“Grief Unveiled Who I Am”; Maninder (a.k.a. Nikki) Chawla’s Life-Changing Journey to Understanding the Gift of Each Day

Maninder Chawla is a professor, actor, coach, stand up comic and model, who is here to be of service to the world with her skills and talent.

Art feeds the soul.”

— Maninder (Nikki) Chawla

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is safe to say that everyone has heard of the term “go-getter”— an elite title used to describe an ambitious individual who strives to achieve the highest tier of perfection for their aspirations. Go-getters are passionate, hard-working individuals who push themselves to overcome obstacles; they go the extra mile in order to reach the next rung of the ladder to arrive at their highest goal. Maninder (Nikki) Chawla, an esteemed professional female actor, model, professor, stand-up comedian, life coach, author, and speaker is one of the first women who comes to mind when the praiseworthy title of go-getter is brought to the table.

Maninder is unlike most female go-getters in her industry. Not only does her culturally diverse background as a Sikh woman born and raised in the United States set her apart from the competition, but her status as a Les Brown prodigy along with her success as a motivational speaker has earned her a spot to speak in the renowned Les Brown Summit, “The Power Voice Women’s Summit,” on March 6th, 2021 at 11am EST. Les Brown is one of the world’s most famed and legendary motivational speakers, so it is not only impressive but an honor for Maninder to be selected as a speaker at this famous and impactful event. However, it is no surprise that Maninder was presented with this rare opportunity; Maninder has an energetic and dynamic personality that which compliments that of Les Brown’s, a personality and mindset that is highly sought after for high quality mentors and motivational speakers. Like Les Brown, Maninder surrounds herself with positivity, refreshes her heart and mind with positive thoughts and actions, and uses this uplifting energy to motivate both herself and others so that they may reach their full, unabated potential.

At the international Les Brown Power Voice Women’s Summit, women from all different walks of life will be celebrated in honor of international Women’s Day, and Maninder has more than a handful of valuable content to contribute to this event. Maninder recognizes the power, significance, and influence of speech and voice and how it can make a lasting impact on people’s lives. When Maninder’s acting coach Elizabeth Kemp passed away— the same coach who taught A-list actor Bradley Cooper— she was reminded of what Kemp had once said to her while she was going through a tough time and felt broken: “the pain of love offers the greatest gift of all.” Maninder did not understand what this meant until she began her professional acting career, where she realized that her own vulnerability was the gift. This newfound vulnerability helped Maninder to embrace future hardships, like the heartbreaking loss of her mother. Maninder has used writing as an outlet for healing the grief of this loss, and has channeled her vulnerability and gratitude for her mother in her new book, The Reclining Chair. Touched by this trying time, Maninder now lives her life as if each day might be her last. Maninder has her list of dreams to fulfill, and considers each day a blessing as she becomes a step closer to satisfying those ambitions.With the guidance of Elizabeth Kemp’s moving words, Maninder has been able to understand the greatest extent of speech and voice's enchanting potential while working as a female actor, stand-up comedian, budding author, and passionate acting and life coach.

One of Maninder’s favorite mottos is to trust the process of one’s journey and to "free one’s voice,” as she believes that everyone has an unlimited potential inside of them just waiting to be unearthed. Before she began her acting career, Maninder explored multiple realms of her creativity, dipping her toes in the corporate field and later branching out to spread her knowledge as a kindergarten teacher (Master’s in education earned from C.W. Post, Long Island University). Later on, Maninder had an epiphany to expand the capabilities of her voice as a female actor; she knew that she had the potential to touch the lives of individuals of all ages, beyond those in their youth. Maninder went on to earn an MFA from the Actor Studio Drama School— the same school that fostered Bradley Cooper’s professional acting career— one of the top 25 acting schools that was proudly named in the Hollywood Reporter. As a motivational speaker, Maninder knew the unlimited power and potential of speech. She came to view acting as a means of impacting others through storytelling—whether she’s sharing her own personal experiences or those of the characters she portrays in film or on stage. Maninder believes in the importance of individual creativity that stems from the heart, viewing it as a therapeutic measure and a self-motivator for every aspect of life. She utilizes this sentiment as a professor of acting at Five Towns College and as a member of Sag-Aftra and Actor’s Equity, The National Alliance of Acting Teachers, and the World Coach Institute. Although she has established herself in her professional career, she believes it is her mission to mentor other individuals to help them find their own creative voice that lies within them, whether it’s through acting lessons or life coaching. Maninder’s life and acting coaching career is just beginning to blossom, but through her efforts working under the wing of Les Brown, she has proven how dedicated she is to aiding others in their journey to blooming in the same way that the icons before them have. Maninder is not only passionate about what she teaches but ensures that she practices what she preaches— she is committed to her own self-care schedule that includes daily meditation, journaling, and physical exercise to be sure that her body, mind, and spirit is on par with what it takes to be a successful mentor.

