Klamath River Dams: Fish Migration Debunked – It’s About Money, not Salmon! Natural Wonders and Water At Risk

A drawing from 1913 by famous engineer/dam builder J.C. Boyle that shows the naturally-formed 31-foot-tall lava dam holding back the Klamath River creating 'Clammittee Lake', which was present when construction on Copco 1 dam began. Migratory fish didn't

A drawing from 1913 by famous engineer/dam builder J.C. Boyle that shows the naturally-formed 31-foot-tall lava dam holding back the Klamath River creating ‘Clammittee Lake’, which was present when construction on Copco 1 dam began. Migratory fish didn’t

J.C. Boyle narrative and drawing showing a naturally formed 31-foot-tall lava dam and lake

J.C. Boyle’s narrative and drawing that shows the naturally formed 31-foot-tall lava dam holding back a natural lake called ‘Clammittee Lake’

Endangered baby Western Pond Turtles require the still waters of ponds or lakes. Copco & Iron Gate Lakes on the Klamath River provide critical habitat for numerous threatened and endangered species, as well as spcies of special concern. Photo: Laurie Dana

Endangered baby Western Pond Turtles require the still waters of ponds or lakes. Copco & Iron Gate Lakes on the Klamath River provide critical habitat for numerous threatened and endangered species, as well as spcies of special concern. Photo: Laurie Dana

130-foot-tall natural lava dam that created the ancient version of Clammittee Lake

130-foot-tall natural lava dam that created the ancient version of Clammittee Lake

Firefighting helicopter draws water from Iron Gate Lake on the Klamath River to fight the Klamathon Wildfire

Firefighters drew over 1-million gallons of water from Iron Gate Lake (one of the lakes behind the Klamath River dams) to fight the 38,000-acre Klamathon Fire that threatened Ashland Oregon and the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument – Photo: William E. Si

Glen Spain member of Klamath River Renewal Corp. 'KRRC' board and fisherman's advocate said “Economics Not Salmon Is the Reason PacifiCorp is Removing the Dams”

YREKA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Recently presented science and engineering documents prove that the key premise that has been vigorously promoted through propaganda distributed by the Klamath River Renewal Corporation (‘KRRC’) and their support-base of fishing-zealots is false and has been soundly debunked.

More about Mr. Spain’s flip-flop here: https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/546614530/compelling-facts-condemn-krrc-s-proposed-klamath-river-dam-removal-plan

Any unbiased and fully-informed review of KRRC's proposed dam removal project renders the proposal a 'non-starter'.

Lets examine why that is the case.

First of all:

Profiting the wealthy, privately-owned PacificCorp (made $23-Billion in 2020) via their relationship through KRRC by way of depriving Americans of their water, property rights, wildlife, tax-dollars, and devastating nature in the process is not acceptable under any circumstances!

These people are willing to destroy an amazing natural wonder for the sake of more profits!

This video shows NATURE'S WONDERS that will be destroyed if these people aren't stopped now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrickRh_WF4


NATURE, Not Man, Barred Salmon Migration On The Upper Klamath River Past Ward Canyon, site of present-day Copco 1 dam and Copco Lake.

Indisputable geologic and engineering records prove that nature had blocked fish migration via a series of several natural lava dams over the course of millions of years!

And one of these lava dams, which was 31-feet-tall, continued to restrict Salmon migration past Ward Canyon on the Upper Klamath River right-up until Copco 1 dam was completed. (SEE IMAGE – Drawing by J.C. Boyle)

Another of the several volcanic lava dams that blocked fish migration the Upper Klamath River for thousands of years, barring fish migration past Ward Canyon was 130-feet-tall, which held back Clammittee Lake, which at one time was 5-miles long and 1-mile wide, and virtually the same size of the present-day Copco Lake. The uneroded sides of that natural 130-foot high dam, which stood for thousands of years, can still be seen today at the site of Copco 1 dam, and was thoroughly detailed in the records related to the engineering plans for Copco 1 dam by J.C. Boyle. (SEE IMAGE '130-foot lava dam).

Moreover, when J.C. Boyle arrived at Ward Canyon on the Klamath River Canyon in 1911 to engineer and build Copco 1 dam, he witnessed the 31-foot-tall lava dam, which was one of several lava dams that blocked fish migration for millennia.

Mr. Boyle made a detailed drawing of that 31-foot-tall lava dam and described that natural dam and the natural lake behind that lava dam called ‘Clammittee Lake’, which was smaller in size than when the 130-foot-tall lava dam held back the larger version of the same lake.

