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices

Technical Writing for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices

Technical Writing for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices

ComplianceOnline and Subject Matter Expert, Mark Powell, will conduct a two day virtual seminar on Technical Writing for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, January 22, 2021 / — The "Technical Writing for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices" conference has been added to's offering.

In this course, participants will learn how to analyze and present technical data in a clear and concise manner. The use of visual tools such as graphs and flow charts will be covered, together with the design of effective tables. Statistical tools for data reduction and analysis will also be covered. The elements of effective standard operating procedures will also be explained. A large part of the course will be spent in a workshop setting, where attendees will produce technical content for comment and evaluation. The workshop can either be based on participants’ own data or model data provided by the trainer.

Attendees will be expected to bring a laptop computer. By the end of the course, attendees will be able to:

• Understand the expectations of regulators when reviewing a NDA/BLA/MAA
• Edit documents to remove superfluous words or phrases
• Identify and correct ambiguous text
• Write effective technical reports and procedures that cater to the needs of their target audience
• Present complex experimental data in a logical, clear and concise manner making optimal use of graphs, charts and tables
• Follow the conventions of scientific writing to support explanations and arguments
• Ensure technical documents achieve maximum impact by efficiently structuring the data and avoiding common mistakes in written English
• Analyze experimental data using statistical principles

Learning Objectives:

• Information required in regulatory submissions
• eCTD format and style
• The fundamentals of effective writing: accuracy, brevity and clarity
• Common mistakes in written English
• Effective use of figures and tables
• Correct methods of citing literature sources in technical documents
• Types of data distribution
• Statistical treatment of experimental data
• Design of Experiments (DoE)
• Writing effective procedures

Who will Benefit:

• Regulatory affairs professionals
• Project managers
• Technical staff with responsibility for report/procedure writing
• Quality management

About the Speaker:

Dr Mark Powell is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) with over thirty years’ experience as an analytical chemist. Mark was Honorary Treasurer of the RSC’s Analytical Division and led a working group on continuing professional development until July 2016, when his term of office ended. Between 2003 and 2013, he was the Analytical Development Manager, and later Scientific Manager, of a UK-based contract research organization which specialized in early-stage oral drug development. During this time, he was responsible for method validation, verification and transfer activities, as well as the qualification of laboratory instruments and computerized data systems. In 2013, he set up Mark Powell Scientific Limited, which provides training and consultancy services to pharmaceutical companies. Mark has since enjoyed working with companies of all sizes around the world on a variety of training and consultancy assignments, and has recently co-authored a White Paper on Pharmaceutical Data Integrity for the laboratory supply company VWR.


ComplianceOnline is a leading provider of regulatory compliance training programs for companies and professionals in regulated industries. ComplianceOnline has successfully trained over 55,000 professionals from 15,000 companies to comply with the requirements of regulatory agencies. ComplianceOnline is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and can be reached at ComplianceOnline is a MetricStream portal. MetricStream ( is a market leader in Enterprise-wide Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC), and Quality Management Solutions for global corporations.

For more information or to register for this seminar, please click here.
Virtual Training Through WebEx
Date: January 28-29, 2021 (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST)

Register by phone: Please call our customer service specialists at +1-888-717-2436 or email to

For more information on ComplianceOnline or to browse through our trainings, please visit our website

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Dr. Ellen R. Cohn to Speak on the Role of Teletherapy in a Post-COVID World

Dr. Ellen R. Cohn

In the world of therapy services, COVID-19 will have created a new normal for both clients and clinicians.

We could not be more excited about having Dr. Cohn join us for our webinar series. She is truly one of the great experts and pioneers in the world of teletherapy, and you won't want to miss this.”

— Jeremy Glauser, eLuma Founder & CEO

LEHI, UTAH, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2021 / — On Feb. 4, 1978, ATM usage languished. Consumers, suspicious of fraud, rejected ATMs in favor of in-person banking. Fast forward to Feb. 5, 1978, when 17 inches of snow fell on New York City within 24 hours. People desperately needed access to their cash, but hardly anything was open –not even the banks. And then came the transformation! Citibank began running television ads, showing one person frantically banging on the door of a closed bank during a blizzard –while another calmly extracted cash from an ATM. The slogan “The Citi Never Sleeps” was born.  Now, in early 2021, humanity finds itself attempting to climb out of the greatest public health crisis since 1918. Once again, a previously available but under-appreciated service delivery method has been drafted into action. This presentation will discuss the fundamentals of teletherapy & telerehabilitation and why it will continue to thrive in a post-COVID world.

eLuma Online Therapy is proud to announce that its next webinar will feature renowned professor, researcher and editor, Dr. Ellen R. Cohn, who will discuss the evolution of teletherapy & telerehabilitation from inception through the explosion of the COVID-19 global pandemic. She will further explore the virtues and many possibilities that will continue as the threat of the virus subsides. eLuma Founder and CEO, Jeremy Glauser added, "we could not be more excited about having Dr. Cohn join us for our webinar series. She is truly one of the great experts and pioneers in the world of teletherapy, and you won't want to miss this."