In only an hour long conversation, Maninder has impressed and inspired her journalists to work to become a better version of themselves, and has even peeked their interest in becoming one of her proteges for her upcoming life coaching services. It will be truly exciting to see what Maninder has to say during the Les Brown Power Voice Women’s Summit on Saturday, and many of her supporters would testify that it would be a misfortune to miss it. If anyone is interested in Maninder’s acting and life coaching services, they can easily set up a consultation and book a session with her through her website www.maninderchawla.com.

Michael Peterson
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B.O.S.S. Class LLC CEO & Founder to Guide 1 Million Entrepreneurs to Lucrative Amazon Online Business Careers

Yassin Hall Black Amazon Guru Teaches Middle High School Students

Yassin Hall Black Amazon Guru Teaches Middle High School Students

E-commerce Amazon guru and self-made millionaire, Yassin Hall, launches an online university course that will propel entrepreneurs into lucrative success!

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Yassin Hall, often referred to as an “Amazon Guru BOSS Lady,” acquired millions of dollars in sales via Amazon, what is referred to as “of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.” Hall began teaching middle and high schoolers at Genesis Preparatory Academy in Fayetteville, Georgia through a course entitled, “How to Profit from Amazon and eBay.” In just 90 days, the students made $6,000 while managing their store during class time, an hour once a week.

In January 2021, two of the students opened Ebay stores. Another student, who lives with autism, started a t-shirt line. Hall’s autistic teen daughter, Yamisha, purchased her first home at the age of 17 with earnings from her own Amazon store.

“I am so proud of the young BOSSES! They were ecstatic to learn real-world entrepreneurial skills, and their success demonstrates the need for both B.O.S.S. Amazon and eBay Classes in more schools.” –Yassin Hall, CEO & Founder, B.O.S.S Class LLC

Watch the students celebrate listing their first item!

Hall touts the success of her own Amazon stores — She purchased two homes and three vehicles during the pandemic. Her philanthropic efforts include supporting hurricane relief efforts — supplying students in the U.S. Virgin Islands and in Georgia with laptops and tablets needed to access the Internet for online learning.

To learn more about the courses, visit BossClassLLC.com. To learn more about Yassin Hall, visit YassinHall.com or follow her on Instagram @YassinHall.

About B.O.S.S. CLASS LLC – Built on Self-Motivated Success

B.O.S.S. CLASS, LLC is an online university that empowers individuals to own their own business as a seller on Amazon, the world’s #1 online retail store. B.O.S.S. CLASS, LLC educates others how to build a profitable Amazon business online that creates unlimited freedom and allows them to relax and enjoy the ultimate lifestyle of your dreams. Our unique proven online system teaches entrepreneurs how to invest in selling on Amazon, sell products in high demand and purchase low-cost inventory. Our goal is to guide 1 million entrepreneurs towards financial freedom and leave a legacy!


Yassin Hall
+1 678-870-4099
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Dianne Porter Publishes New Edition of Her Guide to Grief and Loss

Dianne Porter

Dianne Porter

My Mother's Way of Dying Well - Revisited

My Mother’s Way of Dying Well – Revisited

"My Mother's Way of Dying Well Revisited" details author's bereavement process as both medical professional and daughter

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — With "My Mother's Way of Dying Well Revisited" Dianne Porter provides readers with a glimpse of what it is like to grieve for a lost loved one. A retired general nurse specializing in aged care, she is uniquely positioned to offer a perspective on the bereavement process from the perspective of both a healthcare professional and a mourning daughter. With this, she not only shares her memories of her mother but also offers a roadmap for others experiencing similar pain who may need help navigating the process psychologically, emotionally and even logistically.