Clammittee Lake is within the footprint of the present-day Copco Lake. Over millennia, a myriad of lifeforms evolved in and around this lake and the unique critical habitat that it provided. (SEE IMAGES and VIDEO)

So, it’s an indisputable geologic fact that these high lava dams, which stood for tens of thousands of years, made it impossible for any known fish, let alone Salmon that can only jump a maximum distance of 12-feet high under ideal conditions, to migrate past the area of Ward Canyon and the present-day Copco 1 dam.

This recently presented evidence dismisses the false premise related to Salmon for removing any of the dams in the area of Ward Canyon on the Klamath River.

The Klamath River Basin Compact Act (the 'Act') is controlling federal law with regard to the 45-Billion gallons of reserve water impounded by the Upper Klamath River dams and Copco and Iron Gate Lakes.

More about that Act here: https://www.einpresswire.com/article/547785001/klamath-river-and-klamath-river-dams-critical-points-regarding-krrc-s-proposal-to-remove-klamath-dams

Legislators and other elected officials who have now been informed of these facts, as well as those herein below, must immediately act to halt the reckless rush to remove these vitally important dams based on a false premise and at great cost to the public and nature, as well as other very concerning issues related to orderly NEPA compliance, and other equally serious issues:

1. Failing to obtain Congressional approval for draining the 45-Billion gallons of reserve fresh water contained in the Klamath River Lakes behind the dams, that is provided by the Klamath River Basin Compact Act (federal law) for the beneficial uses of the public; and,

2. KRRC's proposed dam removal budget of $450-M is grossly inadequate given that is was calculated half a decade ago and not been properly adjusted for inflation over that period. Nor has it been adjusted for Covid Economic impacts that have been experienced by the construction industry over the past year, where said costs related to this unsound dam removal project have doubled in many areas related to labor, fuel, equipment, insurance and materials that are used during any dam removal project; and,

3. The project places the health, safety and welfare of millions of Americans at risk via the potential illegal taking of the 45-Billion gallons of reserve fresh water that is impounded behind the Upper Klamath River Dams. Aside from generating clean, non-polluting hydroelectric energy for about 80,000 homes and businesses in Jackson County Oregon and Siskiyou County, California, these dams also provide unrestricted amounts of eaily -accessed water from fire suppression for scoop-aircraft and helicopters, as well as for fire-engines and tankers.

More about the importance of lakes for firefighting and 'Scoop-Aircraft' here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuLk5hXMRZY

The upper Klamath dams also provide some important flood control features that help protect the bridges homes and towns down-river from catastrophic flooding as is experienced on the Klamath River every 50 years or so.

4. In the process of this ill-conceived and reckless dam removal enterprise, willfully ignorant people propose to burden California and Oregon taxpayers to the tune of $1-Billion dollars in up-front costs to remove the dams!

Added to the initial bill for project costs, will be the untold costs for liability that KRRC is trying to shoulder-upon taxpayers! This costs related to liabilities stemming from KRRC's proposal could easily mount into the $-billions of dollars.

Such liabilities would include, but not be limited to:

a) Damage to local economies, property values, reduced or lost water-well production; and,

b) Individual and/or class action litigation for air and noise pollution resulting from extreme construction and trucking activities related to dam removal over years; and,

c) Litigation by environmental groups for the devastation of the local flora and fauna in the area around Ward Canyon and the lakes. As well as for the collapse of the Klamath River ecosystem that will result form 20-million cubic yards of polluted sediments being intentionally sent down the Klamath River by KRRC's project, which will result in the silting-in the spawning grounds for existing salmon and trout down the length of the Klamath River.

5. The destruction of the Klamath River dams and the lakes behind them will also destroy the critical habitat for the myriad of life-forms that have evolved around Clammittee Lake over the millennia.

Today, the eleven-miles of the Klamath River Canyon around Copco and Iron Gate lakes contain an amazing diversity of wildlife, including 89 species of birds, dozens of reptiles and amphibians, several species of fish and 71 species of plants including trees, grasses and forbs. Some species of this localized flora and fauna are threatened or endangered.

There are also numerous species of resident and migratory birds that are strictly protected by California law (AB-454) against any incidental taking!
More about that law here: https://ca.audubon.org/news/victory-audubon-sponsored-bill-protecting-californias-migratory-birds-signed-law

6. The improper transfer of the operating license for the Klamath River dams that was in conflict with settled NEPA law.

7. KRRC's proposal was originally being funded with private-money that was collected from PacificCorp's electric consumers in Oregon and California. However, very recently, it has morphed into what is now a 'public project' due to the use of hundreds of $-millions of tax-dollars, which now requires legislative oversight by both Califronia and Oregon legislatures.