Ellen R. Cohn, PhD, CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow, is an experienced professor and administrator (associate dean and program director experience) with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. She is skilled in innovative program development; distance education; communication, health, and rehabilitation curricula; multi-disciplinary program direction; and communication science and disorders. A leader in telehealth, she is the founding editor of the International Journal of Telerehabilitation, and a past director of the American Telemedicine Association.


The webinar will be presented on Friday, January 22, 2021 at 1 pm EST. Registration is free and available to anyone interested, but space is limited. For those interested, go to:

George Dayton
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Why Hospitals Can Be Hazardous for Older Adults

Hazards of hospitalization for the elderly

Hazards of Hospitalization for the Elderly

Employee Wellness Caregiving Programs

Caregiving Programs: Health Literacy and Prevention

Caregiving Expert, Advocate, & Speaker

Pamela D. Wilson – Caregiving Expert

Emergency room visits can be hazardous for the elderly who unintentionally provide inaccurate health information resulting in misdiagnosis and harm.

Accurate Physician diagnoses rely on information provided by patients and family. Adults who are proactive about health fare better in receiving timely and accurate medical treatment.”

— Pamela D Wilson

GOLDEN, CO, USA, January 22, 2021 / — Caregiving expert Pamela D Wilson shares professional experience and research about the Hazards of Hospitalization of the Elderly in a recent Caring for Aging Parents blog post. Hospitalizations occur from unexpected situations, neglect of health concerns, and lack of education about health conditions.

Good health can be a fleeting experience. A significant change in health that results in a hospital emergency room visit for adults can be an unsettling experience. Patients who don’t understand the importance of providing medical staff with accurate and honest information may place their health at further peril.

Doctors can appear to be miracle workers when patients recover. But what happens when a patient does not provide enough information and misdiagnoses or a medical error occurs? Research and statistics available in Wilson’s blog post from Coverys and the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality confirm the risk and effects of misdiagnoses.

Emergency care is constrained by the fast pace of hospital emergency rooms, stress experienced by staff, the severity of medical conditions, and not enough information from patients. Add to this the complication of treating an elderly patient with dementia who cannot respond to questions with reliable information. The risks grow for the patient and the doctor.

In other situations, hospitalized adults may not know what information is important to relay to the doctor. Wilson is a caregiving expert and advocate who creates courses, webinars, and education for consumer groups, corporations, caregivers, and aging adults about learning from health and caregiving experiences.

In the twenty years, she served as a care manager, court-appointed guardian, and medical power of attorney for elderly clients and the disabled, Wilson acquired in-depth knowledge of how healthcare hazards occur and insights into caring for aging parents. Many times, “time” becomes an issue for doctors and caregivers.

A doctor prescribes a medication for an elderly patient without consulting family about history or side effects and an allergic reaction happens. A medication is discontinued without consulting family and a stroke occurs. Medication issues are significant in the elderly who have multiple chronic conditions.

Patients don't know the questions to ask about a health diagnosis or medications so following through with medical recommendations is not seen as a priority. Health continues to decline. Consumers fail to connect poor health with a commitment to change health habits that may or may not have been mentioned by a time-pressured physician.

For caregivers daily monitoring of health and chronic diseases of the elderly is critical to avoiding hospital emergency room visits. Wilson instituted care plans and change of condition warnings for the care of clients for whom she supervised care. Missing these small details is the reason that caregivers feel exhausted by managing the up and down health of elderly parents. Simple actions combined with a commitment by elderly parents can significantly improve care situations and reduce stress for the caregiver and aging adult.

Wilson's online caregiving course in a webinar format, Stay at Home: Taking Care of Elderly Parents at Home, provides insights, daily systems, and processes that she used to manage care for the elderly. These practical and common-sense steps can be used by caregivers worldwide to help aging parents maintain independence and minimize hospital emergency room visits.

