Resilience and the Internationally Mobile Family: Navigating Changes and Transitions

New co -authored book by Dr.Peggy Pelonis

ACS Athens announces new co-authored book by Dr. Peggy Pelonis, Resilience and the Internationally Mobile Family: Navigating Change and Transition.

A timely book addressing the stages of change that internationally mobile families experience”

— American Community Schools of Athens

CHALANDRI, ATHENS, GREECE, October 15, 2019 / —
ACS Athens is excited to announce the new book co-authored by Dr. Peggy Pelonis, ACS Athens Vice President, Resilience and the Internationally Mobile Family: Navigating Change and Transition.

A timely book addressing the stages of change that internationally mobile families experience. This publication is a valuable resource for teachers, administrators, and families who take the challenge of global citizenship. Dr. Peggy Pelonis and Dr. William G. Nicoll not only explain the process of change, but they offer practical assistance for successfully navigating such change. The authors provide concrete strategies for both parents and international educators to develop resilience in children and families, thereby aiding them in fully realizing the positive, life-changing, and life-enriching experience of international life.

This book, though written for families and individuals in global transition, is a point of reference for anyone experiencing change.

The book is available at:

American Community Schools of Athens, Greece
American Community Schools
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Girls PIAA Basketball Kicks Off at EEACS in Allentown

Logo for EEACS Allentown Charter School

Executive Education Charter School in Allentown will welcome a girls basketball team.

Executive Education Academy Charter School in Allentown has officially announced a varsity girls basketball team.

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2019 / — A year after Executive Education Academy Charter School in Allentown was PIAA certified, a new sports team is finding a home at the school. Varsity girls basketball will kick off during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Over 75 girls in grades 5 through 12 signed up to play basketball. Twenty-five high school girls were chosen for the school’s first varsity team.

“We can’t wait to see our students take the court and have a successful season,” says Robert Lysek, founder and CEO of the Allentown charter school.

The girls team will play in the school’s new 16,000 square-foot, 1,600 seat gymnasium against other public, private, and charter schools.

The boys basketball team was the first sports team at the school. They had a successful season in 2018-2019 and even won a Basketball District Title. Other sports at the school include girls volleyball, baseball, softball, and wrestling.

To learn more about athletics at the Lehigh Valley charter school, visit

About EEACS: Founded in 2014 by highly experienced educators and management, Executive Education Academy Charter School, authorized for grades K-12 by the Allentown School District, leads the way in education by offering its 1,300 students opportunities for growth both in and out of the classroom. EEACS combines all mandated studies with a unique student-corporate culture. To learn more, visit

Bruce Johnson
Executive Education Academy Charter School
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About Executive Education Academy Charter School in Allentown

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Colorado Springs Chorale To Perform Handel’s ‘Messiah’

On the campus of Charis Bible College, Nov. 16 at 2 p.m.

It’s a great way to start the Christmas season and reflect on the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus.”

— Andrew Wommack

WOODLAND PARK, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2019 / — Woodland Park steps into the holiday season with a special presentation of George Frideric Handel’s “Messiah” on Saturday, Nov. 16, performed by the Colorado Springs Chorale and accompanied by the 150-member Chamber Orchestra of the Springs.

This banner event will take place at The Auditorium, a world-class performing arts center on the campus of Charis Bible College. This 3,100-seat venue will open its doors open at 12:30 p.m. for the 2 p.m. performance, and seating is general admission. Tickets are $15.

“We are honored to offer our facility in beautiful Woodland Park to the first-rate performance: Handel’s ‘Messiah,’” said Andrew Wommack, president and founder of Charis Bible College. “It’s a great way to start the Christmas season and reflect on the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus.”

The Colorado Springs Chorale is a beloved institution in the Pikes Peak region, dating back to the mid-1900s, as one of the oldest choirs in the state. In addition to its local and national favor, it was internationally recognized when it became the official choir of the upcoming 2020 D-Day ceremonies in Normandy, France.