Siskiyou County, California, through its legal advocates have filed a legal brief and request for a 'REHEARING' with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).


Richard Marshall
Siskiyou County Water Users Association
+1 530-468-4204
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Copco and Iron Gate Lakes together hold a reserve of 45-Billion gallons of fresh water providing critical habitat for numerous threatened and endangered species

Source: EIN Presswire

Dog Behavior Experts See a Year of Unprecedented Company Growth

Elliot Rosenberg, Certified Master Dog Trainer, Behaviorist & Founder of K9 Mania Dog Training

K9 Mania Dog Training continues to expand business presence.

We are currently helping owners learn how to communicate with their dog and develop positive bonds with the highest quality service.”

— Elliot Rosenberg, Founder

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — K9 Mania Dog Training—the professional dog training and behavior specialist group serving the Nassau County, Queens, Suffolk, Manhattan, and Brooklyn areas—continues to see its trusted record of transforming the lives of dogs and their owners translate into real results, bringing positive progress for the business. The company has served over 1,000 clients since its founding and has received dozens of glowing reviews via Facebook and Google. These are a testament to the quality of the team behind K9 Mania Dog Training and its commitment to providing exceptional and balanced dog guidance.

“During the difficulties we’ve all seen this past year, more and more people than ever have begun to experience the joys that come with dog ownership, but after adopting their new forever friend some quickly find out that their dog doesn’t come with an instruction manual,” said Elliot Rosenberg, certified master dog trainer and behaviorist and founder of K9 Mania Dog Training. “We don’t just teach dogs how to sit. We are currently helping owners learn how to communicate with their dog and develop positive bonds with the highest quality service.”

The more than a dozen professional trainers behind K9 Mania Dog Training take a comprehensive and holistic approach toward their methods of dog training and behavior modification. These skilled specialists recognize that each dog is unique, and they can readily adapt their proven techniques to develop a tailored approach that meets individual dog needs. Through clear and consistent communication with both the dog and owner, trainers get the results that lead to a better dog experience, no matter the breed or behavior. This approach doesn’t just leave dog owners satisfied and produce lasting results but is a factor in the company’s continued expansion.

From correcting smaller conduct issues to tackling bigger challenges, K9 Mania Dog Training’s upward development is tied to the skillful application of behaviorist experience across all areas of dog handling. The company separates itself from the pack of business competitors by going beyond. Staff members not only deliver quality obedience training and help dog lovers master the basics of commands, but clients also have additional choices that allow for greater targeted approaches. Behaviorists can further build positive dog actions through advanced training and off-leash services. They can also put their talents to work to address the more undesirable patterns that dogs may show, quickly and effectively restoring balance to the relationship between owner and dog.

An ever-greater number of New Yorkers are coming to rely on the knowledgeable services provided through K9 Mania Dog Training. Clients appreciate the unparalleled flexibility the business offers in booking lessons. A qualified trainer can come to a client’s home following a phone consultation, providing an on-site behavior assessment in the dog’s normal setting. Additionally, owners can opt to board and train their dogs with a professional trainer, offering their dogs the chance to learn rules, structure, and obedience under the continued care and direction of the trainer.

Find out more about what’s driving the growth of this New York business by clicking here.

About the Company: Serving Nassau County, Queens, Suffolk, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, K9 Mania Dog Training delivers high-quality dog training and behavior services that address the needs of any breed, any dog, and any problem. To learn more about the company, visit http://k9maniadogtraining.com.

Elliot Rosenberg
K9 Mania Dog Training
+1 516-217-1604
Visit us on social media:

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Jessup Manufacturing Awards Paul S. Jessup Scholarship to Carly S. Burgeson

Carly S. Burgeson, 2021 Paul S. Jessup Scholarship winner.

Giovanna M. Diaz Ortiz awarded Paul S. Jessup Scholarship runner-up grant.

The 2021 Paul S. Jessup Scholarship winners.

Giovanna M. Diaz Ortiz Awarded Runner-up Grant Based on Compelling Essay.

I am extremely pleased that through this scholarship program we are able to support such well-deserving students such as Ms. Burgeson and Ms. Diaz.”