Porter delves into the unexpected twists she and her family experienced during that time and her narrative shows how a time of death and bereavement reveals that there is a lot to be living done when someone is dying and dies. She thoroughly recounts the thoughts and emotions she held along with that of her family. This is because she was journaling during the time and made detailed records of what transpired each day. The initial edition of "My Mother's Way of Dying Well Revisited" was based on extracts from these journals and with the revised second edition, Porter enhances the content and adds new material including the music to four original songs as well as laments to her parents Helen and Geoffrey Byrne.

Moreover, with her narrative Porter shows how her Christian faith grew during this hard time and helped her with the difficulties. Porter also provides practical advice for the loved ones and family for matters such as planning for death and preparing for the intense emotions, just as those Porter herself confronted. Other advice based on the author's professional experience include what to do in case a loved one suddenly passes away, or when palliative care must be arranged, contingencies for when doctors cannot be reached or when the death occurs outside and officers or coroners get involved.

When family dynamics have upsetting complications, such as in the author's case, professional support may be necessary and Porter shows how this can be of great help to all involved. Porter also provides tips for pain management, funeral planning and creative ways to scatter the ashes of the departed.

In the final part of the book Porter describes her spiritual journey after her parents passed, how she moved on with her own life and came to terms with the losses. She also provides songs, laments and photographs to help readers understand both the grieving process in general and the individuals involved in Porter's life. All in all, Porter's guide is relatable and relevant, being of use to many readers particularly those going through similar experiences.

About the Author
Dianne Porter is the founder of the Canberra Christian Writers Group and the editor and publisher of their Annual Anthology.

BookTrail Agency
BookTrail Agency
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My Mother’s Way of Dying Well by Dianne Porter

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The Color Tones® St. Louis band gets six-figure distribution deal

The Color Tones®


St. Louis based The Color Tones®

The Color Tones®

St. Louis Band The Color Tones®

The Color Tones® Band St. Louis

The Color Tones® St. Louis, MO multi-genre band gets six figure distribution deal. "We have a bit of scheduling to do, this opportunity came fast," says Bell.

"We have a bit of scheduling to do, this opportunity came fast.”

— Wayne Bell

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wayne Bell Missouri based book – music publisher and founder of The Color Tones® band announced today the four-piece group secured a six-figure distribution deal in the retail industry. "Our publishing company Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc. was founded in the 80's and we've also been publishing music related books for local and major artists for nearly 20 years. About five years ago, I got the idea of starting a company band and COO Ken Rich immediately named our new project, The Color Tones®. We all laughed and went with it." Bell stated the four-piece band has multiple guest 'Color Tones' to help write, arrange, annotate, mix, master and develop their music professionally. Bell did not disclose specifics on distribution except its already started across the Southeast portion of the US.

The group is owned and managed by the publishing company. The band has membership in national music organizations, their songs are registered in the Library of Congress Music Division. Their distribution network is traditional outlets and creatively non-traditional, "We created new and exciting avenues of distribution for our music," said Bell, "Including new technology that provides immediate access to music for listeners with camera phones". Taking advice from talented experienced positive minded musicians is a part of the company's recipe of success," as Bell stated he has no time to waste and wants to learn all he can. "Getting music into the hands and ears, of listeners is about distribution. When first starting this project we knew we had a fun task ahead of us. It's working out wonderfully thanks to the professional and committed musicians our company developed relationships with. Musicians are so talented, creative, diverse and most of them love teaching and sharing with others," Bell continued.

The Color Tones® are in the process of debuting a line of releases reporting their new distribution deal just started and will take about 90 days to reach initial capacity. The Color Tones® enjoy the traditional and regular digital side of the music business through numerous outlets including a line of merchandise. "Music is so incredibly diverse, the industry is challenging and creative, it helps you grow as a person. Simply put, I love it," Bell laughed.