For more information or to register go to

About Charis Bible College
Charis Bible College was started in 1994 by Andrew Wommack to train disciples for the work of the ministry. His vision is to change the body of Christ’s perception of God by preparing and sending leaders to proclaim the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Charis Bible College is headquartered in Woodland Park, Colorado, and has more than 40 campuses around the world. Find Charis at, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Public Relations

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Dolores Van Rensalier of the Huntoon-Van Rensalier Underground Railroad Foundation to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2019 / — On her first day in elementary school, the black children in Dolores Van Rensalier’s class asked her what nationality she was. She responded: “Italian, East Indian, American Indian and white.” They asked if she was black. Dolores responded no. Then the black children surrounded her, pinned her to the ground and beat her.

Dolores ran home crying to her mother, who gently told her about her dark-skinned ancestor Abdul, a prince, the son of a small tribal king from across the ocean. “When Abdul was 12, there was a sudden tribal war, and the king told his guardian to escape with Abdul and hide “along the Nile river.” They hid along the Nile River until they came upon a big spice ship owned by the wealthy Van Rensalier family, who brought him to America and raised him.”

Dolores’s parents had passed for white and they never told Dolores or any of her four siblings the truth for fear of how it might affect their lives. Dolores eventually discovered both her parents had a black parent.

“Everything she told me was true except for the truth about my race,” recalls Dolores, “but she gave me the breadcrumbs.”

When she was 17, Dolores stumbled on the Nile River on a map of Africa. Dolores knew she had to openly honor all her ancestry and search for her hidden black roots. After many years of research, she found in her family tree William Van Rensalier, a direct descendant of this Prince Abdul. William had been a conductor on the Underground Railroad and boarded with a wealthy spice merchant, his friend Josiah Huntoon.

“Before and during the Civil War, both black and white abolitionists risked their lives hiding fugitive slaves in the cellars as part of the famed Underground Railroad. There was a tower on top of the house where a lantern was used to signal when it was safe for the slaves to come down from a nearby mountain. They hid the runaway slaves at great personal danger,” says Dolores. “It was a simple matter of them being deeply sympathetic to anyone who was a slave. They risked their lives to help them become free.”

In 1995, Dolores’ documentation would help save and historically preserve the Huntoon Van Rensalier Underground Railroad site at the vacant lot at 125 Broadway in Paterson, NJ.

“When I went to the site thinking the house was still there. I was so excited because I would be able to actually touch my hand on the walls where my black ancestor once lived,” recalls Dolores. “When I found it was by then a vacant lot, it devastated me. I vowed to publicly honor this hidden, great man.

Dolores would later become founder and president of the Huntoon Van Rensalier Underground Railroad Foundation, leading the board to fund and build a beautiful monument at this sacred site. It was completed in 2014. The story is recounted in Dolores’ book Bridge Street to Freedom (2017).

Says Dolores: “I often say that the soul has no color, it’s the soul’s character God will judge us by.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dolores Van Rensalier in an interview with Jim Masters on October 17th at 2pm EDT

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information on Huntoon-Van Rensalier Underground Railroad Foundation, visit

Bridge Street to Freedom: Landmarking a Station on the Underground Railroad is available on Amazon

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Patricia Malecki of Hypnotherapy Care to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2019 / — When you think of hypnotherapy you may imagine a mystical person with special powers putting you under a mind control trance, but these are just made up stories from old Hollywood movies. Hypnotherapy is actually a highly effective therapeutic tool for treating psychological, physical, and behavioral conditions. When done accurately by highly trained certified professionals hypnotherapy promotes optimal health and wellness, and a more meaningful and joyful life.

Patricia Malecki is a top notch hypnotherapist and owner of the practice Hypnotherapy Care.

“Through my invaluable hypnotherapy work my clients are able to release unhealthy pent up anger and stress,” says Patricia. “Unlike the misconceptions that you get trapped in hypnosis clients are fully conscious and completely calm. They enter into a deep state of relaxation better able to cope with life’s problems and troubles that have been weighing them down.”

Hypnotherapy actually places people in a heightened state of awareness. You are in a trance like state, not unconscious or asleep but fully alert and totally aware of what is going on around you.

“I effortlessly guides my clients into thinking of experiences and situations so they can find your own solutions from their inner beings, thoughts, and patterns,” says Patricia.

People seek Patricia out usually feeling extremely disheartened but filled with hope. The seek her out for everything from deeply rooted trauma, every day stress, phobias, relationship issues, ways to improve their golf skills, smoking cessation, substance abuse, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Hypnotherapy can help resolve medical conditions and improve sleep.