— Rob Jessup, President and CEO of Jessup Manufacturing Company

MCHENRY, IL, USA, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jessup Manufacturing Company has announced that Carly S. Burgeson of Round Lake, IL, will receive the annual Paul S. Jessup Scholarship, an unrestricted grant of $2,500 from Jessup to support her education. And for the first time in the 5-year scholarship history, a runner-up award of $1,000 was given to Giovanna M. Diaz Ortiz for her compelling essay.

Both scholarship winners wrote essays on how the pandemic had affected their life. “I am extremely pleased that through this scholarship program we are able to support such well-deserving students such as Ms. Burgeson and Ms. Diaz," said Robert A. Jessup, president and CEO of Jessup Manufacturing. "Their essays demonstrated great insight and thoughtfulness about the challenges they faced and what they learned this past year during the global pandemic.”

Burgeson will be a junior at the University of Wisconsin in Whitewater, WI where she is studying Elementary Education. She is the daughter of Jessup’s Director of Finance, Wesley Burgeson. Ms. Ortiz will be attending Judson University where she will be studying Music Business and Communications. She is the daughter of Ana Ortiz, a Packaging Associate at Jessup.

“Independently paying for college is one of my first responsibilities entering adulthood,” said Ms. Burgeson. “This will greatly help me reach my goals.”

“I took the time in lockdown to let it impact my future in education,” said Ms. Ortiz. “I recently committed to studying music business, something I never thought possible before. This helps make that dream a reality.”

The Paul S. Jessup Scholarship recognizes academic achievement and dedication to making a difference in society. It was established in 2016 to honor the memory of the company’s founder during its 60th anniversary year of operation. The scholarship program is open to Jessup Manufacturing Company employees, their spouses, children, and grandchildren. The award is entirely unrestricted as to age, gender identity, race, religion, or political affiliation.

“The Jessup Scholarship program is tied to our culture of innovation and learning,” stated Rob Jessup. “That’s how we were able to evolve to being a global leader in life safety applications.”


Founded in 1956, Jessup Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer that specializes in adhesive coated films, laminated materials, and photoluminescent films and sheets. Its products are used in many industries, including industrial and facility safety. The company has two manufacturing plants in the United States and is headquartered in McHenry, Illinois with manufacturing plants in Lake Bluff and McHenry.

Jessup engineering services include product design, testing, analysis, and certification compliance. Coating capabilities include knife over roll, Mayer rod, and saturation coating of pressure sensitive adhesives, heat seal adhesives, and all kinds of laminates over film, foil, woven, non-woven, paper, and specialty substrates. Converting capabilities include slitting, die-cutting, sheeting, rewinding, perforating, printing, dyeing, and embossing. Packaging capabilities include labeling, bar-coding, shrink wrapping, boxing and shipping logistics.

For more information, visit www.jessupmfg.com

George Sloan
Jessup Manufacturing Company
+1 815-307-1610
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James Lanham is the owner and founder of Position Punisher LLC. Position Punisher is an SEO company and its motto is to ensure that your business can engage with the clients you want to target, and to reach the right people at the right time. The company is based in Phoenix, Arizona, at 20402 North 32nd Lane.

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Position Punisher works hard to fulfill your marketing and branding demands, with over 1100 satisfied clients. With Position Punisher, you'll learn how to stay ahead of the curve, boost your organic traffic, Maps exposure, and sales in this ever changing marketing environment. So visit the Position Punisher LLC website to grow your business.
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James Lanham
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Best SEO Company in Phoenix

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Microbe Formulas Provides Free Weekly Webinars with Leading Functional Medicine Practitioners

Enhance Personal Health and Detox Journeys with Microbe Live

Learn About Natural Health Topics and How to Take Control of Your Health Journey in the Webinar ‘Microbe Live’

MERIDIAN, ID, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Microbe Formulas, a foundational health company, offers a free weekly webinar on how to enhance personal health and detox journeys. The webinar, called Microbe Live (previously known as Live with the Docs) (https://microbeformulas.com/pages/live-with-the-docs), hosts a variety of popular functional medicine practitioners.

Caylie Shelton, Microbe Formulas Public Relations Manager, says, “The accessibility Microbe Live gives our customers directly to experts in natural medicine, including our founding doctors, is unmatched. The program demonstrates our commitment to our core value of putting ‘People First’ through providing live education on essential topics.”