N. Wayne Bell
Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.
+1 314-695-5757
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Whitehat Jr., O Presidente Karan Bajaj fala sobre a Evolução da Educação Online. Transformação Digital

Whitehat Jr Logo

A transformação digital aumenta a necessidade de mais conhecimento sobre tecnologia na educação, especialmente codificação

SãO PAULO, SãO PAULO, BRAZIL, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Praticamente todos os sectores estão mudando para o formato digital, há uma grande demanda para profissionais na área de IT e uma expectativa para pessoas que não tem conhecimento em IT necessitam de ter experiência em codificação. O senhor Bajaj empurra a necessidade de ensinar alfabetização técnica e codificação para idades mais jovens. Recentemente Karan Bajaj, da WhiteHat Jr, lidera o esforço educacional da Discovery Networks na Índia. A empresa está escalando para um forte crescimento devido ao montante de juros que recebeu durante a pandemia COVID-19.

“Algum de nós do setor de tecnologia da educação aproveitamos essa oportunidade porque entendemos que esta é a primeira vez que muitas pessoas podem experimentar tecnologia. Acho que quase todo mundo, da BYJU à Unacademy e outros, estão tentando descobrir como, naquele tempo, poderíamos fazer com que mais usuários experimentassem nosso produto de altíssima qualidade ”, declarou Karan Bajaj em uma entrevista recente.

No entanto, esse crescimento teve seus próprios desafios. “Conforme crescemos e adicionamos professores, criamos muitos truques sobre como poderíamos atualizar a Internet em diferentes centros de atendimento. Executar toda a infraestrutura online da própria casa configurada para continuar excedendo o crescimento ”, continua ele,“ Eu acho que durante a pandemia, todos nós aprendemos e adicionamos mais de 300 a 5.000 pessoas em oito meses. Durante a pandemia, nós aumentamos de 1.000 professores para quase 11.000. ”

A maioria do crescimento vem de crianças que ficaram presas em casa durante a pandemia e pais que estão cansados ​​de assistir sistemas de escolas públicas domésticas e optaram pela educação em casa. Vendo o uso da tecnologia e o rápido que mundo digital avançou durante esse tempo, pais viram o que Bajaj tem defendido. Ter experiência em codificação é vital para o sucesso futuro.

Em vez de esperar até que uma criança chegue ao ensino fundamental, médio ou faculdade para começar a aprender a codificar, WhiteHat Jr. usa o potencial da mente da criança para aprender linguagens de codificação em uma idade muito mais jovem. Com isso, a criança retém o conhecimento e pode relembrá-lo por um período muito mais extenso, adquirindo um verdadeiro conhecimento técnico.

Sobre WhiteHat Jr
WhiteHat Jr. apresenta crianças de 6 a 18 anos à codificação, ensinando os fundamentos da codificação, como estrutura, lógica, sequência e pensamento algorítmico para criar animações e aplicativos.

Karan Bajaj
Whitehat Jr.
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Whitehat Jr CEO for a Day

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Premier Piano Offers Effective Online Piano Lessons for Beginners

Piano for beginners

Online Piano Teacher – Premiere Piano

Online piano lessons imparted by expert pianists at Premiere Piano have been quite easy to learn by many people

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, March 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — There are many people, who would want to play a musical instrument and will be eager to learn and master them. For those, who are interested in learning instruments, the piano is perhaps the best musical instrument to start the process. Playing piano is easy, as it involves the pressing of keys with both hands and producing the sound. It is also easy because people can press on certain keys and listen to the music that is produced and then let the keys be pressed in a smooth flow.

It requires only a little bit of practice and people will be able to work on the techniques of playing piano, quite fast. During the learning of piano lessons online, people will need to work on certain techniques. This involves striking the keys in accordance of the rules of music that is provided in online piano course lessons. When people do these activities on the piano, and practice gradually, they can easily make the process easy for themselves.