A visit to the emergency room can be mentally confusing for an elderly person. Add to mental confusion, hospital admission, and lying-in bed for three or more days that results in significant physical weakness. Many elderly discharge from the hospital more mentally confused and physically weaker. Mental disorientation and physical weakness increase the likelihood of a follow-up hospital admission if preventative steps are not taken.

To avoid the hazards of hospitalization of the elderly, daily attention and self-care is necessary. While medical systems may be different, commonalities among health and daily functions exist. Navigating the healthcare system requires skills like communication, documentation, follow-up, collaboration and teamwork that are universal skills.

Wilson’s goal of helping the elderly stay at home and remain independent offers hope, help, and support for aging adults and their caregivers. To learn more about caring for elderly parents, check out Wilson’s online caregiving course: Stay at Home Taking Care of Elderly Parents at Home and Beyond. Information is on her website at or by completing the "contact me" form on Wilson's website.

P Dombrowski-Wilson
Pamela D. Wilson, Inc.
+1 303-810-1816
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Why Hospitals Aren’t the Best Place for Older Adults

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Pitch Perfect! GCSEN 2021 Meaning Makers Get Ready to Pitch After 3-Week Social Venture Boot Camp

The GCSEN Social Venture Boot Camp Class of 2021

Founder of Lessonbee, Reva McPollom

Founder of Digging Deep Project and creator of Shadow’s Edge, Sherri Sobrato

On Friday, January 22 the 2021 GCSEN Social Venture Boot Camp graduates after a three-week intensive teaching the foundations of 4P Social Entrepreneurship.

KINGSTOWN, NEW YORK , UNITED STATES, January 22, 2021 / — In just one short day, the number of Wheaton College (MA) students to have graduated from the GCSEN Foundation Social Venture Boot Camp will have surpassed 100! Through the sponsorship and support of the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation (DDSF), Wheaton College President, Dennis Hanno and DDSF Endowed Professor for Social Entrepreneurship Imran Chowdhury, GCSEN has been able to offer this program at no cost to budding social entrepreneurs for the past 6-years. The 2021 cohort is composed of 25 mission-driven social entrepreneurs including 18 teams across 12+ majors across the world, from Boston, USA to New Delhi, India which makes 2021’s class our largest boot camp yet! When initially asked why she wanted to join GCSEN Social Venture Boot Camp, Maggie Whitcomb (Wheaton ‘23) stated that she has “chosen to take many classes surrounding social justice issues, focusing on music and the environment. I drafted a Projects for Peace proposal for a composting project and developed an idea for a project that would bring peace to a community by making a plan, creating a budget, and presenting my idea to my class. With every new piece of information that I gain from these classes, I have more of an urge to act. This opportunity would give me a chance to figure out how to take what I know and use it to dive deeper and make a tangible difference.”

During the first week of the boot camp, students were oriented through GCSEN’s SE101 “Principles of 4P Social Entrepreneurship” course. Developed by GCSEN Founder/President and College Professor, Michael Caslin and his world-class team, this 12-hour course is designed to teach students from anywhere in the world the fundamental tools of 4P (People, Profit, Planet, Place) Social Entrepreneurship needed to succeed in a millennial-driven economy. Students completed SE101 in just 5 days where topics ranged from 4P local economy building and marketing to building a team and discovering their uniqueness. After completing SE101, students were ready to move into the SE102 intensive social venture formation. During Week 2, students are given everything they need to develop a successful social venture with practical steps. Daily sessions are led by Caslin, Chowdhury, and GCSEN Managing Director, Tony DiMarco. The Social Venture Boot Camp also hosts 2 dozen social entrepreneurs, lecturers, and coaches that share valuable lessons and social entrepreneurial insights with students.