Microbe Live has been providing weekly episodes since 2018 and typically draws between 400 to 800 attendees. The program is hosted every Wednesday at 1:00 PM Mountain Time (MT). Past guest hosts include chronic illness specialist Dr. Jessica Peatross (MD), clinical nutrition expert Dr. Darren Schmidt (DC), and the company’s co-founder “The Lyme Guy” Dr. Jay Davidson (D.C., PSc.D).

Each week Microbe Live focuses on a different health topic. The recent detox-focused topics have ranged from green juice benefits to sauna use to supportive herbs for balancing hormones. Dr. Jay recently addressed viruses, including Epstein-Barr, in the March 17th episode (https://microbeformulas.com/blogs/live-qa/episode-137). Dr. Andrew Kidder dove into leaky gut and leaky brain syndrome in the April 28th episode (https://microbeformulas.com/blogs/live-qa/episode-143). To access the episodes and additional education, you will be prompted to create a free Microbe account.

Dorothy Dick, Microbe Live Host and Community Manager, shares, “We at Microbe Formulas know that empowering customers to take extreme ownership of their health is important. People’s lives change when they see, learn, and receive enough knowledge to do so. Microbe Live provides attendees with that knowledge to be a catalyst for growth and healing in their personal health journey.”

The next Microbe Live will take place on Wednesday, August 11th at 1:00 PM MT. You can add it to your calendar here: https://microbeformulas.com/pages/live-with-the-docs.

To be clued in on topics each week, visit the Microbe Formulas Facebook page, Instagram account, or sign up for weekly newsletter emails on the Microbe Formulas home page (https://microbeformulas. com). The topics are announced the week before the webinar is broadcasted and reminders are sent the day before.

About Microbe Formulas: Microbe Formulas is a wellness company that believes a “healthy microbiome is a healthy you.” This starts with opening drainage pathways, supporting energy at the mitochondrial level, and detoxing unwanted substances. Their core values are front and center in the company mission: “Creating solutions that work is what we do. Restoring hope and health is who we are.”

For additional information, please contact Caylie Shelton, Public Relations Manager for Microbe Formulas, at caylie.shelton@microbeformulas.com.

Caylie Shelton
Microbe Formulas
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Ongoing Opioid Education Ramped Up in face of Increasing Pandemic Overdoses

First-responders in Pinellas County saw a 34 percent increase in suspected overdose-related emergencies in 2020.

The pandemic caused a surge in overdose deaths in Pinellas County galvanizing Foundation for a Drug-Free World Florida to increase its education efforts.

We shouldn’t have to wait for there to be a drug epidemic in order to do something about it.”

— Julieta Santagostino, president Foundation for a Drug-Free World Florida

CLEARWATER, FL, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to the Pinellas County Opioid Task Force, first-responders in Pinellas County saw a 34 percent increase in suspected overdose-related emergencies in 2020. In total, first-responders were dispatched to 5,275 suspected overdoses. In light of these statistics, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World (FDFW) Florida chapter is increasing its ongoing education efforts through virtual seminars with scores of teachers. The virtual seminars empower teachers from Clearwater, Pinellas County, and other parts of Florida to educate the thousands of children they are responsible for on the facts and harmful effects of opioids.

“We shouldn’t have to wait for there to be a drug epidemic in order to do something about it,” said Julieta Santagostino, president of the FDFW Florida chapter. In the last year, FDFW Florida has reached 860,000 people through in-person and virtual events as well as social media. “With our virtual seminars kids are getting smarter about the harmful effects drugs have on a person,” said Santagostino. “We need to reinforce this education more than ever.”

FDFW provides a free kit for educators with everything they need to teach the class—from booklets for the kids, to classroom posters, visual aids and a guidebook full of lesson plans. In her 15 years of drug education Santagostino has, “seen young people who thought they knew it all because their parents were users or their older brothers and sisters were users. To the kids the users are ‘doing fine’ … Then they see the documentary and read the booklets. After that they take extra booklets home so they can get their family members the truth.”

A preliminary report by Project Opioid Tampa Bay in April 2021 showed that more than 1,200 Tampa Bay area residents died from opioid overdoses in 2020 compared to 1,024 overdoses the year before.

Before the pandemic, opioid use was showing signs of decreasing. According to a 2018 survey conducted by Sermo, a private social media network for doctors and physicians, some 69 percent of the doctors that responded said they reduced the number of opioid prescriptions they wrote or stopped prescribing opioids altogether in the last two years. The Center for Disease Control said drug overdose deaths in the U.S. fell slightly in 2018, declining by 5.1 percent from 2017.