“What is so remarkable is how our bodies have the keen ability to heal itself we just have to allow it to happen by being attuned to our inner beings,” says Patricia.

We all possess an unconscious and subconscious mind. In our conscious mind we are aware, responsive, and logical while our unconscious mind is spontaneous and associated with dreams and sleep. Hypnotherapy taps into the unconscious mind and that’s how we can solve issues and problems.

“My clients literally find the answers within themselves I am merely the facilitator,” says Patricia. “When they go into a daydreaming state I provide them with space and they find the answers I just guide them and that’s what’s so awe inspiring about it.”

Patricia’s practice has grown in leaps and bounds and special ability to counsel and relate to her clients makes her an exceptionally gifted and highly sought after hypnotherapist.

“I’m never feeling depleted or overwrought, rather I’m super enlightened and healthy every time I help clients find healing,” says Patricia.

To get the most effective results Patricia requires about 3 to 6 sessions. Her goals is to make certain every client heals and she makes certain they never leave her office without feeling better.

“I can’t take grief away or physically bring someone back but the most promising fact is that I can even erase even the worst memory and sorrowful emotions,” says Patricia. “I can help you create distance from that event so you can look back that it is just a memory you no longer have to dwell on. You feel liberated and truly enlightened.”

Patricia is continually advocating for the advancement and wide spread use of hypnotherapy in hospitals and psychiatric units as an alternative approach to conventional western medicine.

“I’m a daughter, a sister, and a mother,” says Patricia. “I didn’t grow up in a family of other hypnotherapists but I had a very nurturing mom and tremendous life experiences. I learned that there is not just one way to find answers to life troubles and there are more ways fulfill your dreams. Open your mind up to the possibilities of hypnotherapy and you will find the peace you have always hoped for.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Patricia Malecki in an interview with Jim Masters Thursday October 17th at 3 p.m. EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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“Ava the Pliosaur” Surfaces at UK Museums, and She’s Teaching Kids How Plesiosaurs Swam

Dr. Steve Etches in the museum's discovery, along with several children holding a tablet featuring "Ava the pliosaur".

Paleontologist Dr. Steve Etches, founder of the Etches Collection Museum, stands beside “Ava the Pliosaur” in the museum’s Discovery Room.

Some of the displays inside the Etches Collection Museum, showing the region's rich fossil history.

A look inside the Etches Collection Museum of Jurassic Marine Life

A shot of Ava the Pliosaur at the Dorking Museum's fossil display.

“Ava the Pliosaur” swims as part of the Dorking Museum and Heritage Centre’s fossil display.

The animation for a formal paper on marine reptile locomotion is making waves with museum patrons of all ages.

BUCKINGHAM, PA, US, October 15, 2019 / — The mystery of how plesiosaurs – those “Nessie-like” four-flippered, long necked marine reptiles from the time of the dinosaurs – swam has perplexed both the public and paleontologists for going on 200 years. How did these mysterious creatures make use of their four paddles for swimming, and what benefits did they derive from them?

Enter “Ava the Pliosaur”, the brainchild of bestselling novelist Max Hawthorne, author of the popular Kronos Rising series of paleo-fiction novels. Named after the author’s daughter, Ava is a scientifically accurate animation swim cycle that demonstrates how a short-necked plesiosaur, known as a pliosaur, swam. The swim cycle was crafted by animator Mathieu LaFreniere and is part of a recently completed study, supporting Hawthorne’s theory on plesiosaur locomotion. The study, and the formal paper that followed, is currently undergoing peer review. It was developed by a team of paleontologists that included Dr. Mark McMenamin, a Professor of Geology from Mount Holyoke College and the founder of the ingenious “Triassic Kraken” theory, as well as fossil hunter Paul de la Salle, discoverer of the “Lilstock Monster”, a section of fossilized Ichthyosaur jaw that suggests that some extinct marine reptiles exceeded even the mighty blue whale in size.

The ideas behind Hawthorne’s plesiosaur theory, as demonstrated by Ava, have captivated the imagination of many. In fact, savvy museums are pouncing on the opportunity to showcase them.