Most mornings, the boot camp is kicked off with a “Heroes Café” virtual coffee house where the 4PSE heroes of today meet the 4PSE heroes of tomorrow! When Reva McPollum, Founder of online-learning platform Lessonbee, was asked how to differentiate a “ right investor from a wrong investor,” she left students with this sound advice, “you know it, you know it in your gut. Learn to trust yourself. Also, look at the investor's portfolio. Over time you’ll build a strong ecosystem where you can ask people within that ecosystem, ‘do you know that investor.’ That’s why a program like GCSEN is so important. It’s important to build these connections with other entrepreneurs.” Prior to ending her session, Founder of Digging Deep Project and creator of Shadow’s Edge, Sherri Sobrato, left students with these encouraging words, “Honor where you came from. Trust in what you know and have experienced. Believe in who you are and must become. At the heart level, trauma and life challenges can push us each through a level of pain to an even better place to be… if we have the right types of support. In my journey, I have come to realize how universal loss is. I believe teens today need new ways of support that help them be seen and heard. They need relevant and engaging cool tech experiences that meet them where they are and help them through their lived experience of being overwhelmed; and by doing so help them rise up. Based on thousands of hours of listening and counseling teens, as a Social Entrepreneur I have helped lead Digging Deep/Shadow’s Edge to a new type of intersectionality – where digital gaming meets narrative art therapy and wellness. I believe each GCSEN 4P Social Entrepreneur can and must use their past and their experiences to mobilize their potential to help people -inside and out- and by doing so they can better change the outside world.”

Gearing up for the final pitch on Friday, DiMarco looks forward to seeing what 120+ hours of hard work in three-weeks can do for the new class of Meaning Makers, “I am amazed by how far our Wheaton College students have progressed over three-weeks, from learning the basics about social entrepreneurship to pitching their new social ventures with confidence on the final morning of the program, they’ve been a true inspiration.” When the boot camp first started, some of the students did not have an idea on what they wanted their social venture to be. After 3-weeks of coursework, mentorship and world class coaching from a record 24 speakers and coaches, the soon-to-be GCSEN Certified Social Entrepreneurs are ready to present their idea to other social entrepreneurs, collegiate leaders, and supporters from all over the world! It’s important to note that since the start of the boot camp, the overall average confidence has increased from 57.5% to 93.8%. As a team, "we look forward to seeing how their heightened confidence impacts their pitch and ultimately, the world!"

Support the GCSEN Meaning Makers who are moving the world to a better place by attending the Final Pitch for the social entrepreneurs this Friday, January 22nd from 8:30am-12:00 pm through our GCSEN Zoom Conference! (Meeting ID: 840 6566 0487 / Passcode: 834724)
For more information on GCSEN go to and enjoy our featured GCSEN video short stories and life-changing learning lectures! Press Contact- Mike Caslin, Founder/CEO,, cell- 001-212-444-2071 or GCSEN Media Relations Coordinator Junior Consultant Zara Ayanna Salmon (W’18),

Michael Caslin
GCSEN Foundation
2038876172 ext.
email us here

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New Tome Provides Real-World, Practical Applications on How to Triumph in Corporate America

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — World-recognized public speaker, BIPOC entrepreneur, event planner and best-selling author, William S. Matthews, is set to launch his third book “Everything I Needed to Know about Corporate America.” In the book, Matthews provides a solid framework and applicable tips for anyone looking to thrive as they enter the workforce and climb the corporate ladder. Matthews specifically hopes to reach young Black and Brown college graduates and those in mid-management positions who are concerned about systemic racism in the corporate atmosphere.

Named one of Houston Business Journal 2019’s 40 under 40 honorees, Matthews leverages his substantial knowledge base with a unique blend of skills and characteristics gleaned from over 10 years working with some of Houston’s most influential businesses, corporate entities and nonprofits, making him a compelling asset and mentor for anyone seeking a similar path.

“The biggest problem I’ve found over the course of my career is a massive lack of preparation for how to navigate the corporate landscape. I not only cover important topics such as interview etiquette, race relations, requesting a raise, and dealing with a difficult boss, but offer strategies that will set you up for a lifetime of success,” says Matthews.

“Everything I Needed to Know about Corporate America” is available for pre-sale via Amazon.
ISBN: 9798585815614 | Price: $13.99 USA

Mr. Matthews is available for interviews.

About William S. Matthews
Will S. Matthews is a modern-day renaissance man and a native of Houston, Texas. With interests in philanthropy, event planning, real estate and marketing, Matthews operates in a variety of arenas in service to both nonprofit and corporate entities. His work includes community outreach, project management, workshop facilitation, fundraising, and keynote speaking. He is the recipient of the 2014 President’s Award of Excellence from the Women’s Council of the Houston Real Estate Association and the 2012 Outstanding Service Award from Houston Money Week.

Matthews is the author of “Everything I Need to Know about Life I Learned from an Event Planner” (On Demand Publishing, 2014), as well as “Everything I Need to Know about Money I Learned from My Broke @$$ Friends” (On Demand Publishing, 2015). He holds a bachelor’s degree from Dillard University and a master’s degree from Southern University A&M College. Recently, Matthews completed the Hive Global Leaders Program hosted by Harvard University.