The past decreases in drug abuse can be attributed to school-based education efforts, according to the Drug Policy Research Center, “school-based drug prevention is therefore a cost-effective tool for improving public health and for making incremental progress in the effort to manage mature drug epidemics.”

“Knowledge is power,” said Santagostino on that point, “and at the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, we are working hard every day to empower others with knowledge. Be it through our educational seminars that are delivered throughout the state or by handing out our Truth About Drugs booklets to thousands at community events, door-to-door, at parades and even sporting events.”

With FDFW’s educational tools, “We don’t have to let things fall into tragedy,” said Santagostino, who noted that something can be done to handle the current drug epidemic. “The truth about drugs is something that everyone should know and something that teachers need to talk about with their students.”

About Foundation for a Drug-Free World:

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that empowers youth and adults with factual information about drugs so they can make informed decisions and live drug-free. Through a worldwide network of volunteers, 50 million drug prevention booklets have been distributed and tens of thousands of drug awareness events have been held in some 180 countries. The Church of Scientology is a sponsor of the foundation, making it possible for the foundation’s “Truth About Drugs” public service announcements to be aired on more than 500 television stations. Humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard said, “Drugs rob life of the sensations and joys which are the only reasons for living anyhow.”

Matthew Ward
Freedom Magazine
email us here

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Honoring FDR: The Paralyzed President

FDR in his wheelchair

FDR in his wheelchair

One hundred years ago this month FDR became paralyzed. A new video summaries the 10 facts most people do not know.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 100 years ago this month, Franklin Delano Roosevelt contracted an illness that led to his paralysis. A decade later, he became one of the most important and most loved presidents the US has ever seen. He led the USA out of the great depression and he led the world through one of the greatest challenges of history: the 2nd World War. All this time, he kept his paralysis a secret. Of course the people knew he had a disability, but they did not realize just how serious it was.

A century has changed the world. Today, American politicians such as Greg Abbott and Tammy Duckworth have no problem winning elections as wheelchair users. But what if FDR had not hidden his disability? Would he have been elected? How would the world be different today?

To honor FDR and to mark this important 100 year milestone, RehaDesign has created a short video/slide show:

FDR: The Paralyzed President: 10 Facts You Didn't Know.

Dr Eugene Emmer, president and owner of RehaDesign said: "Franklin Delano Roosevelt went to great lengths to hide his disability because he thought that it would be seen as a sign of weakness. But fortunately much has changed in the past century and today people with disabilities have more options than before. But much more needs to change in the USA and the rest of the world until people with disabilities have the same access and the same rights as able bodied people"

About RehaDesign: RehaDesign designs and distributes innovative wheelchair accessories world wide. Some of our most popular wheelchair accessories include RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers, RehaDesign Pushrim Covers and RehaDesign Wheelchair Gloves. Interested disability dealers are encouraged to contact us via our Facebook Page or our website to learn more about reselling our products in their local markets.

Dr. Eugene Emmer
email us here

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State Director DeWayne Wells

State Director DeWayne Wells

Tell them what ?

Answer the Call at sss.gov image

Answer the Call at sss.gov

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards nominated Dewayne Wells to serve as the first African American State Director for U.S. Selective Service

I am truly honored to serve in this position. Wells said. The mission is critical and registration provides numerous state and federal benefits to individuals who register and to the nation.””

— DeWayne Wells

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISINA, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) DeWayne Wells will be sworn in as the Louisiana Selective Service State Director by U.S. Selective Service Acting Director Craig T. Brown. He is the first African American to serve in this position. Wells was nominated by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards and appointed by Brown. Major General Keith Waddell, the Adjutant General for the Louisiana National Guard, will be presiding over the ceremony. The event will take place at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 7, 2021, at the historic Jackson Barracks, Louisiana National Guard, 6400 St. Claude Ave, New Orleans.

Wells replaces heralded, long-time State Director Colonel (Ret.) Everett Bonner, in his role as liaison between the Selective Service System and the Governor’s office. He will represent the Governor and the Selective Service Director regarding agency matters in Louisiana.

“I am truly honored to serve as the Louisiana State Director for the Selective Service System,” Wells said. “I look forward to continuing to enhance registration, local board membership and readiness programs. It’s a critical mission and registration provides numerous state and federal benefits to individuals who register and to the nation.”

Selective Service Region II Director Carlos Perez said of Wells, “We are honored to have him as our State Director – he is an outstanding leader and committed to community and country.”