Both The Etches Collection of Jurassic Marine Life, located in Kimmeridge, Dorset, UK, which represents the life’s work of paleontologist Dr. Steve Etches, and the Dorking Museum and Heritage Centre, located in Dorking, England, which houses the fossilized remains of dinosaurs from the surrounding region, have Ava displayed in their respective centers. The swim cycle plays on full-size monitors and shows the pliosaur as it swims from a variety of angles. As a result, whether kids and their parents are enjoying the Etches Collection’s “Discovery Room” or touring the Dorking’s intriguing fossil displays, they can be treated to the sight of a prowling marine beast, the likes of which the world hasn’t seen in over 65 million years.

“I think it’s terrific that museums are taking the opportunity to display what Mark, Paul, and I feel is the most up-to-date info on how plesiosaurs swam,” Hawthorne stated. “It’s a mode of locomotion we haven’t seen since the Cretaceous. Seeing this bus-sized predator up there on the screen, cruising along and looking so natural, it’s a thrill for just about anyone. No matter what age you are, it stimulates learning about these truly wondrous creatures that once ruled the world’s oceans.”

To request a download of Ava the Pliosaur for a particular facility, see the contact info below. To schedule a visit to the Etches Collection or to see Ava the Pliosaur online, go to: For details on the Dorking Museum or to schedule a trip, go to:

Kevin Sasaki
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Underwater Flight in Plesiosaurs (Pliosaurs) – Animated Swim Cycle, by Max Hawthorne

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Harvard University Community Action Partners to Help NTI@Home Boost Efforts to Find Jobs for Persons with Disabilities

CAP Members and NTI Staff Converge at Year End Celebration

CAP Members and NTI Staff Converge at Year End Celebration

Harvard University Community Action Partners to help NTI@Home boost efforts to find jobs for persons with disabilities through pro bono consulting.

They highlighted key functional areas and processes that needed to be enhanced, to develop new client relationships for NTI candidates seeking employment opportunities.”

— Bob Eaton, Board of Directors at NTI

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2019 / — NTI’s ( Board Director Bob Eaton, Chief Operating Officer Alan Hubbard and Director of Marketing Michael Sanders were among the invited guests at Harvard University’s Community Action Partners (CAP) Year End Celebration at the school’s Spangler Center. CAP is made up graduates of the Harvard Business and Kennedy School of Government alumni, who give back to their communities through pro bono consulting.

Each year, volunteers give 9,000 hours of service with a value of $2 million in consulting service value for more than 200 nonprofits in the Boston area. Volunteers apply their management skills to help solve business challenges. Kathy Le, a 2000 Kennedy School graduate, is the CAP executive director, while Barbara Bauman, a 1989 Kennedy School graduate, is the co-chairperson.

Each member of the volunteer board serves a three-year term with a potential second term. The volunteers help assure high-quality outcomes for the nonprofits.

NTI, a 501 (c) nonprofit organization, provides training and job placement for Americans with disabilities, working with government organizations, Fortune 500, and large and small companies.

During CAP ‘brainstorming’ session last December, the volunteers gave NTI an outside perspective look at their organization.

“They highlighted key functional areas and processes that needed to be enhanced, to develop new client relationships for NTI candidates seeking employment opportunities,” said Eaton.

Both groups are looking to developing their relationship to help benefit Americans with disabilities.

“CAP members advising NTI have diverse experiences in a variety of fields,” said Eaton, “but they have provided a complementary set of actions to augment NTI’s efforts for making new opportunities available to our candidate pool."

“CAP experiences working with nonprofits was also demonstrated by their ability to provide suggestions while remaining sensitive to NTI’s core mission of finding remote working opportunities for Americans with disabilities.”

Eaton is looking forward to further developing NTI’s relationship with CAP in the future.

“As NTI continues to make progress implementing the actions, programs and processes resulting from the brainstorming session, I could envision future brainstorming sessions to be beneficial perhaps every 1 or 2 years,” he said. These could serve a dual purpose of evaluating the changes NTI has made but also providing course corrections and new suggestions to build on the action NTI has taken.”

To learn more about CAP, visit If your organization is looking to partner with NTI to help Americans with disabilities find jobs, visit Additionally, if you are an American with a disability seeking a work at home opportunity and would like to register for the program, visit

Michael Sanders
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E-learning Software Market 2019 Global Share, Trends, Segmentation, Analysis and Forecast to 2025

Wiseguyreports.Com Publish New Market Report On -“E-learning Software Market 2019 Global Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities and Growth, Forecast 2025”

PUNE, INDIA, October 15, 2019 / —

E-learning Software Market 2019

WiseGuy Reports (WGR) has recently updated a report which has given an informative overview of the industry, along with a brief explanation. This overview informs the reader about the product or service, various s applications of the same in different industries, and the production and management techniques used for it. The overall E-learning Software market has been concentrated to give a precise and watchful assessment into the progressing industry slants, the aggressive scene and incorporates local investigation of market for the Forecast of 2019 to 2025.