Nikki Kelber
Anika PR
+1 415-375-1315

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MLK Week 2021 Celebration

Author and Host of HUMANITY CHATS Marjy Marj Joins Upstate Leaders to Honor African American History during MLK Week.

SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA , January 21, 2021 / — Each year we pause to commemorate the life and legacy of a hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In celebration of MLK Week and the 2021 Inauguration, Humanity Chats will discuss both historical events live Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 7pm (EST) on Marjy TV (@MarjyTV) Facebook and Youtube. The guests for this live event titled “Faith, Racial Injustice, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” will be Attorney James Cheek – a Spartanburg County Public Defender, Nika White owner of Nika White Consulting – a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion firm, and Bishop Dr. Charles J.J. Jackson, III – the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church. This episode of Humanity Chats will share stories of African American history that will be enlightening, uplifting and empowering.

While social injustice was on the rise in America during the pandemic in 2020 Marjy chose to take action by creating a talk show called Humanity Chats. Available on Youtube, Facebook and all major podcasts, the program has audiences in 17 countries. Marjy speaks and writes about social issues and politics; and she is becoming widely known as the “Advocate for Humanity”. Like one of her inspirations, Martin Luther King, Jr., she also has a dream to bring humanity together by creating content and promoting discussions that will impact and heal humanity. In December 2020, Marjy was both recognized and honored by Spartanburg County Foundation as the “Community Hero” and featured by her alma mater the University of Baltimore in their publication for releasing her second book, Same Elephants, and being an advocate for authors of color and immigrants.

Humanity Chats has grown exponentially by reaching over 20,000 viewers/listeners globally who tune in weekly to interact with Marjy’s guests. Since Season 3 began on January 7 viewers had the privilege to hear from Rhonda Rawlings from 107.3 Jamz and Hot 98.1, Dr. Sabrina Jackson – Psychologist and also known as The People Expert, Tashma Glymph an American Sign Language virtual instructor and social justice apparel creator, Caroline Goodman a Communications professional for First Presbyterian Church and Brand Affiliate for Nu Skin, and Author Sue Ann Baker of “Behind the Shades” and known worldwide as one of the first women out of five to be chosen to work for the U.S. Secret Service. Viewers do not want to miss out on the historical discussion on “Faith, Racial Injustice, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion” this Thursday, January 19, 2021 at 7pm (EST) with Attorney James Cheek, Dr. Nika White, Bishop Dr. Charles J.J. Jackson, III and host Marjy Marj.

Season 3 of Humanity Chats talk show will bring more diverse discussions that span from living healthy to today’s education. Viewers can look forward to future episodes with the Author of “Genesis Begins Again”, Alicia D. Williams, and the newly released book “Jump at the Sun”, The Goodwin Family known for GaBBY Bows – sold in stores in over 50 states, Motivational speaker and TV Producer – Marshawn Evans Daniel Esq, Author and Life Coach – Jacquie Hood Martin, Global Health Specialist – Dr. Rachel Vreeman, Speaker and Activist – Darieth Chisolm, Ghanaian Author and International Publisher Nana – Awere Damoah, Founder of the Fabulous Woman Network – Ama Duncan, Educator and Author Jed Dearybury and more.
Every episode can be found on all podcast platforms including Apple and Spotify after the live show and viewers can watch live weekly on Thursday at 7pm (EST) via YouTube and/or Facebook on MarjyTV (@MarjyTV).

About Marjy Marj:
Marjy Marj is the host of HUMANITY CHATS, a weekly talk show about everyday issues impacting humans. She speaks and writes about culture, politics, and social issues. Marjy is the author of THE SHIMMIGRANT (debuted #1 new release in 2019) and SAME ELEPHANTS (top 10 in March 2020). She is known as the “Advocate for Humanity” while being a sought-after speaker who keeps the crowd entertained and engaged at all times.

To book Marjy Marj for an interview please contact her publicist, Andrea Beasley, via email

Andrea Beasley
Stellar PR Firm
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Hope for Stomach Cancer and Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation have joined to provide a monthly support for stage 4

Hope for Stomach Cancer logo

Hope for Stomach Cancer and the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation have organized a monthly support meeting for stage 4 patients & caregivers

These two cancers are closely related. So when Bart decided to include stomach cancer patients and caretakers in his meetings, we were honored to participate in his events.”