The process is very simple but needs the patience to let the hands and fingers set on the keys. A complete list of keypad notations is found in online piano course lessons, which help people in following the particular pieces of music. Small songs in form of midi are available so that piano enthusiasts can work on the techniques without having to find the notations from other places. These midi songs are inclusive of some popular songs so that the students can learn these and even play in some gathering.

In the process of piano lessons, interested people should try to go for the higher steps gradually, so that they can make the process easier for themselves to learn higher tunes. The ability to learn from reputable online piano websites such as Premiere Piano has encouraged a lot of wannabes these days. Many of them are learning the basics and then going on to higher levels after a bit of practice. Online piano lessons imparted by expert pianists at Premiere Piano have been quite easy to learn by many people and they have helped many people to learn piano with regular practice.

Another factor that has added to an interesting way of learning through the online lessons at Premiere Piano is the music files that can be played. There are audio streams which the learner can listen to and then try playing them as they are on the keyboard of the piano. The manner in which the piano lessons have been coming up in the portal is supposedly the easiest possible way to learn piano. This is a pure case of encouragement for the people who want to play musical instruments as a hobby.

Premiere Piano offers the following plans:
• Starter – Audio course and E-book
• Premium – Complete video course plus the audio course and E-Book
• Ultimate – Everything included plus 2 sessions with Cristian Contreras

Each plan is backed up with a 14-day money-back guarantee!

To get a complete pull of information on the online piano course, then please visit – https://www.premierepiano.shop/

Cristian Contreras
Premiere Piano
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The Thinkubator launch work-based learning programs with more than 200 applications for 60 spots in four career pathways

Thinkubator Design Thinking

Youth are training to become Junior Consultants, Project Managers, Research and Analytics Assistants, and Community Advocates and Engagement Specialists.

BRONX, NY, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Thinkubator, a Bronx-based nonprofit organization, announces the launch of its spring programs after receiving more than 200 applications for 60 work-based learning slots. The Thinkubator’s work-based learning programs are 10-weeks long and seek to prepare underrepresented youth from the Bronx with work experiences, career exploration, and wellness support while earning a salary during the course of the program. Youth are from the Bronx and hail from more than 20 schools, colleges, and universities. Program participants will partake in four programs that prepare them for available jobs: The Thinkubator Solves (Junior Consultant), The Thinkubator Trains (Project Management), The Think Tank and Higher Education Consultancy (Research and Analytics Assistant), and The Thinkubator Leads, Youth Council (Community Advocate or Engagement Specialist).

The Thinkubator Solves is a youth-led design thinking consultancy program co-designed by HERE to HERE, DreamYard, The Do School, and The Bronx PIC where Junior Consultants (students), with the support of professionals, craft solutions to real-world challenges. Over the next few months, Junior Consultants will tackle challenges that each business faces and will provide solutions to these pressing challenges the first week of May in a public presentation. Three clients have hired the Junior Consultants: Uptown & Fresh Barbershop, Krasdale Foods and Imperfect Foods. “Working with the youth in our community is extremely exciting for us at Uptown & Fresh. The Bronx is what inspired us. Knowing that The Thinkubator program can provide an opportunity for growth to kids just like us while helping expand our client base and reach for community service in the future, made the decision to get involved is an absolute no brainer. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the program, the barbershop and everyone involved" said Jesus Ramos, Owner & Founder. Krasdale Foods is a premier grocery distributor in New York and the northeast region located in the Bronx. Krasdale supports and operates supermarket chains including Bravo and CTown as well as thousands of bodegas around the city. John Borzumato, Director of New Business Development has tasked the Junior Consultants with providing a roadmap for Krasdale to own and operate a neighborhood grocery store. Imperfect Foods was founded in 2015 with a mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system. Angie Crone, the Marketing and Social Impact Manager tasked the Junior Consultants to develop a grantmaking program that equitably rewards micro-grants to organizations that will aid in advancing Imperfect Foods’ mission and embody their core values.