Wells completed a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Southern University and A&M College. He received his bachelor’s degree in political science and completed ROTC at Grambling State University. He graduated from Peabody Magnet High School. Wells’ military career spans more than 33 years, including 14 years as an Army Reserve officer assigned to the Selective Service in Louisiana, culminating in his promotion to Detachment Commander. He also served as an Army Drill Sergeant before he received his commission as an officer.

In his civilian career, Wells is the Director of Safety & Security for East Baton Rouge Parish School System. He is also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and is a Prince Hall Mason. He attends church at Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge.

Originally from Alexandria, LA, he currently lives in Prairieville, LA, with his wife Erica. They have three sons, Zackery, Erik, and Kobe. Erik and Kobe are cadets at the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY.

*Federal law requires all male citizens, as well as male non-citizens residing in the U.S., to register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. At 26, a man becomes too old to register. Those who do not comply are ineligible for numerous federally funded benefits, educational benefits, job training, government employment, and U.S. citizenship for male immigrants.
Selective Service seeks volunteers to serve on Selective Service Local Boards. Interested citizen-volunteers can submit an application available at www.sss.gov.
*For more information about Registration or the Selective Service, please call the Public and Intergovernmental Affairs office at (703) 605-4100.
*Our award-winning Public Service Announcements (PSA) are available to download at by clicking this link.

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Gia Gasparino proud to serve as Team ASPCA fundraiser

Gia Gasparino .

Gia Gasparino takes time out to volunteer as a fundraiser on behalf of the ASPCA.

PRESTON, CONNECTICUT, US, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Gia Gasparino is one of an ever-growing number of dedicated and determined Team ASPCA volunteers, Gia is proud to play a role in the pioneering initiative focused on vital fundraising for animal rescue and protection. Part of a mission to provide effective means for preventing cruelty to animals throughout the United States, Gasparino offers a closer look at what's involved.

"Being connected with Team ASPCA is about turning your passion into action," explains Gia, speaking from her home in New London County, Connecticut. Team ASPCA members, she goes on to reveal, frequently host fundraising events ranging from bake sales to bingo nights and everything in between.

Team ASPCA is a part of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a not-for-profit organization (501(c)(3). Gasparino and other Team ASPCA members come together regularly to raise much-needed funds for the 155-year-old charity.

For those looking to follow in their footsteps, Gia Gasparino has three pieces of advice for a successful Team ASPCA fundraising campaign.

"Start a personalized page on the ASPCA website that highlights why you want to raise funds for the organization," suggests the expert. "Then, spread the word and let everyone know about your campaign so that they can contribute and help you save lives," she adds.

"Finally, remember throughout that what you're doing is directly helping animals in need," Gasparino continues, "as the money you raise will go straight toward helping those that desperately need it!"

ASPCA fundraiser Gia Gasparino investigates Lyme disease treatments for pets

In addition to her work alongside the ASPCA, Gia Gasparino also spent considerable time researching the most effective veterinary care options for pets diagnosed with Lyme disease. Herself a long-time Lyme disease sufferer, Gasparino is now an advocate for awareness surrounding the condition.

"Lyme disease is a growing problem and can affect anyone, including our pets," explains ASPCA volunteer Gia, whose beloved dog, Bear Bear, was also struck down with the condition. She has since discovered that a promptly administered combination of multiple intravenous antibiotics, further supported by vitamins and other natural remedies, effectively treats both humans and pets.

Gasparino has now slowly begun to get her Lyme disease management under control. Bear Bear, too, was started on a suitable course of antibiotics plus holistic treatments and vitamins by a veterinarian knowledgeable in Lyme disease.

Sadly, despite their best efforts, he passed away a few short years later at the age of just six due to Lyme complications. He's now fondly remembered in each of Gia's Team ASPCA campaigns and events.

Gia Gasparino is a qualified clinical esthetician, Team ASPCA fundraiser, and Lyme disease awareness advocate from Preston, Connecticut. She continues to fight her own Lyme battle and struggles with a list of daily symptoms. Her other interests include clinical and organic skincare, holistic health and healing, and landscape photography.

Gia Gasparino
Gia Gasparino
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Canadian Leaders and Partners Appreciate Iglesia Ni Cristo's Humanitarian Efforts as Church Celebrates 107 Years

<img src="final BANNER.JPG" alt="photo collage involving representatives from True North Aid Foundation happily receiving a cheque for 20,000 Canadian dollars from the Iglesia Ni Cristo on June 11, 2021, together with donations of 100 sets of school suppl

Kim Sigurdson and Kenneth Smid, from True North Aid Foundation, gratefully receive $20,000 cheque from Iglesia Ni Cristo on June 11, 2021, together with donations of 100 sets of school supplies, school bags, beddings, blankets and pillows for indigenous communities.