— Aki Smith

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Hope for Stomach Cancer is working with the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation (ECEF), both the nation’s leading nonprofits dealing with these cancers, to provide a monthly online support meeting for patients and caregivers dealing with these devastating illnesses. The meetings, which take place via Zoom, are moderated by Bart Frazzitta, the Founder of Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation and a 20-year esophageal cancer survivor. Each meeting includes a different GI oncologist. The meetings are free, but registration is required. Interested parties can register at

“These two cancers are closely related,” said Hope for Stomach Cancer’s Director Aki Smith. “So when Bart decided to include stomach cancer patients and caretakers in his meetings, we were honored to participate in his events. The meetings are compassionate, informative, and uplifting. Especially in this time of social distancing, this is a great opportunity to talk to and listen to people who understand what you’re going through.”

Designed for patients who have been diagnosed as Stage IV or have had a recurrence, these monthly meetings are a unique opportunity to hear about the latest treatments, discuss new ideas, and support each other through a trying time.

The meetings will take place on the following dates in 2021: Jan 25, Feb 22, Mar 22, Apr 26, May 24, Jun 21, Jul 26, Aug 30, Sep 20, Oct 25, Nov 22, and Dec 20. All meetings will take place online via Zoom at 5 pm PST/8pm EST. The public can register at
More information on the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation (ECEF), Bart Frazzitta, and the meetings is available at

“Bart is an inspiration,” Smith said. “Knowledgeable, caring, and willing to share his experience, he’s the ideal guide for anyone going through Stage IV of either esophageal or stomach cancer. His guests, all gastrointestinal oncologists, bring their knowledge and understanding of the latest treatments with them. Each meeting is a life-affirming, informative event.”

Hope for Stomach Cancer is a 501(c)(3) that provides resources to patients, caregivers and loved ones while promoting early detection and prevention to the general and medical communities. Hope creates and facilitates programs that enable those affected by stomach cancer to take actionable steps to live the best possible life through each phase of the disease.

Aki Smith
Hope For Stomach Cancer
Visit us on social media:

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Family-Friendly Beach Cleanup Promotes That Caring for the Environment Can Improve Your State of Mind

A team of volunteers from The Way to Happiness Foundation of Tampa Bay spends an invigorating afternoon at a cleanup of Clearwater Beach that was fun for the entire family.

A team of volunteers from The Way to Happiness Foundation of Tampa Bay spends an invigorating afternoon at a cleanup of Clearwater Beach that was fun for the entire family.

It was a glorious day for an afternoon cleanup.

It was a glorious day for an afternoon cleanup.

 The cleanup was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon together.

The cleanup was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon together.

The Way to Happiness Foundation of Tampa Bay suggests an activity that is family-oriented, fun, and enhances the environment and community.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — Nearly a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, families are often hard pressed to find activities that are safe, extroverting, and fun for everyone.
A team of volunteers from The Way to Happiness Foundation of Tampa Bay proved that a neighborhood cleanup can fit all these requirements.

Keeping in pandemic protocols by wearing masks and gloves, the volunteers met at The Way to Happiness Tampa Bay Foundation at 33 North Fort Harrison Avenue in Clearwater, Florida, and headed for Clearwater Beach carrying “grabbers” and garbage bags.

By the end of the afternoon, they collected and carried off 12 pounds of trash (including an estimated 100 cigarette butts) and headed for home invigorated, energized and happy. Not only was the afternoon fun for everyone, they also felt great about accomplishing something that helps the community and the environment.

“Nice to see the beach being cleaned up!” was one of the comments on their Facebook page. “[The Foundation] always does an outstanding job getting involved with so many causes helping the community greatly,” commented another.

The Way to Happiness is a common-sense guide to better living by humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. The book contains 21 precepts—principles or rules of conduct one can adopt and urge others to follow to help them survive and lead happier lives.

Environmental cleanups are one of the many activities those who live by The Way to Happiness take part in.

In the precept “Safeguard and Improve Your Environment,” Mr. Hubbard wrote, “The idea that one has a share in the planet and that one can and should help care for it may seem very large and, to some, quite beyond reality. But today what happens on the other side of the world, even so far away, can effect what happens in your own home.”

“Care of the planet begins in one’s own front yard. It extends through the area one travels to get to school or work. It covers such places as where one picnics or goes on vacation. The litter which messes up the terrain and water supply, the dead brush which invites fire, these are things one need not contribute to and which, in otherwise idle moments, one can do something about.”