The Thinkubator Trains Spring 2021 has launched with a diverse group of students from three universities/colleges and eight respective high schools. The Trains program is a virtual project-focused program that works with Bronx youth and area companies on team project-focused assignments offering organizations the opportunity to shape the future of our nation’s workforce and participate in the development of young people’s careers and goals. This iteration features returning employers Montefiore Medical Center and RAP4Bronx and new employers sites Mott Haven Fridge, The Thinkubator, Inc. and a global influencer whose research project will showcase the skills and talents of Bronx youth. The Thinkubator Trains previous semester’s program work partnered with RAP4Bx tackling food insecurity in the Bronx. This semester the program will start its focus around creating a community connected food sustainability model incorporating urban farming, AgriTech training, and hands-on implementation utilizing youth ingenuity to challenge the concepts of what does the future of the industry look like for boroughs, towns, and cities similar to the Bronx. The Thinkubator Trains utilize critical and design thinking skills to enact system-changing programming, along with its Mental Wellness program to support, advance, and amplify youth voice.

The Think Tank at The Thinkubator is a youth-oriented research center focused on understanding The Bronx as a contested, complex urban form, and addressing narratives of marginalized – Black, Brown, Female, and Low-Income communities. The Think Tank provides young people with opportunities to learn about research, writing, and analysis. The Think Tank will allow youth to conduct research and analysis, produce policy briefs and report, evaluate and measure The Thinkubator programs and activities, and host meetings, and public forums to elevate voices. In addition to the Think Tank, The Thinkubator has leveraged its expertise in higher education to provide research and strategic consultancy to colleges and universities under its Higher Education and Nonprofit Consultancy arm of the organization.

The Thinkubator LEADS (Youth Council) program aims to unite young people in the Bronx and beyond, foster relationships between both youth and community-based organizations, and allow participants to develop leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. The goal for 2021 is to increase membership from 10 to 15 and to tackle major communal issues impacting youth. The main topic addressed for 2020 was food insecurity, which resulted in a guide to be shared with the broader Bronx community in physical and digital formats. The top two ideas identified by the students for 2021 are: Pollution/Environmental Racism and LGBTQ+ Rights/Gender Equality. The Council will also lead a Town Hall with the Bronx Borough Presidential Candidates on March 31, 2021.

The Thinkubator is extremely excited for the opportunity to serve our community and support youth talent development. Youth come from more than 20 schools and represent the diversity of the Bronx in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, and economic background. Youth in our programs are training to become Junior Consultants, Project Managers, Research and Analytics Assistants, and Community Advocates and Engagement Specialists. All promising career pathways that remain relevant and critically important post-covid-19. “During a time when there is so much uncertainty about about the future of education and work, we must not miss a beat. The Thinkubator provides young people with critical skills such as critical thinking, communications, project management, presentation skills and a plethora of soft skills that are transferable to any industry and important to being successful in one’s position” said Dr. Edward Summers, President and CEO, The Thinkubator. “We are training youth for positions that will place them on a pathway to earn above a family sustaining wage.”

Edward Summers
The Thinkubator, Inc.
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Cobb County School District Virtual Job Fair 2021 for K-12 Teacher recruitment, Registration opens on March 8th.



Cobb County School District (CCSD), GA has announced their Virtual Job Fair 2021. This virtual job fair is being hosted on Cynaptx Virtual Job Fair platform.

IRVING, TX, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cobb County School District (CCSD), one of the largest school systems in the United States have announced the schedule for the 2021 Virtual Job Fair for recruiting K-12 Teachers. The Cobb County School District is the largest employer in the Cobb County with around 13,371 employees of whom 7,103 are teachers. Cobb County School District is hosting the virtual job fair on Cynaptx Virtual Job Fair Platform which enables job seekers to use Microsoft Teams to interact with Principals and Recruiters during the event.

CCSD aims to recruit 500 teachers in various disciplines and the event could be possibly one of the largest virtual job fairs in the country. Thousands of job seekers are expected to participate in this virtual fair and online registration for the event will open on March 8, 2021. Registration closes on March 21, 2021.

Candidates can register for the CCSD virtual job fair using this link: https://www.cobbk12.org/page/294/employment.