Request Free Sample Report @

Key Players
The report on global E-learning Software market has profiled some distinguished vendors as well as promising new market entrants.

This report focuses on the global key players, covered
Net Dimensions
Upside learning
iSpring Solutions
Mindflash Technologies
Accord LMS

Market Dynamics
The report on global E-learning Software market has explored and mentioned several factors that are promoting positive growth in the E-learning Software market over the assessment period. It has considered volume designs, regard portions of the organization/thing, close by the assessing history. Some huge variables largerly affecting the market incorporate innovative advances, development in the worldwide populace, the effect of various government arrangements presented, and the interest and supply component working in the market.

Segmental Analysis
The global E-learning Software market is segmented and analyzed on the basis of different aspects to gain a better understanding for the conjecture period. Such division incorporates local division, among different angles, for example, type, parts, end-client enterprises, and applications. The common division has been finished for five locale of Asia Pacific, North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. The report on WGR includes an in-depth study of the E-learning Software market in each regional segment mentioned above.

Research Methodology
The global E-learning Software market has been analyzed using Porter’s Five Force Model for the assessment period of 2019 to 2025. Additionally, an in-depth SWOT analysis has been carried out for a precise understanding of the E-learning Software market.

Complete Report Details @

Table of Contents –Analysis of Key Points
1 E-learning Software Market Overview
2 Manufacturers Profiles
3 Global E-learning Software Market Competition, by Players
4 Global E-learning Software Market Size by Regions
5 North America E-learning Software Revenue by Countries
6 Europe E-learning Software Revenue by Countries
7 Asia-Pacific E-learning Software Revenue by Countries
8 South America E-learning Software Revenue by Countries
9 Middle East and Africa Revenue E-learning Software by Countries
10 Global E-learning Software Market Segment by Type
11 Global E-learning Software Market Segment by Application
12 Global E-learning Software Market Size Forecast (2019-2024)
13 Research Findings and Conclusion
14 Appendix
List of Tables and Figures

Norah Trent
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Asia Inc. 500 and CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture launch new initiatives

Launch of 'NexGen’ and ‘Youth in Data Connect

Launch of ‘NexGen’ and ‘Youth in Data Connect

HYDERABAD, TELANGANA, INDIA, October 15, 2019 / — Asia Inc. 500 in association with the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture conducted an event for 150 young leaders launching Asia Inc. 500’s NexGen campus connect program and CGIAR’s Youth in Data Connect initiative at T-Hub.

Asia Inc. 500's NexGen is a vibrant program focusing on various colleges and universities, aiming to form a network of like-minded students across the country. NexGen empowers and grooms selected students across India who will serve as the first point of contact of their institute conducting events on various aspects of tech and non-tech fields.

CGIAR’s Youth in Data Connect initiative acts as an open forum for students to connect and learn how they can contribute to agriculture. The platform connects youths and youth-led initiatives with industry partners to boost digital agriculture around the world.

The event consisted of a Quiz/Activity/Feedback session to gauge the level of interest in entrepreneurship among students and an Open House session i.e. a freewheeling informal Q&A session wherein the students shared their concerns, entrepreneurial ideas and sought guidance. This was followed by the launch of ‘NexGen’ and ‘Youth in Data Connect’ initiatives by Mr. Gopalakrishnan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India, Ms. Marianne McDade, Head of Communications, CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture and Mr. Raghavendra Hunasgi, Global Convenor, Asia Inc. 500.

“The future of food security depends on today’s youth and how we engage them in the agriculture sector particularly in the digital agriculture and innovation space. An important first step is to provide an opportunity for them to connect with the people and institutions that can support their growth and foster their ideas. Launching our new initiative, Youth in Data Connect, at T-Hub, India’s leading start-up, and innovation hub was the obvious choice”, said Ms. Mcdade.