<img src="final 2nd photo copy.jpg" alt="Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church Of Christ) ministers and members in happy group photos in front of blood donation centers in Alberta province during their blood donation drive from May to June 2021, which involved

Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church Of Christ) ministers and members take group photos at blood donation centers in Alberta province during their blood donation drive from May to June 2021, which involved 135 INC donors.

<img src="3rd photo certificates" alt="Congratulatory letters from Mayor Marianne Meed Ward (City of Burlington) and Mayor Ed Holder (City of London) for the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) or Church Of Christ on the occasion of its 107th anniversary." />

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward (City of Burlington) and Mayor Ed Holder (City of London) greet the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) or Church Of Christ on the occasion of its 107th anniversary.

INC, a global church, is recognized by mayors in Canada and Canadian Blood Services, amongst others, for generous donations and diligence in outreach events.

CANADA, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Various leaders and community partners in Canada greeted the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church Of Christ) during the international religious organization’s 107th anniversary, recognizing the Church not only for taking care of the spiritual needs of its members, but also in helping communities worldwide amid the pandemic through its various “Aid To Humanity” events.

In her letter dated July 27, 2021, Mayor of Burlington Marianne Meed Ward also cited the “amazing leadership” of the Church.

“Congratulations on the celebration of the 107th Anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Your leadership and the establishment of Iglesia Ni Cristo in the Philippines has been incredible, and you have truly displayed such amazing leadership.”

On behalf of the city of London, Ontario, Mayor Ed Holder also sent his “sincere congratulations” on the INC’s 107th anniversary and thanked the Church for making a difference in its humanitarian outreach projects not just on his city but around the world.

The INC has conducted various humanitarian outreach projects such as food donations, PPE donations, school supply donations, and even blood donations, as the Church geared up for its 107th anniversary this July 27.

In Alberta, Canada, 135 volunteers of the INC, from Red Deer to Calgary, participated in a blood donation drive last May 2021.

Marissa Stryker, Canadian Blood Services Territory Manager for Central Alberta, applauded the INC for its motivation and unending generosity in donating blood to families in need during the pandemic.

“Huge thank you to [the Iglesia Ni Cristo] for organizing [this event], to the ministers [who were able to] come and be a part of this [event], [and to] the brothers and sisters who donated blood,” said Stryker.

In June 2021, National Partnership Manager of Canadian Blood Services , Beth Frize, officially recognized the Church Of Christ through the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation for its humanitarian efforts in Canada. This recognition was not only for the notable 400 donors within Ontario province back in May of 2020 but also for the INC’s ongoing energetic efforts of blood donations in other provinces of Canada.

In June this year, Indigenous Advisor and Board Member, Mr. Kim Sigurdson, and the Executive Director, Kenneth Smid, from True North Aid Foundation also thanked the Church for its donation of 100 sets of school supplies, school bags, beddings, blankets, pillows, as well as a cheque for 20,000 Canadian dollars, for the benefit of indigenous communities in Canada.

In July 2021, one of the highlights of the INC’s celebration in Canada was the dedication and opening of the renovated house of worship in Surrey, British Columbia.

Consul General Maria Andrelita S. Austria of the Philippine Consulate in Vancouver also expressed her appreciation to the INC for sustaining their bonds as a community and their respect for Philippine culture and the country. She also recognized how the INC generously donated to various communities throughout the pandemic.

“Throughout the COVID 19 pandemic, the Iglesia Ni Cristo continued to reach out to those who were more vulnerable and in need through socio-civic activities and generous donations, keeping the “Bayanihan Spirit” (spirit of civic unity and cooperation) alive,” she said.

Consul Austria also cited how the INC congregation “played a big part in uplifting the spirits for front liners in British Columbia and other parts of Canada.”

“During these challenging times, faith remains critical in offering strength and guidance to our Kababayans (countrymen) in your community, as well as giving inspiration and a sense of purpose, as we build new lives here, in Canada,” she added.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo was first registered in the Philippines on July 27, 1914, by Brother Felix Y. Manalo.

After 107 years, it has spread to 158 countries and territories, and its members belong to 147 nationalities and races.


About the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) or Church Of Christ
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