On completing the registration, job seekers will get access to the job fair on Cynaptx platform and they can access the job boards available for each School/Booth. Job Seekers can request one on one meetings with the Principals/Recruiters at each school and also share their resume documents. Job Seekers can register for group sessions as well. Cynaptx Virtual Job Fair platform is built using Microsoft Teams. All the meetings and interactions during the virtual job fair will happen through Microsoft Teams. Candidates can either download the Microsoft Teams app or use it on the browser.

Candidates can contact Cobb County School District for any assistance regarding the job fair. Candidates can also visit: https://cobbk12.cynaptx.com/external/careerfair?ID=68 for more details about the job fair.

Cynaptx Virtual Job Fair platform is used by several school districts in the United States for hosting virtual events. Cynaptx covers end to end activities involved in organizing a virtual job fair including Surveys and Analytical Reports.

Vipin PV
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Cynaptx Virtual Job Fair Platform

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Ackah Law Named Alberta’s Leading Immigration Law Specialist of the Year: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Evelyn Ackah, Founder and Managing Lawyer of Ackah Business Immigration Law

Evelyn Ackah, Founder and Managing Lawyer of Ackah Business Immigration Law

Ackah Law logo

Ackah Business Immigration Law has been named Alberta's Leading Immigration Law Specialist of the Year by the 2021 Leading Advisor Awards.

Today, on Employee Appreciation Day, this award is especially meaningful because when Ackah Law receives an award, it is recognition of how hard our team works to open doors to new opportunities.”

— Evelyn Ackah

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — We are pleased to announce that Ackah Business Immigration Law has been named Alberta's Leading Immigration Law Specialist of the Year by the 2021 Leading Advisor Awards. In announcing the award on Employee Appreciation Day, Ackah Law recognizes the team effort that contributed to this award.

"Today, on Employee Appreciation Day, this award is especially meaningful because when Ackah Law receives an award, it is recognition of how hard our team works to make our clients successful and to open the doors to new opportunities for people who want to work and live in Canada," said Evelyn Ackah, Founder and Managing Lawyer of Ackah Business Immigration Law.

"I founded Ackah Law in 2010 in Calgary, and today we have a full team of immigration lawyers, consultants and legal professionals, with offices in Toronto and Vancouver. Our immigration clients have no borders: they need crossing borders seamlessly, to be a reality, not just a promise, whatever the day or time of day. Technology makes it possible for us to serve our clients 24/7/365."

Our team is dedicated to making sure our clients have the best possible immigration legal advice.

Ackah Law is honoured to have received other legal services awards:

• January 2021: Voted the Top Choice Immigration Law Services of 2021 in Calgary. Ackah Law previously won this award in 2018 and was nominated in 2020.
• January 2021: Ackah Business Immigration Law named 2021 Top 3 Best Immigration Lawyers in Calgary: by ThreeBestRated.com. This is the 3rd consecutive year that Ackah Law has been named Best Immigration Lawyers in Calgary.
• December 2020: Winner Clawbies Canadian Law Blog Award for Best Multi-Platform Presence
Visit the Ackah Law website for a complete list of awards and recognitions.

About Acquisition International Leading Advisor Awards
Since 2014, every year Acquisition International looks to highlight some of the most renowned and innovative professionals from around the world. Recipients are determined through an internal process of research, analysis, shortlisting, and selection using publicly available sources such as local and national press, industry journals, client recommendations, press releases, and other published works to source potential candidates based entirely on merit, each of which is then carefully scrutinixed to narrow down a shortlist, followed by a final selected list.

Leading Advisor Awards does not gather votes from either the firms, the individuals in question or other third parties: rather, we select our award recipients based on achievements, endeavours and efforts made over the previous 12 months.

About Ackah Law
Ackah Business Immigration Law is an immigration law firm based in Calgary, Alberta with offices in Vancouver and Toronto that serve clients from all over the world. The Ackah Law team helps businesses and individuals cross borders seamlessly into Canada and the United States. Contact Evelyn Ackah and Ackah Law today at contact@ackahlaw.com or 1 (800) 932-1190.