“We are extremely delighted to launch the NexGen campus connect program to encourage, inspire and empower students. Initiatives like these will help facilitate and nurture the future leaders of the country and contribute to their career growth”, said Mr. Hunasgi.

About Asia Inc. 500: Asia Inc. 500 is a digital platform for celebrating, recognizing and awarding thought leaders and industry stalwarts across Asia. The global pioneer, which is also an international business magazine, endows an exposure of top business organizations that have manifested in a digital transformation. With a motive to bring the best in Asia, Asia Inc. 500 has been laying continuous emphasis on recognizing and rewarding 5000+ individuals and organizations across Asia and has magazines published across 6 countries in 3 languages and business news channels in Singapore and Hong Kong.

For more information about us, please visit –

Asia Inc. 500
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Makeup Removers Market 2019 Global Analysis, Opportunities And Forecast To 2025

WiseGuyReports have announced the addition of a new report titled “2019 Global and Regional Makeup Removers Market Research Report Forecast 2025”.

PUNE , MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, October 15, 2019 / — Report Description:

The growth of the Global Makeup Removers market is dependent on various factors and provides a better growth graph of the industry through a basic overview which portrays the actual market valuation with an expected rate of expansion during the forecast period. A complete background analysis of the Makeup Removers market, which includes an assessment of the economy and contribution of sectors in the economy, key segments, and emerging trends are covered in the report. As per the scope of the report, the global Makeup Removers market also portrays its key dynamics that support to have a strong influence over the spotted years to expansion by 2019. With the help of these perspectives, the report is able to estimate and validate the market size of the Makeup Removers market and the volume of various relevant market segments.

Drivers & Constraints

Surveys and proper researches are conducted for the Makeup Removers market and assist in collaboration of studies over trends, pricing, potential growth, opportunities, and restraints. The report is analyzed deeply to gain every parameter and provides extensive coverage of new revenue pockets. This allows the Makeup Removers market to estimate and validate future approaches so that new opportunities are introduced to increase the Makeup Removers market expansion by the year 2019.

Request Free Sample Report at:

Regional Description

Regionally, the Makeup Removers market report covers the key regions such as North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East & Africa. The present, past, and forecast overview of Makeup Removers market is signified in this report. The regional analysis and strategies of the market provide understanding about the market forces and how those can be exploited to create future opportunities.

Method of Research

The analysis of the market is done according to the parameters mentioned in Porter’s Five Force Model. These reliable market reports have led to integrating top-down and bottom-up approaches into the research model. This allows the analysists to provide the clients with estimations of various crucial market figures which are then used for a SWOT analysis of the Makeup Removers market along with relevant insights into the global market

View Detailed Report at :

Makeup removers are the chemical solutions which help in removing the makeup applied to the body. These removers can remove the makeup from face, lips, eyelashes, eye, cover, nails, forearms, hands, foot and various other parts of the body. These are majorly used by women. The big makeup companies are launching the remover as they have realized its importance over the years. They are manufacturing the removers which are suited to all types of skin. Moreover, the user can apply the remover with just a swipe using the remover pad. The user can decide the quantity of the remover they wish to apply.

Demand Scenario
The global makeup removers market was USD 1182.52 million in 2018 and is estimated to reach USD 1798.13 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 6.17% during the forecast period. This growth is mainly attributed to the product innovation.

Growth by Region
Europe is the biggest market in 2018 and will remain the same during the forecasted period due to maximum number of users. However Asia- pacific region is expected to gain highest CAGR in the forecasted period.

Drivers vs. Constraints
The increase in the number of working women led them to be prepared for the outside world. They need to look fresh, attractive and good looking. Due to this, they apply makeup and at the end of the day they need to remove it. This led to increase in market growth. They realized that the makeup can damage the skin. Also these are easy to use it. However, in many countries users are unaware of the side effects of makeup and they do not remove them with makeup remover. This lack of knowledge hinders the market growth. Also, the high cost of the product hinders the market growth.

Industry Structure and Updates
• December 2017 – Garnier launched their micellar water and oil-infused cleansing water in India. This product is easy to remove the makeup even it is waterproof. Rinsing the face is not necessary after using this product.
• August 2018 – Estée Lauder Companies Inc., one of the leading companies in makeup remover joined ventures with LinkedIn to improve the overall growth of the employees.

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