A free online course covering each of the 21 precepts is available through The Way to Happiness website, which includes the text of the book, the feature-length The Way to Happiness book-on-film and 21 public service announcements illustrating each of the book’s precepts.

“This booklet is priceless!” was a recent comment of a visitor to the Facebook of The Way to Happiness Foundation of Tampa Bay. “Reading it gave me hope; seeing it on DVD gave me tears of joy; being able to download it and have it available everywhere makes me jump [for joy] because I know from experience that the data in there give a person the right tool to come out of anything. All you need to do is to decide to apply those principles.”

The Foundation's Tampa Bay headquarters was dedicated in 2015 by Scientology ecclesiastical leader Mr. David Miscavige as part of an initiative to bring the full breadth of Church-sponsored humanitarian campaigns and social betterment programs to Clearwater, the city that hosts the spiritual headquarters of the Church of Scientology.

Media Relations
Church of Scientology International
+1 323-960-3500
email us here

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Essay Pop partners with Elite Prep

Powerful assessment tools saves time for teacher to grade essays quickly as well as deep dive into what needs work

Proprietary frame-based writing allows anyone to write a well-developed essay, or any written piece

Track progress over time to analyze areas of improvement for the individual

Edtech upstart EssayPop partners with tutoring veteran Elite Prep, empowering teachers with new tech just in time for recent changes in education

USA, January 21, 2021 / — The rapidly-growing writing platform, EssayPop, is proud to announce a partnership with Elite Prep, a globally recognized educational company headquartered in California with over 50 locations worldwide.

EssayPop is an intuitive and highly-scaffolded writing system that smartly breaks academic papers into their constituent elements so that students can approach essay-writing in a granular, step-by-step fashion. The developers tout the system as ‘the cure for writer’s block”. From a teacher’s viewpoint, Elite’s own senior instructor Alexander Hodge-Wallis had a few key thoughts about the system: “The great thing about EssayPop is that it helps students visually establish the structure of an essay in a way that is not possible with traditional means of teaching essay writing. It helps me see where students are misunderstanding the particular function of a sentence type (thesis statements, for example) and quickly identify what they are having trouble with. I can have my advanced students experiment and play with complicated structures while my students who are struggling can use more simple/classical styles while both using the same prompt. Several of my students got really creative with how they used the program, experimenting with different ideas, arguments, seeing which rules could be bent, broken, and which shouldn't be touched at all…the resulting final essays really demonstrated their creativity. The fact that EssayPop allows students to literally drag sentences around to see what effect it has is a great feature. It is helpful to me to see what my students are writing in real-time, that way I can identify problems early in the writing process.”

As for flexibility in teaching a variety of students, Mr. Hodge-Wallis also shared “One of the great things that makes my life significantly easier as an instructor is the way EssayPop helps struggling students structure their papers. I had several students for whom English is not their first language and who greatly struggle with wording; however, regardless of wording issues, they were able to come up with structurally strong, logically cohesive arguments and expositions in a way that I think would have been significantly more difficult to do without EssayPop.”

According to Elite's operation manager, Jon Kang, "I can't say enough good things about EssayPop. All of our students at Elite who had the opportunity to use the platform loved it. More than one student said it was the best experience they've had in learning how to write better."

EssayPop CEO, Michael Hicks, is also pleased with the partnership. “It’s great to work with yet another well-established purpose-driven institution focused on cultivating students to their full potential,” says Hicks. “In a world with ever-increasing standards for students and an only-the-best-for-future-generations mentality, we’re getting pretty good at building unique solutions and custom tailored experiences for our partners. It’s shown that our platform is flexible enough to accommodate different expectations, academic writing structures, and rubrics. It’s always been our intention to have universal compatibility.” Andrew Wang, SVP of Partnerships, is also quite optimistic for EssayPop’s continued success, indicating that “this partnership bears great significance in expanding our clientele and applications for any institution wishing to improve their pedagogy and practice. We welcome all to reach out and have a chat. I’m sure we’ll find a solution that works for them.”

The platform also includes a social and interactive environment, called the Hive, where students and teachers can provide support for one another in real-time from anywhere. It’s a clever tool built by teachers and one which has proven to be essential with schools that are engaged in traditional, distance, and hybrid learning. Mr. Kang touts, “As an educator, I'm a firm believer in the power of collaboration and learning-by-helping. That's exactly what students are able to do in the Hive. EssayPop makes peer-to-peer interaction so easy to implement, both in and out of class. Students learn just as much from writing their own essays as they do from providing feedback for other students in their pod.” Mr. Wallis adds, “There were several things I noticed that students liked. The first is that, if they were struggling, they could go into the hive and see what their peers were doing and model their writing after that. They also liked that they could ask for- and receive- near instant feedback from me on work they had just written. My more ambitious students really took the program and flew with it.”