Evelyn Ackah
Ackah Business Immigration Law
+1 403-452-9515
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‘There Were Three or More Lee Harvey Oswalds’

Lee Harvey Oswald attempts to answer a question from a reporter on November 22, 1963. Photograph by James Patrick Murray

Lee Harvey Oswald attempts to answer a question from a reporter on November 22, 1963. Photograph by James Patrick Murray

The Lone Star Speaks Reveals New Data Unearthed by Texas Detective Scholars

When they accuse Lee Harvey Oswald of killing Kennedy, it may not be a lie. But which Oswald do they mean?”

— Lone Star Speaks author Katanna Zachry

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 16 Telling Oswald Photos Upon Request
Coauthor Interviews – Skype/Zoom

‘There Were Three or More Lee Harvey Oswalds’ – The Lone Star Speaks Reveals New Data Unearthed by Texas Detective Scholars

Three or more Lee Harvey Oswalds were roaming around our country, and the world, prior to President Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, Texas, in 1963.

Two scholars are now presenting documentary and photographic evidence that, prior to JFK’s public execution that November, the real Lee Harvey Oswald (“Oswald One”) and two other men posing as him, made their travels well known “as part of a carefully designed slight-of-hand plot to confuse the public about the true nature of their missions.”

The U.S. government killed its own president.

For the first time in nearly 60 years, this conclusion comes from Midland College researchers, and the coauthors of The Lone Star Speaks: Untold Texas Stories About the JFK Assassination, from Bancroft Press.

“The first clue was from someone we’ll call Oswald One, accused of murdering JFK with a rifle,” said Lone Star coauthor Katanna “K.W.” Zachry. “Lee, the real Lee, told reporters the government’s photo of him had been doctored. He stressed that the photo included his head, “but that’s not my body.”

“When they accuse Lee Harvey Oswald of killing Kennedy,” said Zachry, “it may not be a lie,” but “which Oswald do they mean?”

Lee himself and at least two other similar-looking undercover men, all using the “Lee Harvey Oswald” moniker, were publicly filmed, photographed, and interviewed. They were simultaneously witnessed at the front and back doors of the Texas School Book Depository, and one of them seen driving a grubby cab in Houston years later, according to Zachry and her coauthor, Sara Peterson.

They devoted 40 years to their research, regularly speaking at conferences on JFK/LBJ and the plot. Though Lone Star was recently published (November 2020) with revelations based on 200-plus new witness interviews and never-before-seen photos, the multiple Oswalds fact is an ongoing part of the investigation.

The fact that two men were using the name “Lee Harvey Oswald” at different times during the 1950s and 1960s was first revealed in 2003.

But more than two?

This is today’s startling, extremely important development,” said Bancroft publisher Bruce Bortz. “It will change the way people view the entire assassination. It did mine.

“Years back, I published an assassination book (Live by the Sword) that Kirkus called definitive, that the New York Times raved about as well-researched and well-reasoned. The History Book Club sent it to members as a featured selection, and Showtime optioned it as a miniseries. But that book’s narrative got bolloxed up numerous times by reliable reports of different Oswald sightings in different places at the same time!”

These three Oswalds have NOW been tied to the plot, and carefully eliminated factually as possible coincidences or mistaken identities.

Who Motivated the Multiple Oswalds?

Who could have motivated, organized, and controlled numerous persons so that they would deliberately impersonate Oswald, whom most of them probably never knew?

The answer is: an elite group of individuals who did not wait for history to occur. These people created history and determined the future. They had access to unlimited money, personal information that could induce others to “assist,” intelligence records, and names and numbers of people at all levels.
A gentleman told Lone Star coauthors Zachry and Peterson that all is not as it seems in America.

Zachry explained, “As we were quizzing El Paso police officer Jim Bundren about his possible connections to the FBI, CIA, and the CIA’s forerunner, the OSS, the man said, ‘There are alphabet agencies you and most other people have never heard of!’”

Zachry: “The impersonators disappeared quickly—when ‘the patsy’ was in custody and the media, and the minds of the public had been fertilized with propaganda.”

More evidence is available by contacting Bruce L. Bortz at bruceb@bancroftpress.com or (410) 627-0608, or Brandon M. Stickney at brandonstickney5@gmail.com or (727) 518-5631.

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