As for the overall experience with the EssayPop team, Jon Kang raves, “What impresses me the most about Essaypop though is how thoughtful they are about the user experience–for students, teachers, and even administrators. It definitely helps that the founder and CEO is a 27-year veteran English teacher.”

The California-based company has grown rapidly in recent months with over 180,000 teachers and 800,000 students signing up the past quarter. EssayPop has users in every state in the nation and in overseas markets such as Canada, UK, Australia and all over Asia Pacific.

For more information on how your institution can benefit or partner with EssayPop, please reach out to

To participate in Elite’s writing workshop program using EssayPop, please email or visit

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What is EssayPop?

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ITU Online Announces New Linux XK0-004 (CompTIA Linux+) Training Course – On-Demand Linux Training

This course is geared towards IT professionals whose primary job function is the management of servers & other devices running via the Linux operating system.

Any serious cybersecurity professional should seek out certifications in Linux+ and the PenTest, plus having fundamental certifications in both networking and the Cloud.”

— Carrie Cameron, CEO of ITU Online

DUNEDIN, FL, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2021 / — ITU Online Training, nominated for two Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, is pleased to announce their release of the new Linux+ XK0-004 training course. This Linux course is taught by Frank Schmidt, a Senior Instructor with over two decades of experience and a longtime holder of Linux certifications.

This course is geared towards IT professionals whose primary job function is the management of servers and other devices running via the Linux operating system. While the instructor recommends that a student in this course should have at least nine months of hands-on Linux experience or more than one year of IT experience in other computing environments, ITU Online feels the course is also well-suited for beginners.

This IT training course will teach students about performing basic Linux tasks, such as how to manage users, groups, permissions, ownership, storage, files, directories, and devices. They will also learn about Kernel modules, as well as the Linux boot process and system components.

Other components of the course include securing Linux systems and automating tasks. Students will also learn to write and execute Bash shell scripts and ultimately, Linux installation.

“One thing that will be different for some folks is that this is command-line based,” Schmidt states at the beginning of the course. “Its going to be a bit of syntax, a bit of accuracy in the typing, and it’s also going to be learning a new layout of how you speak with the shell, with the command interpreter.”

Knowing Linux is crucial for cybersecurity professionals and for other in-demand IT training fields. Because Linux is open source, it is prominent in global technology, found in servers, workstations, mainframes, supercomputers, mobile devices, PCs, and embedded systems. The instructor even states that Linux is the “most deployed operating system,” and other information that is crucial to students.

“Embedded systems are the computers we don't hear about, but if you're familiar with the term IoT, the Internet of Things, think of all the little sensors out there monitoring the atmosphere, traffic, keeping track of where you happen to be,” Schmidt shares with students in the course. “All of these things feed data into some sort of Cloud storage where they can predict things, like 'where is the nearest McDonalds?' for instance.”

This new Linux training course is available individually, or as part of the training company's CompTIA learning bundle. While this course alone is over 24 hours of learning content, the bundle of courses gives students over 230 hours of training content.

“Due to Linux being such a common OS, it becomes a more easily accessible tool for hackers,” Carrie Cameron, CEO of ITU Online says. “Any serious cybersecurity professional should seek out certifications in Linux+ and the PenTest, plus having fundamental certifications in both networking and the Cloud.”

ITU Online offers military and front line worker discounts to thank them for their service – they can contact the training company directly to qualify. ITU Online Training also offers a Lifetime Library where students pay once for all present and future training, which is groundbreaking for the IT eLearning field.

About ITU Online

Since 2012, ITU Online has been a leader in providing online IT training courses. Their curriculum is built, filmed, and supported in-house via their corporate headquarters outside of Tampa, FL. By using proven educational concepts and sound instructional design principles, ITU creates exceptional courses to provide the best benefits for those in the IT training field.

ITU delivers a standard for quality by employing the best leaders in the IT field to create award-winning training courses. ITU has won four Best in Biz Awards, including Company of the Year, Fastest Growing Company of the Year, Creative Department of the Year, and Most Innovative Company of the Year.

These awards solidify what ITU’s students already come to expect – the best practical knowledge at an amazing price point. Learn more by calling (855) 488-5327 or by visiting

ITU Online Training Team
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